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Innokin T18/T22 Prism Replacement Coil

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The Innokin T18/T22, like all Innokin’s coils, are increasingly getting five-star ratings owing to their production of superb and tasty flavours and their inexpensive price.

These coils, for use only with the Endura T22 and Endura T18 vape tanks, have 24 juice points, which enable the tanks to provide fantastic flavours.


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Australia Post Express $10.95

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- Price is for 1 coil

- Compatible with the Innokin T18 and T22 kits

- 1.5ohm


The 1.5 ohm resistance Prism Coil for MTL vaping is ideal for smokers wanting to quit cigarettes - and even experienced users, who want to vape secretively or discreetly as they emit only the slightest vapour. In contrast, 0.8 Ohm vape coils have huge vape clouds for DTL vape lovers.

Ex-smokers rave about the flavour of the MTL coils, which, owing to their drag-resistance are akin to cigarette smoking and most satisfying - with comments such as “a beginners dream, offering tight draws, a smooth vape and great vapour.” But users especially are so pleased with the inexpensive price

Like most of the Innokin coil range - the Prism coils use the ‘no spill coil swap’ system and changing coils is dead easy with the 510 connector pin inside - simply unscrew, remove and replace.

Pundits advise vapers to change these coils every two weeks for regular top performance but they can last 2-3 weeks depending on usage. The warning signs of a coil needing replacement are a change in taste of the liquid or no vapour coming from the tank. Then top reviewers advise that pouring liquid inside the coils helps them get wet and quicker to use. If the cotton is dry it will burn the wick.


Are coils for vape products universal?

All coils for vape products fulfil a similar role, but they are not universal. You need to ensure that the replacement coils you choose are compatible with your electronic cigarettes-type of vaping device.

Innokin T18/T22 replacement coils are compatible the Endura T18 and Endura T22 vape tanks. The 1.5 ohm resistance Prism provides superior (mouth-to-lung) MTL coils, with quality features such as advanced temperature control. The organic cotton in the T18/T22 coils soak up the flavour spectrum of your favourite vape juice

Are all coils for vapes the same?

Replacement coils are not the same, as they are designed to offer different styles of vaping and made for different vape tanks. High-quality vape coils, such as the T18/T22 replacement coils, provide superior taste and cloud production — to enhance your vaping experience.  

How long does a coil last in a vape?

Replacement coils are designed to last for a set period of time. Depending on the regularity of your vaping, a quality-made replacement coil for a sub-ohm tank is estimated to last between four to seven days. Infrequent vapers can expect their vape coils to last for up to a month or longer.

What’s the best coils for vaping?

The Innokin Prism T18 and T22 replacement coils achieve five-star ratings for their superior production, efficiency and affordability. Innokin T18 and Innokin T22 are designed to enhance the taste of your vape juice e-liquid flavours in MTL coils.