ADV E-Liquid

ADV E-Liquid

ADV stands for All Day Vape, which provides an easy abbreviation for vapers to find Australian e-liquids that can be used every single day. At Vape Store, you can find numerous ADV e-liquids in different flavours, so you can find your perfect flavour! Discover popular flavours such as Bubblegum and Lychee Blackberry.

Where Are ADV E-Liquids Made?

Since ADV e-liquid stand s for All Day Vape, you can expect these e-juices to be available from different brands. However, the ADV e-liquid selection at Vape Store are made by the inventors of Byron Bay Cloud e-juices. Therefore, these ADV e-liquids are made in their Gold Coast factory.

What Are The Best Quality Vape Liquids?

In general, you can divide Australian e-juice flavours into two categories, PG and VG. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages where quality is concerned.

For example, PG stands for propylene glycol. It forms a base for e-liquids that is quite thin but yet extremely flavourful. The thinness of the base also has advantages, as it is less likely to cause clogging of your vaping devices.

VG is another option, which stands for vegetable glycerine. Vegetable glycerine is much sweeter than PG and therefore often used in sweeter, ready to vape juices. However, VG is also thicker than PG, which means it could potentially clog some vaping devices.

What Flavours Are In The ADV E-Liquid Range?

There are many flavours that might draw your attention in this range. This range of nicotine free e-liquids contains bubblegum, blue pomberry, and even pine lime pash. This fruity set of juices is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Why Do I Get E-Liquid In My Mouth?

If you end up with e-liquid in your mouth, it is likely that there is a problem with your vaping device. E-liquid ending up in the mouth could point to a number of different problems, so it can help to take the vaping device to your local store to get them checked out. You could also check for one of the following problems.

One of the potential causes of the problem could be a leak in your vaping tank. Some leaks are so small they cannot be detected with the naked eye, but it could lead to some drops of e-liquid ending up in your mouth when you are vaping. It is important to either replace the tank or take your vape device to the store for repairs before you vape again, as vaping before repairing it could cause further damage to your vaping device.

When you replace your vaping tank, be sure to let it warm up a little before you start vaping. It is not uncommon for vapers to start vaping without giving their new tank a chance to convert the e-juice. Not giving a new tank a little time to warm up can also cause new leaks or damage.

Finally, another reason for leaking vaping liquid could just be down to how your vaping device is built. For example, one of the parts could have become disconnected or may not have been connected properly. So, before you add new e-liquid, make sure that all the components are properly tightened. However, do not tighten the components too much. Using too much force could cause some of the rubber components to snap, or may cause damage to your device.