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Innokin Prism S Replacement Coil

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Innokin Prism S Replacement Coil

Suitable for: Innokin T20S, EZWATT and APEX kits


1.5ohm (13-14W)

0.9ohm (14.5-18W)

0.8ohm (16-18W)


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- Price listed is for 1 coil

- Compatible with the Innokin T20s, EZWATT kits and APEX kits

Innokin Prism S replacement coils are loved by all types of vapers - those who enjoy direct lung-to-mouth or direct-to-lung vaping.

Dubbed by reviewers as ‘dynamic, versatile, and superior coils’, the Prism S coils have been made for use only with T20S or EZ Watt Tanks.

The Prism S 1.5ohm vape coil has only slight vapour for a more discreet or ‘secret’ vape for MTL vaping with VG liquids of 50-60% VG.

The Prism S 0.8ohm vape coils emit huge vaporous clouds for lovers of a DTL vape. They are best with high VG e-liquids containing 60% VG or more.

The Prism S coils come with 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks that are fungus-free and which contain 510 connector pins. The latter enables them to be easily unscrewed, removed and replaced.

The wicks produce fantastic, rich and tasty flavours, one of the reasons for the popularity of the Innokin Prism T20S Tank, which is one of the top-selling mouth-to-vape tanks around. What makes for the T20S Tank’s high performance and superiority are these two unique coil types, the Prism S coils that operate with it.

The coils last around 3 weeks so buying a 5-pack replacement ensures vaping for up to two months. Vapers know when it is time to get new coils - either when the taste of the juice changes or there is no vapour coming from the tank.

Will any coil fit my vape?

Not all vape coils are designed to fit your vaping device. The Innokin Prism S replacement coils are compatible with the Innokin Endura T20s and EZ Watt Innokin starter kits.

Which coil gives the best flavour?

The quality composition of the Innokin Prism S replacement coils, including stainless steel construction, variable temperature control and organic cotton, are designed to soak up the flavours of your vape juice e-liquid. All vape products are not created equally and the Prism S replacement coil range offers (mouth-to-lung) MTL or (direct-to-lung) DTL-style vaping in cloud-producing, taste-enhancing and easy-to-replace vape coils.

Can you fix burnt coils?

To fix a burnt coil, disassemble your vape tank and soak the element in warm water for five minutes or more. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and allow the element to air dry before reassembling. This process will loosen any e-juice that has remained stuck inside the tank.

How long should you let a new coil soak?

A new coil should be soaked for between five to 10 minutes to achieve complete saturation and thus improve the flavour of your vape juice. This ensures a superior vaping experience with the Innokin Prism replacement coil. To purchase the Innokin Prism S, compatible with Endura T20s and EZ Watt Innokin kits, vape coils and all vaping products intended for adults, order online at your one-stop vape shop, Vape Store.