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The Innokin Endura T20S Starter Kit is a new and improved model in the ever-popular Endura series. The T20S now offers increased power output while still retaining it’s compact and portable design with a sleek 20.5mm diameter.


Built In Battery


Mouth To Lung Vaping


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What's in the box:

- 1 x Endura T20S Innokin battery
- 1 x Prism T20S Innokin tank
- 2 x Prism S Coil 0.8ohm
- 1 x Micro USB charger cable
- 1 x Additional O-Ring Set
- User Manual


- Diameter: 20.5mm
- 2ml tank capacity
- 1500mAh Internal battery
- Output: Maximum: 18W
- Top Fill Tank
- Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping

Simple one button activation delivers delicious clouds of flavour every time. A kit that is user friendly and ideal for beginners and will satisfy more experienced users.

T20S battery can be re-charged with the micro USB cable supplied with the vape kit. The internal battery capacity is 1500mAh. T20S offers integrated safety protection and features ‘vape while charging’ technology, while the 3-color LED power indicator clearly shows remaining power levels and charging status

T20S delivers a smooth and open draw and the Prism T20S coils are designed to bring out the flavour in your favourite e-liquid and is compatible with higher VG liquids.

The Prism T20S tank features a 2ml e-Liquid capacity with a simple top fill design with a twist off cap.

An A newcomer in Innokin’s highly rated and favoured Endura series is the T20S Starter Kit, which for vapers is a dream cloud as it has increased power and amazing flavours.

The slim and smooth, 20.5mm in diameter vaporiser is considered one of the top starter kits currently on the market. It is durable, sturdy and solid, making it also admired by vaper newbies and experienced vapers.

This vaporiser is a truly compact device with no frills and no fuss. It has just one easy fire button, creating great vapours.

Ideal for mouth-to-lung vaper as opposed to direct lung vaping, it emulates a cigarette draw experience and works best with only puff, providing a superb taste. No wonder cigarette smokers are finding this a great way to kick the habit.

To gain the best experience…

As with many devices over-filling may result in leaking, so after filling it is best to wait a few minutes, at least five, before using. Cigarette smokers, particularly, those wanting to quit, will have the best experience and flavours with 70% - 80% VG e-juices. The Prism T20-S tank with its Prism coils is also designed for improved taste and flavours.

About the device…

The Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit has an internal 1500mah battery unit and the LED three lights show the remaining battery power.

The T20S fits well in the hand and does not slip from one’s grasp easily. Also being small, it is easy to carry in a pocket or handbag and it is ideal for stealth vaping.

Just three clicks of the fire button switches the vaporiser on and another three switches it off. The tank has a 2ml liquid capacity and is quickly filled by unscrewing the top cap below the mouthpiece, then dripping the liquid in the area around the hole - not into the hole directly.

Old coils which need to be replaced can be removed by pulling them out and replacing with the new ones. Vapers will know when it is time to replace coils as either the device will stop firing or the taste of the juice will change.

Vapers can vape all day, up to about 8 hours with the prolonged battery life. There is a USB cable supplied in the kit.

The Innokin Endura T20S Starter Kit features a special 1.5Ω dual coil with Japanese organic cotton wick. The Prism tank is made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass.

Not least, the vaporiser has safety protections for overheating and over discharge and it enables one to vape while charging.

How long do T20-S coils last?

Innokin T20-S coils are estimated to last for up to a fortnight, or longer, depending on the frequency of your vaping. The T20-S offers a smooth and open draw and the T20-S Endura Prism coils or atomiser heads are designed to bring out the flavour in your favourite e-liquids. T20-S coils are compatible with high-VG vape e-liquids for a mouth-to-lung style of vaping.

What makes Innokin vaping products unique?

Advanced technology, exceptional looks, compact size, portability and easy use stand Innokin vaping products apart. Vape-while-charging capability, state-of-the-art safety features, including temperature control and adjustable airflow, and the characteristically striking appearance of Innokin vape mods and vape tanks make them the vaping products of choice for legal-age beginners and experienced vapers.

You can order the Innokin T20-S Endura Starter Kit 1500mAh and all of your Innokin vaping products and vaping devices online at Vape Store.

Can I rinse my vape coils with water?

If your vape mod is clean, vape coils can be rinsed under running water and allowed to airdry or dry burn before replacing.

How is this different to other Innokin mods?

The Innokin T20-S Endura Starter Kit 1500mAh is different to other Innokin mods in increased power output while retaining its compact size of 20.5mm diameter.

The Innokin T20-S is the successor to the Endura T18 in the innovative Endura series. The internal battery capacity is1500mAh and the 3-colour LED power indicator clearly displays power levels and charging status. The T20-S battery can also be recharged with the micro USB, which is included with the Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit.

Simple one-button activation offers delicious clouds of vapour, every time. The Endura Prism tank offers a 2ml e-liquid capacity and the twist-off cap of its simple top-fill design also provides easy and enjoyable use for an altogether superior vaping experience.