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The vape community prefers the best vape brands for a high-quality vaping experience. Vape Store is your online one-stop-shop for starter kits, advanced kits, disposable vapes, and e-liquids from trusted brands that include Innokin, Vaporesso, Voopoo and Uwell.



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Popular vape brands in Australia

At Vape Store, we make choosing the right vape kit easy by showcasing the leading vape brands all under one roof. Our extensive range of products for beginners and advanced vapers includes starter kits, e-cigarettes, vape mods, pod systems, and fully customisable kits for advanced vapers. Vaping industry favourites such as Vaporesso, Innokin, Voopoo, Aspire, and Uwell are all available in a wide range of vape styles, colours, and sizes.

At Vape Store, we believe the range is as important as the brand, so we deliver vaping solutions for every vape pen and vape tank style. Make sure to check out our new Uwell and Voopoo vape range for both beginners and more advanced vapers, and change your vaping for the better. We have all the best brands of vapes available at Vape Store.

Top vape brands to look out for

Vaporesso GEN AIR 40 Pod Mod Kit: This pod can be conveniently carried in your pocket as it is fitted with SSS leak-resistant technology for peace of mind when transporting. With one click you can adjust the device to perform optimally with whichever coil you choose to use. Gen Air 40 from Vaporesso has been designed with a GTX-V2 0.4ohm coil and an airflow system that can be controlled for a tailored DTL experience.

Innokin Go S Kit: The Go S starter kit by Innokin is for vapers who love vaping on the go. This kit is Ideal for travellers and those with less time for changing coils, the kit has a disposable 2ml MTL tank with its coil already inside. When you need a refill, simply change the tank that fits snugly into the top of the mod, without the need to change the coils. The drip tip, tank and coil are actually all-in-one. 

Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime Pod Kit: Great looks are just the start. Customise airflow by orientating the pod, swap coils with ease, and inhale without fiddly buttons. Slip the Caliburn KOKO kit into your pocket and check the LED indicator for battery charge.

Voopoo V.Suite Pod Kit: All-day vape power courtesy of the 1200mAh battery that can be recharged via the device’s USB cable. Rich flavour and optimum power output are guaranteed, with the 1.4cm OLED screen monitoring an effective and satisfying vaping experience.

Geekvape Aegis Max 2 Max100 Kit: The Geekvape Max 100 Kit is a durable and lightweight vape that is portable and can be safely carried in a pocket or a bag. This pod is dust and liquid-resistant and has extra shock-resistance protection. The large 1.08” screen area makes reading the information displayed easy and convenient. The kit is designed with a user-based UI that can provide intuitive ways to enhance your vaping experience.

Safest vape to buy

All Vape Store products are safe to use and satisfy stringent Australian government health and safety guidelines. Instead of dazzling customers with untested products from dodgy dealers, Vape Store prioritises customer health and well-being. If you are a smoker in the process of giving up, a newcomer to vaping, or a long-term vaper looking for safe and reliable vape devices, Vape Store is for you.

The transition to vaping from nicotine is pleasurable when using the best vape brands. At Vape Store, we inform and educate our customers about new brands and better vaping products, and e-liquid vape juices that are free from nicotine and harmful chemicals. Wherever you live in Australia, Vape Store can ship to your door for safe and timely delivery.

Vapes for beginners

If you are a beginner vaper, there are several options worth trying from brands such as Innokin, Vaporesso, Voopoo and Uwell. Our top vape brands to look out for include Smart Vape and iPlay Max products that beginner vapers are sure to enjoy. Here are some suggestions if you are new to the world of vaping.

Vape Starter Kits: Perfect for anyone wanting to try vaping. Starter kits are vape pens that contain all the features you need and only have one button for convenient operation. You can begin vaping with confidence with a Vape Store starter kit.

Vape Box Mod Kits: These kits contain almost everything required to start vaping. You will require batteries and the e-juice flavour of your choice. The handy display allows you to customise your vaping experience.

Innokin IO Pod Kit: This sleek and portable stainless steel starter kit is sure to resonate with newcomers to vaping. The IO kit contains a powerful 310mAh rechargeable battery and is convenient and discreet to use, with a puff-activated mechanism.

Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Kit: Beginners like compact pod kits for a reliable travel companion. The Renova Zero Pod Kit ticks all the right boxes, producing plenty of energy for a smooth and powerful vape experience wherever your travels take you.

Sub-Ohm vapes

A sub-Ohm vape delivers less resistance, allowing the atomiser coil to heat up faster. This vaporizes more e-liquid or nicotine salts and produces a robust flavour and thicker clouds. Sub-Ohm vapes from brands such as Vaporesso are enjoyed by experienced vapers who know how to fine-tune the experience.

The Vape Store stocks specialised vaping materials, accessories, and sub-Ohm tanks that deliver a rich flavoured vape juice hit in traditional or menthol flavours. We can show you how to personalise the experience with brand-name products that you can carry anywhere.

Your device can contain a rebuildable atomiser that houses the coil, wick and liquid on regulated or mechanical mods. These atomisers come in two variants - Rebuildable Drip Atomisers (RDAs) and Rebuildable Tank Atomisers (RTAs). Speak to your Vape Store representative about the right vape brand and vape style for you.

Disposable vape brands

The extensive Vape Store range includes the latest disposable vape brands and products. Disposable vapes come pre-charged and filled with vape juice. These starter electronic cigarettes are great for beginners due to their uncomplicated design and usage similar to smoking. Vape Store disposable vapes are in demand and are available in a range of delicious flavours and styles, such as box mods designed for full flavour and big clouds. 

Disposable vapes are draw-activated, so all you need to do is open the pack, inhale and enjoy. Disposable devices from Vape Store are great for Australian vaping on the go when you need a convenient vaping style at a regular price. Comfortably carry a disposable vape pen wherever you are, ready for use whenever you need it. Popular Vape Store options include:

iPlay 3 In 1 2000 Puffs Watermelon Pineapple Disposable Pod Vape: The design of the iPlay 3 in 1 - 2000 disposable pod vape offers both comfort and portability with the peace of mind that it will not leak. It has a long-life battery and is ready to vape with no filling necessary. This is one of the best available vapes to transition from cigarettes to vaping. It is also a vape favoured by veterans because of its quality and features.

HQD Cuvie Plus 1200 Puffs Strawberry Lemonade: A vape that weighs only 20g and fits neatly into a pocket. This device is ready to vape from unboxing and is convenient and reliable. This is a dynamic powerful little disposable vape that is becoming a firm favourite. The durability and easy use of this vape is exceptional and is enjoyed by newbies and veterans alike.

Vape pens

Classic vape designs include portable and pocket-friendly vape pens. These devices are perfect for newcomers to vaping who want a product that is easy to use for optimum vaping performance. Vape Store vape pens are your introduction to the best vape devices on the market. Here are the four main elements that make vape pens so convenient.

  • Tank: This contains your vape juice
  • Atomizer: This is the heating element (includes the coil)
  • Mouthpiece: Choose a vape pen that suits your vaping style
  • Battery: Rechargeable or replaceable power output source such as a lithium Ion battery

Best brands for vape juice

This is another area where Vape Store stands out from the competition. Vape Store e-liquid brands are among the best available, whether you are looking for a sweet flavour, savoury flavour, fruity flavour, dessert flavour, menthol flavour, or tobacco flavour. With close to 180 vape juice products available, the choices are all yours at Vape Store. Our best-selling vape juice brands include:

Vape without nicotine brands

Vaping devices are a great way for people to stop smoking. You can choose to vape with or without nicotine, or cut down nic salt vape juice levels gradually until you are completely nicotine-free. All popular Vape Store brands can help you quit smoking forever and enjoy the wide world of vaping experience for a healthier lifestyle.


What is the most popular vape brand?

With so many vape devices on the market, this will depend on who you speak to. One thing’s for sure, Vape Store has world-leading vape brands all in one place so you get to choose your favourite products every time.

What Vapes are popular?

Simple vape pens and e-cigarettes are popular with newcomers to vaping, particularly people who want to give up smoking. More advanced vapers appreciate customisable vape devices with detachable vape tanks, mesh coils, and the choice between MTL or DTL choices.