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Dripped e-liquid is a popular vape juice for both beginners and seasoned vapers, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll love the perfect mix of sweet e-cigarette flavour and vapour, and the top value at Vape Store.

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What flavours are available in Dripped e-juices?

Dripped e-Juices at vape shop Australia blend flavours and aromas that work really well together. Dripped has produced a range of natural and artificial flavours, and a combination of fruity and dessert concentrates. Dripped is the kind of vape liquid you can enjoy at the beach, with your morning coffee, or even after dinner. The 60:40 VG/PG ratio means a big flavour and a vaping cloud you’ll love.

Check out the flavours:

  • Tiramisu
  • Caramel Leaf
  • Mango Pineapple
  • Strawberry Grape
  • Cotton Candy

How do I fill my vape with e-juice?

No matter what type of vape you prefer, the process of filling it with e-juice is similar. It’s also straightforward, but something that’s good to get right. A vape device is made up of a few key components: drip tip (mouthpiece), tank, atomiser, coil, charger, and battery. A vape works when the battery-powered coil heats up the liquid and turns it into the vape cloud you inhale. To fill your vape tank:

  • Remove the tank
  • Put a few drops onto the coil to prime it
  • Unscrew your vape’s base
  • Pour your e-juice into the tank
  • Put it back together


Let it all sit for a few minutes to ensure your coil is covered, then start vaping. Click on our vape FAQs online or visit our Guide to Vaping blog for more information.

Shop local Australian e-liquids for vapes

Vape Store is home to an extensive range of leading vape brands from all across the world. One of the big secrets in our industry is how good the local vape liquid flavours are. Shop from our range of Australian premium e-liquids, to support businesses from Australia and enjoy their amazing products.

Choose the best vape that fits your lifestyle

Vape juice is only one part of the vaping experience. If you’re over 18 years of age, Vape Store is the perfect place for all your vaping products. Our experience, expertise, and wide range of everything vapers could ever need, make it easy to find the vape that suits your lifestyle. We also believe in choice, which means next time you vape shop with us you can choose:


Don’t forget to check out the great vape deals we offer year-round.

How to prevent your vape from leaking

Dripping e-liquid can be a real pain. It’s not that common, but there are a few things you can do to prevent your vape from leaking e-juice:

  • Inhale properly. Vapes are different to cigarettes. Take a longer breath when you inhale to ensure the vape juice is heated up. Also, make sure your vape is upright when you inhale.
  • Ensure it’s all connected. Is your vape put together properly? Is everything tightened from the drip tip down, and is everything in the right spot?
  • Use the right juice. E-liquid with a higher VG rating may be better suited to a sub-ohm tank.
  • Choose the correct coil. Check you’re using the right coil for your VG/PG ratio.
  • Fill it correctly. Don’t fill your juice tank all the way to the brim. Leave a little air at the top.
  • Look after it. Treat your vape device well. A cracked tank is almost a guaranteed drip.


Importantly, don’t let a small drip become a bad drip. Jump on it straight away before it gets worse.

Discover replacement pods and coils online

Apart from disposable vapes, vapes are rebuildable. That means there are key parts you can maintain and replace. In fact, you have to. Replacing coils for vape when needed ensures your vape will work as recommended. It also prevents vape juice from burning and that horrible burnt taste in your mouth. Depending on your use, you may need to replace your pod every week or so. You’ll know the right time for a replacement. Your e-juice may become darker, taste and vape production will drop, and you’ll start to get dry hits.

Pods and coils are just some of the vaping accessories available at Vape Store. You can also replace your:

Shop 60ml e-liquids that produce up to 12,000 puffs

The size of the bottles we stock is yet another reason to buy Dripped e-liquid at Vape Store. Our 60ml bottle can give you about 12,000 puffs, which can last you up to four weeks. It’s always worth having a couple of bottles on your wishlist each time you log onto our store. There’s also another excuse to stock up. When you spend more than $75 AUD with us, we’ll deliver free anywhere in Australia.

Discover Dripped flavours from Cotton Candy to Tiramisu to Caramel Leaf & more!

There’s a lot to love about Vape Store’s Dripped e-liquids. For most people, it’s all about the flavour and the smell. So here’s what to look forward to.

  • Tiramisu. A decadent combination of Italian dessert, coffee, and cream.
  • Carmel Leaf. Sugar, creamy, sticky, buttery, with a hint of tobacco.
  • Mango Pineapple. Like sitting on an island eating a fruit salad.
  • Strawberry Grape. Bursts of mature sweet freshness.
  • Cotton Candy. Just like you’d expect - sweet and jammy.