Beedles Juice

Beedles Juice E-Liquid

Beedles Juice vape liquid make you remember a simpler time with flavours such as key lime pie, white chocolate, and mint gum. Made from only the finest ingredients, Beedles Juice vape liquid present timeless flavours you will return to time and time again.

How Long Does A 60ml Bottle of Beedles Juice Vape Liquid Last?

Most vapers can vape for one and a half to two weeks with a 60 ml bottle of Beedles Juice Vape Liquid. Of course, vapers do have to consider how frequently they vape. Some vapers will find that one of these bottles last them longer, while others go through a bottle of this Australian e-liquid a little quicker. So, it could be a good idea to buy an extra bottle of Beedles Juice Vape Liquid just in case.

There are many flavours to experiment with, including cola spider and melonberry gum. So, why not escape the daily grind and experience a breath of fresh air with Beedles Juice?

Is It OK to Vape Old Juice?

When your e-juice exceeds its expiry date, it can influence the taste negatively. For example, the flavour can be much weaker and, in some cases, non-existent. Therefore, it is always best to stick to the expiry date and follow the guidelines from the manufacturer when it comes down to your e-juice.

Which Is Worse Vaping Or Smoking?

Smoking is considered as extremely harmful. In fact, many compounds inside tobacco have been linked to cancer. Vaping on the other hand, has been recognised by many countries as a valid smoking cessation method. Aside from Australia, countries such as the United Kingdom and Belgium have found the benefit in vaping.

Vaping can help smokers break the habit of smoking. After all, it is the habit more than the nicotine dependency that keeps many smokers in the thrall of the cigarette.

Some smokers have tried to quit with so-called nicotine replacements such as patches and gum. However, they often find themselves smoking cigarettes again because they find it exceedingly difficult to break the habit itself. Vaping provides a replacement for the smoking habit, just without all the harmful compounds that are present inside cigarettes.