Innokin Go S Kit

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Innokin Go S Kit

Vaping on the go with disposable tanks

The Go S starter kit by Innokin, as its name indicates, is for vapers who love vaping on the go.

Ideal for travellers and those with less time for changing coils, the kit has a disposable 2ml MTL tank with its coil already inside. So you don’t change coils, you change the tank that fits nice and easy on top of the mod. The drip tip, tank and coil are actually all-in-one. 

The disposable tanks last long and can be more smoothly and speedily swapped compared to changing coils in most other kits’ tanks. Plus vapers on the go say it’s lightweight, pocket and handbag friendly and comfortable to use. 

 “Way better, way cheaper than coils, these tanks last extremely long,” fans say, adding:  “The non-removable drip tip secured to the tank has no leaks.”  “I love the look, colour.” “It’s easy to use - when coils need changing, you fit a new tank and coil in one go!” “Hat's off to Innokin's disposable atomiser.”

The Innokin Go S vaping has great features for millennials and mature, older vapers alike who comment: “Simple, brilliant, reliable, tank.” “Changing coils is scary, this kit solves my problem.”  “Innokin gives us two tanks with the kit! It’s a cheaper way to vape.”

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Build, quality, operation

The Innokin Go S kit is pen-style kit, with a 1500mAh internal battery and 13 watts of power. Both tanks contain 1.6ohm non-replaceable coils and full airflow adjustment.  They, like many other kits lately, are made using food grade, PCTG plastic.

The tank slides open at the top. Pour in the e-liquid then close the top. Wait 5 min for coils to be soaked and you are ready to go. 

There are three small holes located near the bottom of the tank for adjustable airflow, enabling vapers to choose between a loose or tight draw.

This suits MTL vapers. “The draw from these tanks is so good, nice and smooth,” MTL users confirm.

The special 510 connecting screw at the base of the Go S 2ml disposable vape tank can fit onto the top of any similar size mod, provided it is not more than 20 mm. Also it’s recommended to only fit the same size wattage device.  

One-button Operation

One button is used for everything, for firing and locking. Turning the device on and off is done by pressing the button 5 times. Battery level is displayed via the bright ring around the button, which changes colour to indicate battery life.

Five clicks again of the button shows battery level. The ring lights green for almost or fully charged, or red-green for 20-70% charged and red for 0-20% charged.

The 1.6ohm coil works well with the 13w power from the battery, providing a warm and cosy vape and nice clouds and good flavours, fans also note.

Innokin Go S Kit Battery Life

The 1500mAh, long-lasting, internal battery is an excellent size and can last up to a year, giving constant 13W battery output. The Micro-USB port for charging daily is at the back of the mod. 

Vaping experience

MTL vapers assure others of their ilk of superb flavours - owing to the specially designed 1.6ohm coil, organic cotton and wood-pulp wicking, which create intense flavours and tastes.

Reviewers recommend using 50% + PG liquid and say nic salts are also good to use with the Go S. 


  • Size: 128mm x 20mm x 20mm
  • Resistance: 0.6ohm – 3.5ohm
  • Coil – 1.6ohm Kanthal Round-Wire
  • Coil Cotton Material: Cotton & Wood-Pulp
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Colours:  blue, pink, black, stainless steel and gun metal.

How is the Innokin Go S Kit different to other kits?

The Innokin Go S Kit is different to other kits in that it is a disposable vape tank and coil in one. Made from food-grade PCTG plastic, the unique coils of the Innokin Go S Kit, which are crafted from organic cotton and wood pulp wicking, provide intense flavours.

The key difference and appeal is the Go S disposable tank, which is long-lasting and can be swiftly and more easily replaced than changing coils in other vape tanks.

You also receive two tanks with the Innokin Go S Kit, available for online purchase at Vape Store, providing double the value for effortless and enjoyable vaping.

Put simply, the Innokin Go S Kit is a sleek, compact and user-friendly pen-style vape that offers a superior vaping experience in a mouth-to-lung vape.   

Is the Innokin Go S kit good for beginners?

The simple one-button design makes the Innokin Go S Kit a breeze to use for legal-age beginner vapers. Add to this the  device’s portability, easy use and disposability, and you have the makings of one of the best-reviewed starter kits on the market.

The sliding-top tank, via the silicone seal, provides an easy-pour, top-fill design for your favourite e-liquid. Allow five minutes for the coil to fully absorb the liquid before vaping. There are three small airholes located near the base of the tank for adjustable airflow.

The constant 13w battery output of its1500mAh internal battery offers a battery capacity that belies the petite proportions of the Go S vaping device. The long-lasting battery is designed to last for a year or longer.

The micro USB port, for daily charging, is easily accessible at the back of the mod.   

How long do Innokin coils last?

Innokin coils are quality made to last between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your vaping frequency and provided you break in your coils before use. The 1.6ohm coils work well with the Go S kit’s optimised 13 watts of power, providing a warm and cosy vaping experience with fluffy clouds. 

Can I use a different tank on my vape?

The special 510 connecting screw at the base of the Go S 2ml disposable vape tank can fit onto the top of similar-sized mods, provided it is not wider than 20mm. It is also recommended that you only fit the Go S tank to devices that offer the same-size wattage.