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Innokin Gala Pod Kit

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Innokin Gala Pod Kit

If it’s time to party, what better way than with an awesome light show from the Gala vaporiser, aptly named because of its pulsating multi-coloured lights.

This ultra-shiny, sleek and streamlined device from Innokin, a front runner in the business, offers a really warm, flavourful, puff-activated vape, ideal for a range of salt nicotine or CBD e-liquids. A really neat kit!

Its ultra-chic appearance, especially coated in the popular silvery colours, is a fabulous fashion with most sophisticated socialites and trendy millennials.   While some men, might like stronger, bigger vaporisers with larger tanks, the flashing of the Gala in the hands of the fairer sex is considered super-cool’! 

And a throng of party goers, all with LED light bars radiating seven vibrant colours, make the Gala an essential at dances and music concerts. The rotating multi-coloured lights, coupled with the vape devices themselves in pink, silver, sapphire, retro, sea opal and black, create quite a show for 30 minutes. A ‘fave’ and rave addition to mobile lights! What’s more the kit comes with a leather-type thin holster to hang the Gala around the neck and dance hands-free.

The vivid LED strip is on the on the front with the gala ‘G’ logo.  By tapping the G three times and shaking the vaporiser one can choose a favourite colour. Five times brings on the fantastic light show; another five and the show will end.

Battery Life:

The 2mm LED light bar is not only for entertainment, it lights up when you vape and three lights indicate battery life: green indicates 40%, yellow 40-20% and red 20-0%. Three red light flashes alert one the system will shut down so it’s time to recharge the battery. 

The 500mAh battery with a micro USB with enables quick-charge function of about an hour. 


The Gala is really lightweight, 8mm by 25mm by 10mm. Without buttons on the elongated oval casing and with its rounded, smooth edges, the Gala is so comfortable in the hand while vaping.

And as for the vape experience, the Gala offers a really warm and smooth vape with flavourful drag in each vape. It’s also fun to watch many little bubbles shooting up. What’s more it can take almost any kind of juice you put in it.

Refillable Pod:

The Gala kit is a pod system device, easy to refill, holding up to 2ml of liquid. Vapers can choose between two pods which come in the box, the 0.5Ω Plex3D pod and the 0.8Ω ceramic coil pod.  The 0.5Ω pod, which is installed on the device, is suited for lower nicotine levels while 0.8Ω is for stronger levels of nicotine juice.  There are bottle tips in the box to help with refills.

A final nice touch is that Innokin, being well established in the vape manufacturing business, makes it reassuring that will offer parts down the line.


  • PLEX3D designed coils 
  • Dimensions: 108 x 24 x 9.5 mm
  • Wattage: Max 14W

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Gala Pod device
  • 1 x Gala refillable pod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable - Micro USB
  • 3 x Bottle Tip Adapters

How do I activate and change the LED light colour?

To activate, tap your Gala pod three times, shake and vape.  To change and choose your favourite LED colour, the Innokin Gala pod system features a vivid LED lightshow mode. Users simply have to tap the ‘G’ logo at the front of this sleek and vibrant vaporiser three times to select their preferred colour from the seven eye-catching options. Tapping the ‘G’ five times activates the brilliant lightshow and tapping another five times will end the display. 

This compact, draw-activation vaping device is an ideal party pleaser that is designed for vapers on the go.

How long will the Gala pod kit battery last?

The Innokin Gala pod kit features a 500mAh battery with a micro USB, which enables quick-charge functionality of about an hour.

How do I refill my Gala pod?

The refillable Gala pod starter kit comes complete with two pods: the preinstalled 0.5ohm (2ml) pod and 0.8ohm (2ml) replacement pod. The refillable Gala pod system requires you to lift the silicon tab on the side of the pod to fill with a stopper that fits inside the fill port. Take care not to overfill and ensure that you push the corner tab plug back securely into the hole. Align the pod correctly and push to insert.

After refilling, allow the pod to prime for five minutes before use.

When do I change my coil?

The open-mod system of the Innokin Gala pod is a replacement pod, so when your e-juice starts to lose its flavour, simply replace the entire pod.

To change the replacement 0.8ohm ceramic mesh coil on the Gala pod, simply choose the replacement pod and coil resistance that suits your vaping style.

The Innokin Gala pod kit also comes with the Plex3D 0.5 ohm designed coil, in a range of colours, for easy distinguishability.

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