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Just Tabac

Just Tabac

Just Tabac E-liquid is for those who love the smooth taste of tobacco and the benefits a vape can provide. Shop Vape store for a large range of Just Tabac e-juice, from strong savouries to refreshing menthols, and other top vape products.

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Is there nicotine in Just Tabac E-Liquid products?

One of the things that sets vape shop Australia apart from others is that all the e-liquids we sell are nicotine-free. That includes our Just Tabac products. For those over 18 years of age, Just Tabac can help you make the transition from nicotine cigarettes to vapes. That’s because our Just Tabac range is solely cigarette-flavoured juices, allowing you to continue with the taste you’ve loved for so long, with all the benefits of vaping instead of smoking. 

What flavours are available in Just Tabac E-Liquid?

Vapers who love their e-liquids straightforward with nothing fancy will love our Just Tabac range. As the name suggests, Just Tabac e-liquids have cigarette-like flavours and tobacco flavours. Checkout these vape concentrates:

  •         Menthol. The cool refreshing taste with a whiff of mint.
  •         Smooth. Smooth tobacco blend with a hint of vanilla.
  •         Authentic. The familiar taste and smell of smoking.
  •         Strong. A full-bodied rich tobacco taste.
  •         Smooth Menthol. A classic menthol taste with a modern twist.
  •         Savoury. Spice, herbs, and a tad of vanilla.
  •         Robust. A Cuban cigar taste and smell in a vape.
  •         Mellow. Smooth, calm, and sultry.


Shop Just Tabac E-Liquids for your vape

There’s a whole list of reasons to shop online at Vape Store for your Just Tabac e-juices, such as:

  •         Great tastes
  •         Top value
  •         Smooth flavours
  •         Fast replacements
  •         Australian brand
  •         50:50 VG/PG
  •         Ready-to-vape
  •         Easy DIY pour
  •         Large range of other vape products

Nicotine free E-Liquids

Just Tabac e-liquids are part of Vape Store’s large nicotine-free e juice range. We don’t sell any e-juices that contain nicotine. Nicotine-free e-juices:

  •         Are not addictive
  •         Have a heap of flavours
  •         Satisfy sweet cravings
  •         Can help you quit smoking
  •         Are smoother

60ml bottles that produce up to 12,000 puffs

Part of the value of Just Tabac e-juices at Vape Store is the bottle size. A 60ml bottle produces about 12,000 puffs. Depending on how much you vape, that should last you anywhere between two and four weeks. 

Shop Vape accessories online

Vape Store is a leading outlet for more than Just Tabac e-liquids. We’ve got a large range of vape products and, importantly, vape accessories. Vape accessories keep you vaping and help you get the most out of your vape experience. Shop online at Vape store for:

 Shop local Australian vape juice at Vape Store

Aussies love vaping, and they love local vape brands. This is why a big part of our business is focused on promoting and selling local e-juices made in Australia by Australian companies. Just Tabac is one of those 100% Australian brands, and stocking them sets us apart. These brands are:

  •         Reliable
  •         Dependable
  •         Affordable
  •         Simple to use
  •         Great tasting
  •         High-quality

Discover your new favourite e-juice flavour with Just Tabac

Their customer star rating isn’t the only reason to buy Just Tabac e-juices at Vape Store. The great-tasting flavour does more than just hit the spot time and time again. Smell and taste can evoke memories, and Just Tabac is a brand and flavour that will take you back to good times. The deep drags and authentic flavours remind you what smoking for pleasure is all about. Draw in nostalgia as well as great taste with Just Tabac.

 Buy a rechargeable battery for your vape

Batteries and chargers are key elements of all vape devices. Vape Store has a range of lithium-ion batteries that will power your vape for up to two days before charging, depending on your use. The more you puff, the faster your battery use will be. Vape Stores' leading-brand rechargeable batteries have a heap of features, such as:

  •         High performance
  •         Heap of power
  •         Consistent discharge
  •         Impressive safety
  •         Large capacity

Choose the best vape for you from disposable vapes, to pod vapes and more

There are a few different types of vapes to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper. You can choose from:

  •         Regulated mods
  •         Mechanical mods
  •         Vape pens
  •         Pod mods
  •         Cig-A-Likes


Choosing the right vape for you can be difficult, which is why it’s beneficial to shop at Vape Store. Our expertise and experience can help you find the right one for your tastes and vaping style. Our Vape Kit Comparison Tables lay all the information out for you in a way that is easy to understand. We’ve also created a range of handy e-cig kits. That means you can get everything you need in one place, in one order. It all comes together and there’s no chasing around after extra parts. The kits include:


It’s then up to you to choose the flavours you love. And remember, Vape Store has free standard delivery on every shipping order over $75 AUD.

Disposable vape products are another popular option among vapers. They’re great for beginners, giving you an affordable way to try out different flavours and styles. They’re also attractive to those who have been vaping for a long time, with their disposable nature similar to cigarettes in use.