Bunyip Vapes

Bunyip Vapes E-liquid

Bunyip Vapes deliver a delightful medley of vape supplies with all kinds of flavours, which can satisfy every craving! With flavours such as strawberry, kiwi and passionfruit, there is always something delightful to discover in the Bunyip vapes range. So, why not try some Bunyip vape juice and experience the difference quality ingredients make!

Where Are Bunyip Vapes E-Liquids Produced?

Bunyip vape juices are made in Australia, relying solely on quality Australian ingredients to deliver a top-notch product to consumers. And fresh ingredients certainly make a big difference when it comes down to the superior flavour of these vape juices. With flavours such as a bed of toasted meringue and rich cream, you cannot go wrong with the Aussie vaper!

What Flavours Are Available In The Bunyip Vape E-Liquid?

Bunyip vape e-liquid is suitable for all vaping devices and comes in a wide range of flavours. Some of the most popular flavours include Iced Jam Biscuits, Pavlova, and Passionfruit, so there is a wide diversity of flavours for everyone’s personal preference! Check out the full range at Vape Store!

What Vape Liquid Should I Use?

The best vape juice is often the perfect ratio of VG and PG, which are the abbreviations for vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. In fact, the ratio will influence the overall flavour of your vape juice and how well it functions with your vaping equipment.

Propylene glycol does not have an odour and will actually carry the flavour of the vape juice. This particular ingredient is also responsible for the so-called throat hit, something you would associate with normal cigarettes. Compared to vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol is considerably thinner, which makes it easier to vape.

Of course, vegetable glycerine also has its own function. Vegetable glycerine performs the same function as propylene glycol but is a little thicker and has a naturally sweet flavour. Therefore, it is often used in vape juices with a naturally sweet flavour.

Is It Safer To Vape Or Smoke?

Vaping is considered to be safer than smoking. In fact, many countries have already recognised vaping as a genuine smoking cessation method. In Australia, vaping devices do not contain nicotine but are still considered as a smoking cessation method. Smokers who are considering this method can get nicotine-containing vape juices on prescription, but these are limited over time. However, some smokers find that they are able to quit with nicotine-free vape juice.

One of the major benefits of vaping over smoking is that they do not produce chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide. Since these are the two most harmful substances smokers will encounter, vaping can be a more suitable alternative.

The type of vaping devices used for smoking cessation does vary depending on how heavy a smoker you are. Light smokers can get away with something as light as a vape pen, while heavier smokers may look into modding their vaping equipment to fit their particular needs.