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Dripped - Tiramisu (60ml)

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As soon as you fire up your device filled with the Italian favourite Tiramisu the smell of coffee, cream and decadence fill the air. From the first puff it is a rich, moreish and delicious flavour.


60ml - About 12,000 puffs


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- Size: 60ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 60% VG, 40% PG

- Ready To Vape


This is a strong pull to a time old Italian tradition the mix of coffee and vaping is a sublime match. Sitting at your favourite coffee shop with an espresso and your Dripped Tiramisu flavoured e-liquid is what is needed to relax and enjoy the company of friends. 

Bellissima fills your head as you are surrounded by the intoxicating mix of vapour and the intense flavour of coffee cream, it is one of the most delicious flavours to experience and enjoy throughout the day or evening. There needs to be no excuse to sit and savour the great taste of Dripped Tiramisu. 

Enjoy this Australian e-juice with zero nicotine. The intense flavour of sweetness with an edge of bitterness from the strong coffee and the warm aftertaste suggestive of alcohol gives this Dripped flavour an authentic Tiramisu taste. The 60/40 VG/PG ratio points to Dripped producing good size vapour but it's all in the big well-known flavour profiles.