Nimbus Vapour

Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid

Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid hails from Sydney and was created by two long-term smokers who were adamant on quitting. Vaping enabled them to quit, so they decided to create Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid, with each vape juice having its own character and flavour!

What Flavours Are Available In The Nimbus Vapour E-Juice Range?

Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid comes in countless flavours. Popular flavours include Jam Dizzle, Coffee Cake, and even Sticky Date Pudding. There is also the Nimbus Fruits range, which provides popular fruit flavours such as watermelon, ripe strawberries, blueberry, apple, and mango. With their sweet and juicy character, Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid is popular with beginners as well as more experienced vapers.

Since Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid provides some of the most extensive ranges of flavours, there is always something original to discover. This even applies to experienced vapours who tried a large variety of vaping products and nicotine free vape brands.

What Devices Can Nimbus Vapour E-Liquid Be Used In?

Nimbus Vapour e-juice is available as singler as well as doubler at Vape Store. Experienced vapers can create their own blend, while beginners can use a ready to vape premium e-liquid with their starter kit. Therefore, Nimbus Vapour nicotine free e-liquids are suitable for almost all vape devices.

What Can I Use In My Vape Instead Of Juice?

Some vapers are always looking for something new to try with their vape, so they often try to replace their existing e-liquid with another liquid such as oils and alcohol. However, we cannot stress enough that vaping certain oils and especially alcohol can be dangerous for your health.

Vape devices are specifically manufactured to create vapour from vaping juice. The effect of other liquids on vape devices cannot be predicted. So, using other liquids can damage your equipment beyond repair.

Finally, vape liquids are regulated heavily, and this is not the case for vaping other liquids. Therefore, don’t take the gamble and always choose a vape liquid from a recognised supplier such as Vape Store.