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Banana Ice Cream (30ml) - Sticky Fingers Ejuice

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A collaborative effort between the Flavour Wizard Tommy and his good mate Swilsy, Sticky Fingers E-juice is an exiting new project that is sure to please. Featuring the deep flavour profiles you have come to love from Byron Bay but with exciting new tastes, the Sticky's Crew have hit the shelf with a BANG!  A bowl of straight up, Banana flavoured ice cream. Delicious, Creamy and Refreshing. This one will have you back wanting more!


65%VG 35%PG


30ml - About 6,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 30ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 65% VG, 35% PG

- Ready To Vape

- Made in Australia


Banana ice cream for lovers of dessert

Get the taste of banana lollipop and a favourite tropical childhood dessert with Sticky Fingers’ Banana Ice Cream vape liquid.

Added to its sublime smoothness of creamy pudding and the sweetness of sugary banana candy, there’s a sudden, unexpected menthol twist to give you a cool hit of ice cream with the rich and refreshing banana flavours.  

Sticky Fingers’ inventors’ Tommy and Swilsy say of this juice: “This one will have you back wanting more!”

It’s scent is definitely banana and the colour of the juice is light honey - the colour of mashed bananas and sugar.  

Fans say Banana Ice Cream by Sticky Fingers is “One of the best juice flavours on the market”; “With all its richness, the liquid is friendly on the coils”.

The creators, Sticky Fingers, call their Banana Ice Cream:  “A bowl of straight up, banana-flavoured ice cream. Delicious, creamy and refreshing.”

Sticky Fingers is a division of Byron Bay Cloud vape manufacturers on the Gold Coast. The company specialises in inventing unique juices, using high USP grade ingredients from Australian suppliers and ingredient manufacturers to produce its own unparalleled, distinct flavours and tastes.


What Does Banana Ice Cream Sticky Fingers E-Juice Taste Like?

Banana Ice Cream Sticky Fingers E-Juice is deliciously creamy! Made with the highest quality concentrates, this Sticky Fingers e-liquid reminds you of having a bowl of banana flavoured ice cream.

The colour of Banana Ice Cream Sticky Fingers E-Juice is light honey, which already signals it is also straight-up banana flavoured! However, Banana Ice Cream Sticky Fingers E-Juice does much more than simulate the flavour of a delicious Australian banana ice cream tub. Aside from its delicious taste, Banana Ice Cream Sticky Fingers E-Juice is also brilliant for coils. So, if you have to replace your coils too often, why not choose this banana flavoured Sticky Fingers vape juice instead?

What Should You Avoid In An E-Liquid?

While Sticky Fingers juice is perfect in every way, the same cannot be said for certain other vaping products. But what should you avoid in e-liquids?

Some flavours and ingredients should be avoided when it comes to your e-liquids. Palm oil is one of the ingredients that should be avoided, so you will find that our vape juices are palm oil-free.

Most concentrates we can source locally, which means most of the liquids on offer are made in Australia. This makes our range of e-liquids safe and reliable.

What Happens If You Accidentally Drink Vape Juice?

It is unlikely that someone would die from accidentally drinking vape juice, as doing so would almost automatically cause a vomiting reflex, during which the person expels the liquid from the body. However, if you have drunk e-juice by accident, it is important to see a health professional as soon as possible. Even though unlikely, some ingredients could cause an allergic reaction in some consumers. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Is It Better To Vape Or Smoke?

Vaping has shown to be less harmful than smoking. Regular tobacco products contain more than seven-thousand different chemicals, all of which are toxic to the human body. They have also shown to have long-term negative effects on health, including a higher chance of cancer.

Vapers will get exposed to far less harmful substances compared to smoking. Therefore, many governments have recognised vaping as a genuine smoking cessation method.

Please note that in Australia, vape juice with nicotine is not commercially available to the public. However, smokers who are considering vaping as a smoking cessation method can speak to their healthcare provider to get a prescription. This enables them to gain access to nicotine-containing vape juices, which could help them stop smoking. Over the course of time, smokers can gradually reduce the nicotine content in their vape juice. Eventually, this enables them to stop smoking completely. Smoking cessation through vaping should only be done under the supervision of a medical professional. Once nicotine consumption hits zero, the former smoker can continue vaping e-liquids without nicotine from Vape Store.