Disposable Pod Vape - Blue Raspberry

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Pod vapes come with numerous advantages: for starters, they are one of the best things a smoker looking to quit their habit could ask for, imitating the feel of smoking a cigarette to a T without any of the harmful nicotine.

This draw-activation aspect also makes using a pod vape super-simple and intuitive, completely removing any learning curve!

And, as an added bonus, pod vapes are slim enough to fit into your bag or pocket with ease – if you need to rush out of the door in a hurry, taking this device with you won’t be any trouble!

There’s no reason to not switch to pod vapes – especially with all of the new e-liquid flavours you can try out!

Blue raspberry is a flavour that is ever-present in sweets and drinks, and especially in the infamous blue slushy. With its unique tangy sweetness and eye-catching colour, it has seized the hearts of many.

This exact flavour shines through in this vape, sending your mind whirling in a bliss of blue colouring and sugary flavouring. It’s simply delicious!

  • Nicotine Free
  • 800 Puffs
  • Disposable Pod Vape
  • Strong Flavour
  • Good Throat Hit
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