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Innokin Go S Replacement Tank

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Innokin Go S Replacement Tank

Travellers, especially, also like the tank’s size for its portability and their on-the-go lifestyles, since it’s lightweight and compact, plus they are impressed with the longer-lasting 1500mAh battery and the tank also lasts long before it is disposed of. Once the coil dies vapers don’t need to change the coil, they throw the tank away and replace with a new one, plus the non-removable drip tip secured to the tank has no leaks.


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- 2ml E-Liquid Capacity

- Disposable tank

- Airflow: Adjustable at base


Travel and vape in style with the Go S

MTL vapers give the thumbs up for the Innokin Go S tank, which they say offers a nice and smooth draw and they love the airflow restriction suited to their preferred style of vaping and the ‘awesome flavour’ from the coil.

Design and Build 

The Innokin Go S Tank doesn’t have a separate removable drip tip as the tank, drip-tip, top cap and coil are all in one device. Vapers can match the tank’s colour to that of the mod, or mix colours.

The 510 pin at the base fits onto the Go S mod and it can manage other tanks of 128mm x 20mm diameter.

Filling the Go S tank

The tank slides open at the top and it has a blue, silicone seal to prevent spilling. After filling in your favourite e-juice, slide the tank closed.

It has been recommended by experienced vapers to wait 5 minutes for the e-juice or e-liquid to saturate the coil, plus vapers should not overfill the tank. The tank, they say, will last longer and offer a nicer flavour if it is filled about half or a third full of juice.

Airflow Adjustment

The Go S tank has 3 small slots on the tank and an adjustment ring to adjust the draw to suit vapers’ preferences. Vapers can choose to have all of the slots open or closed for a loose or tight draw.