Innokin GoMax Tube Kit

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Innokin GoMax Tube Kit

Grab and go with GoMax 

Amazing flavours from this sub-ohm kit offer one of the best ways to quit smoking or try direct-to-lung vaping.

The top-selling Innokin GoMax Tube Kit is described as innovative and highly affordable, this is the opinion of buyers and reviewers. 

They comment it’s ideal for new vapers wanting DTL; for MTL vapers wanting to try a sub-ohm vape without buying one first; and an ideal back-up kit to take on holiday or when away from home for extended periods. 

A cost-effective device

Other comments from regular users centre on its awesome flavour and ease of use. Plus it’s cost-effective and a great backup device when away from home. 

It’s cost-effective they say because with this device you do not need to change coils.  When the coil needs replacing, you throw the tank away and replace with a new tank containing a non-removable coil inside.  

It’s cost-effective because these disposable tanks prevent the glass breaking and the coil in the disposable tank lasts a long time, far longer than coils in other tanks 

Some reviewers say you can go through about 60ml of juice before a tank gives up.  “If you want a cheaper pod system, these disposable GoMax tanks are selling cheaper than a pack of coils so they will save you money.” 

And the good news for those who worry about landfills is that the tanks are made from recyclable material. 

The Innokin GoMax 80W Tube Kit is a vape pen system that has been matched with the GoMax disposable sub-ohm tank.

To operate

The kit has only one button for operating and despite its simplicity, it produces generous and flavourful clouds. 

Three clicks of the fire button turns the device on and three for off. The fire button lights up when charging and also when vaping. 

The colour of the button indicates the battery level: green is 40-100%, blue is 10-40% and red is 0-10% and the button will flash red when it is time to charge.

The GoMax Sub-Ohm tank

This tank is 24mm in diameter with a large 5.5ml capacity. You can turn the adjustable airflow ring to improve flavours and clouds. 

The disposable tank fits snugly on the tubular vape pen mod. And it has the same look, design, metal and fire button as Innokin’s Zlide Tube. 

But that is where the similarity ends. For one, it offers up to 80 watts of direct-voltage power. 

Vaping experience

Vaping with the Innokin GoMax Tube Kit gives users a consistent pleasurable vape owing to the long-lasting coil, the solid mod with its 3000mAh battery that delivers 80 watts of power, which has a long life and lasts at least a day before it needs a recharge. 

The disposable tank has a 0.16ohm Kanthal Plex-3D Coil option to provide rapid and even heating within the atomiser. This produces the dense and flavourful clouds.

Fans also say the kit is lightweight and portable and it’s good for those wanting clouds and direct lung vaping. Top comments are: “ You don’t change expensive coils, you change cheap tanks.”  “When the coil dies, throw the tank away!”

How to fill the Innokin GoMax Tank

The cap comes off completely, making it easy to fill. Slide the cap to open, pour liquid through the silicone at the top, fill up with juice and slide the cap closed. Wait at least 5 minutes for the coils to become saturated.


Specs and Features

  • Dimensions: 135mm x 24mm
  • Voltage output range: 3.3-4.2V
  • Resistance range: 0.13ohm - 3.5ohm
  • Zinc-alloy chassis construction
  • 510 connection
  • 10 second cut-off protection

What wattage should I vape at?

As vapers become more proficient at vaping, they tend to have their own preference when it comes to wattage. However, the large majority of vapers tend to prefer a wattage between 50 and 80 watts. There are some advantages to this range too, as you will find that most mid-range mesh coils can cater to this wattage level.

Does higher wattage mean more flavour?

That generally depends on the flavour of your vaping e-liquid. Experienced vapours will find that sweeter flavours tend to come through more on a higher wattage, while menthol flavours do well with a lower wattage.

A higher wattage generally creates more vapour, which can hit your throat harder as well. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preferences. Some like it a little stronger and therefore use a higher wattage, while others prefer a smooth mouth to lung experience and subsequently reduce the wattage on their vape.

Please note that you must be of legal smoking age in order to use a vape or vape-related products. 

What is a good atomizer for flavour?

Those who are looking to quit smoking might not find the right choice in the average vape pen system. Instead, they need a good mouth to lung system such as the Innokin Gomax Tube Kit.

The Innokin Gomax Tube Kit contains the Gomax Sub Ohm tank, providing more flavour and direct mouth to lung capabilities. Smokers will find that this system allows them to try vaping as a smoking cessation method, as the Innokin Gomax Tube Kit is quite affordable.

An Innokin Gomax Tube Kit can also be an excellent backup option for your existing mouth to lung. Since it comes with a disposable sub ohm tank and a rechargeable battery, it provides you with a temporary replacement for your regular vaping equipment without investing too much. Simply charge the Innokin Gomax Tube Kit with a micro USB and you are good to go.

In addition to providing excellent mouth to lung capabilities, the Innokin Gomax Tube Kit also provides a large 5.5 ml capacity for vape e-liquid. This means less refilling and less mess.

How many ohms should an ignition coil have?

There are countless ignition coils on the market today with variable ohms, so vapers can expect different performance as well depending on the one they buy. Standard vape modules usually come with a coil between 1.5 and 3 ohms, which usually contains an atomizer coil with a resistance lower than 1 ohm. This particular construction is also referred to as sub-ohming, known to produce more vapour and more flavour. Sub-ohming is also referred to as DL or direct lung vaping. MTL vaping stands for mouth to lung vaping and refers to coils above 1.0 ohms. Both DL and MTL models can help smokers quit smoking, depending on their preferred vaping method, and a combination of both can be achieved through mods.

Please note that DL vaping can produce a warmer vapor in addition of a better flavour and a larger amount of vapour. Most former smokers find that this method is most effective for smoking cessation, even though MTL remains a possibility.