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Beedles Juice Mint Gum (60ml)

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Just like brushing your teeth with mint toothpaste or popping a mint gum into the mouth and getting that exhilarating, cool taste after the first brush or bite, with this e-juice, from the first vape you have the coolest sensation that will prolong throughout the vape.


70%VG 30%PG


60ml - About 12,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 60ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 70% VG, 30% PG

- Ready To Vape

For a burst of freshness in the mouth with every inhale and exhale, the Mint Gum by Byron Bay Cloud Co presents a refreshing all day vape.

It is an awesome e-juice providing that feel good, clean and fresh feeling you have after a shower. So much so, that you’ll be wanting to vape this e-juice all day to prolong the euphoric effect of the juicy mint flavour. Exactly the same way one keeps on popping another gum in the mouth to keep the taste alive!

It is a perfect revitaliser for a steamy, hot day, or even a cold day when you are in need of a ‘pick-me-up’. It’s like a breath of clean cool air, so fresh and stimulating.

This Mint Gum e-juice, one of seven Beedles' e-juices, is manufactured in the Byron Bay Cloud Co’s facility on the Gold Coast. It has been created for the company by Bede, a chef and inventor of unique flavours.

Byron Bay Cloud Co’s vape liquids are all made from the finest top notch ingredients to provide the tastiest and most sought after e-juices.

What does Beedles Juice mint gum vape juice taste like?

A breath of fresh air, the ice-cold spearmint flavour of Beedles Juice Mint Gum vape juice tastes just like refreshing, juicy mint gum in an e-liquid. Cleanse your palate and leave your breath feeling minty fresh with the sweet spearmint flavour of Beedles Juice Mint Gum e-liquid (60ml) from Vape Store.

What does a throat hit feel like?

A mouth-to-lung or throat-hit feel of vaping is similar to the sensation of smoking a cigarette, but without the harmful substances that are unavoidable with smoking. Vaping with the nicotine-free range of vape liquid varieties, including Beedles Juice Mint Gum vape juice, provides a healthy alternative to smoking. The throat-hit-style of all-day vaping with nicotine-free vape juice is proven to be effective and enjoyable as a smoking cessation product.

What is a normal VG/PG ratio?

A normal vegetable glycerine (VG)/propylene glycol (PG) ratio is 65 per cent VG/35 per cent PG. The dominant VG content provides voluminous vapour production, while the PG ratio is designed to enhance the flavour intensity of your vape juice. This VG/PG ratio has been expertly formulated for pure vaping pleasure for legal-age vapers.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

Vaping is safer than smoking because the high-quality vape juice range offered at Vape Store features nicotine-free, tar-free and tobacco-free ingredients. Quality-made vape e-liquids also contain food-grade flavourings and are offered in a flavour spectrum to suit all palates — for a taste-tempting, vaping experience.