Innokin Podin Pod Kit

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Innokin Podin Pod Kit

The Innokin Podin - a minipod with super performance

They say the best things come in small parcels… 

Well, the tiny, slim and cute build of Innokin’s Podin Mini Pod Kit is truly deceptive as this vaporiser is really big in operation enabling vaping all day, on the go… 

It offers a draw so very akin to cigarettes and delivers a rich flavour and fulfilling vape experience.

And, as the name ‘podin’ suggests in the Urban Dictionary, this is a ‘no problem’ vaporiser, built for ultra-fast vaping. Plus it’s easy to carry in the hand, pocket or small handbag. 

One can choose to have great flavour and clouds or just nicotine hit and no cloud - the latter is ideal for MTL vaping on the sly. 

And what is also nice, owing to its lightness, the Podin Pod can be carried round the neck with the supplied cord or lanyard that comes in the kit. This is a most convenient and popular choice for vapers.

Variety of colours:

The beauty of the Podin Pod is also of great appeal in six lovely vinyl and steel designs of red marble, black marble, white marble, blue marble, green marble and black.

Then its adjustable airflow can quickly and easily be fine-tuned by a side button. By pressing a button the boost mode heat increases from 8 to 9W on a 1.3 Kanthal Ohm coil, for enhanced flavours and vapours.  

Replacement coils:

The coils are easily replaced without changing the reusable pods and the tri-LED displays the battery life of the 800mAh built-in battery.

There is Micro USB port for charging and the charging cable can be used to carry the Podin round the neck.

Refillable Pod:

The pod or tank has a capacity of 2ml juice. Filling up the tank is easy. Lift the side tab to pour in e-liquid quickly without leaking, then snap the tab back into place.

The lanyard, made of good quality cotton linen, can be opened: one end connects to the USB connection and the other connects to the device.


  • There is a re-usable pod in the kit.
  • Only the Podin coils that come with this kit can be used. Coils are removed by removing the base in an anticlockwise movement. Put some drops of e-juice in the coil, put a new coil in the base, then place into the pod, turning clockwise to lock.
  • The LED gives the choice of wattage 8w (green) and 9w (purple). 
  • Get at least a day’s vape out of this device.
  • Charging takes an hour.
  • Safety mechanisms and protection for overheating, charging, short circuiting, over-discharging
  • With the automatic draw, one need not press the firing button.
  • 16 x 46 x 16mm Dimensions
  • Mess-free silicone stopper
  • 10 Second Cut Off Time
  • Output Voltage: 3.7V
  • Resistance range: 0.3-3.5ohm

Kit includes:
  • 1 x Innokin Podin Pod device
  • 1 x Empty Refillable Pod
  • 2 x Podin 1.3ohm Coils
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable - Micro USB

What is a vape starter kit?

A vape starter kit, such as the Innokin Podin pod kit, is an all-in-one kit for your complete vaping enjoyment.

The Innokin Podin pod kit is a mini-pod with a big impact, featuring an ultra-fast, mouth-to-throat style of vaping for legal-age vapers to use all day.

The Innokin Podin pod system offers adjustable airflow, which can be adjusted to suit your vaping needs via the side button. To enhance your vaping flavours and build cloud capacity, simply press the boost mode button — this increases the heat from 8 to 9W on a 1.3ohm Kanthal coil.

Advanced safety features include protecting against overheating, short-circuit protection and over-discharge protection. The Podin pod system also features automatic draw, which renders the firing button obsolete.

The Innokin Podin pod kit offers great visual appeal in its range of six marble-look steel-and-vinyl colour designs.

The quality cotton-linen lanyard, included with the Innokin Podin pod kit, is conveniently designed to be opened: one end connects to the USB connection, while the other end is connected to your vaping device.

The Innokin Podin pod kit includes: the Podin pod; an empty, refillable pod; two Podin 1.3ohm coils; and a USB charging cable (micro USB).   

How often do I need to recharge my vaping device?

The mini-but-maxi Innokin Podin pod kit vaping device is designed to last for all-day vaping. The Podin pod system also charges in only one hour via the included USB micro cable.

The tri-LED on the Innokin Podin pod kit displays the battery life of the 800mAh built-in battery.

How do I fill my vaping device with e-liquid?

To fill the Innokin Podin pod kit, the coils on the Podin 2ml pod are removed from its base in an anticlockwise motion.

The juice-viewing window on the Podin pod system makes the 2ml refillable pod a breeze to fill. Apply a few drops of e-liquid onto the coil, insert the new coil and then place into the pod, turning in a clockwise direction to lock.

To fill or top up your side-fill vaping device, lift the side tab and quickly pour in e-liquid to avoid leakage. Then, snap the tab back into place and allow the vape juice to steep for several minutes before resuming vaping.      

How many e-liquid flavours are available?

The Innokin Podin pod kit system can accept salts and freebase e-liquids. For further details, please refer to the user manual.

Vape Store offers an extensive range of nicotine-free, tar-free and tobacco-free e-liquids for use in your (side-fill) Innokin Podin pod kit.

E-liquids, the Innokin Podin pod kit, and all vaping products and devices, are available for legal-age vapers to purchase online at Vape Store.