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The Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit is an upsized version of the popular T18 Kit featuring a larger 2000mAh battery and increased capacity 4.5ml tank. T22 Endura has a sleek one-button design delivering a constant 14W output for a flavourful mouth-to-lung vaping experience.


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What's in the box:

- 1 x Endura T22 battery

- 1 x Prism T22 Tank

- 2 x 1.5ohm Prism T22 coils

- 1 x Micro USB charger cable

- User manual


- Dimensions: 145mm x 22mm x 32mm

- 4.5ml tank capacity

- 2000mAh internal battery

- Output: Max 14W

- Compatible with the T18/T22 coils

- 1 button activation

Prism Tank is a top-fill design and the coils have been designed to deliver deep and enjoyable flavours and are compatible with high VG e-liquids. The Prism tank is made of Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass and is quick and easy to fill and clean.

Endura T22 is charged via the Micro USB cable supplied, and incorporates safety charging protections.

Endura T22 is a great all in one starter kit that is durable, compact and simple to use - peace of mind for new users that want a longer lasting battery and high capacity tank.

How to use the Endura T22 vape kit?

Innokin Endura T22 starter kit, with a 14 watt power output, is a perfect vape mod kit for those embarking on vaping or indeed those switching from smoking. The quality of this Innokin T22, like the Endura t18 is excellent, and in addition, the Innokin Endura T22 has a larger battery capacity of 2000mah and features the larger prism 22 tank with top filling tank capacity of 4.5 ml. Vape Store classifies Endura T22 as an easy to use compact device, that delivers very good vapour clouds, flavour and vaping experience.

Innokin Endura T22 starter kit is classified as a mouth to lung (MTL) vape device which replicates the smoking action. The prism t22 tank is a top fill pyrex glass tank that utilises endura t18 or t22 coils. These replacement t22 coils are available at Vape Store.

The cost of the endura T22 kit offered by Vape Store is $49.95 for the complete kit consisting of:

- T22 battery

- Prism t22 tank

- 2 x T22 replacement coils

- Endura T22 manual

- Standard micro usb cable

The Innokin endura T22 starter kit is very simple to use, all you will require is E-liquid. As always with batteries, Vape Store recommends fully charging the 2000mah battery for the full period of 2 – 3 hours. Unscrew the top of the prism T22 tank and fill with E-liquid against the side wall of the tank and NOT into the centre coil and replace the cap, not overtightening. Innokin recommends when using a new or replacement coil, to wait 5 mins to allow the organic cotton wicking to absorb the E-liquid. The T22 has a safety lock on the battery. Click the power button 3 times quickly and your vape will now be ready to operate. When done, click quickly 3 times and the vape device will be in sleep mode.

T22, like endura t18, has overheat and short circuit protection making it a very safe box mod, but don’t forget when you have finished using your device always put it into sleep mode.

How long does the Endura T22 battery last?

Generally, the Innokin batteries are of a very good quality, however there are certain factors to be observed to extend the battery life:

- Do not overcharge the battery

- Charge the battery when new to its full capacity before using

- Do not get liquid into the battery housing

Endura t22 features a 2000mah battery capacity. Innokin claim that the battery will last 2 full days between charges. Vape Store has found this is possible for light to moderate vapers, but heavier vapers will need to charge the battery more frequently.

How long do Endura T22 coils last?

The life of your Endura T22 coil depends on a number of factors and will vary from one vaper to another. These factors include:

- How often you vape

- How heavily you draw when you vape

- Type of E-Liquid used

A replacement coil will generally last between 1-3 weeks. An average vaper will get 2 weeks usage from a coil, whereas a heavier vaper may get 1 week or even less. Often drawing very heavily on your vape mod, does not allow the organic cotton at absorb adequate E-Liquid and it dries out and gets burnt.

Signs to replace your Innokin endura t22 coil:

- Reduction in vapour

- Burnt taste

- Reduction in flavour from your E-Liquid

How to change coil on endura t22?

Eventually, if the taste changes to a burnt taste or drawing vapour becomes sluggish it will be time to change your coil. Ensure that you have an Endura T22 replacement coil on hand. Remove the E-liquid from the prism T22 tank by removing the top cap of the tank and pouring out the remaining liquid. Remove the bottom retaining screw cap and carefully remove the old coil replace it with the replacement coil making sure that the coil is fully inserted into the tank into the slots provided. If necessary, turn the coil slightly until it fits in fully. Now replace the bottom screw cap and gently tighten. Do not force and there should be no gap between the screw cap and bottom of the tank. Avoid damaging the “o” rings in the Endura prism T22 tank as this will definitely cause the tank to leak.

What tank fits on the Innokin Endura T22?

The prism T22 tank is the supplied with the Endura T22 kit. This is a 4.5 ml tank with the coil fitted in from the bottom being held by a screw cap. The prism t18 tank from your endura t18 kit is also compatible with the T22 kit.

How long does the Endura T22 take to charge?

When using your Innokin Endura T22 device the 2000mah battery supplied should give you 1 – 3 days of usage depending on the amount of time spent on using the device. When the indicator light in the power button changes from green to red, that indicates that the battery capacity has dropped and now requires charging. This involves removing the micro usb charging cable from the pack and carefully insert the plug into the mod. Plug the usb plug into a mains usb plug. The charge light in the power button may take up to 15 mins to indicate and will take approximately 2 – 3 hours to change to green, indicating a full charge. You may now use your vape device.

How to clean Innokin Endura T22?

Carefully unscrew the Endura T18 tank from the box mod. Unscrew the cap on the tank then unscrew the bottom cap on the tank. Carefully remove the coil and place all the parts in warm water for about 5 mins and rinse well. Allow to drain and dry with a soft tissue. Replace the coil refer to “Replacing the Coil” above.

Do’s and don’ts

- Do not overtighten the prism T22 tank when fitting on the battery.

- When removing the top fill cap always replace without forcing or overtightening.

- When replacing the coil make sure that the coil is fully inserted into the bottom of the tank and when the cap is replaced do not overtighten and check for light between the tank and screw cap. If this is not done correctly the Endura prism T22 tank will leak.

- When the E-liquid in the tank empties, remove the tank and wash in warm water after removing the coil. This will ensure that the tank will last without leaking.

- Do not overcharge the battery when the green indicator light on the power button shows. This will give your battery good longevity.

- Use only quality E-liquids in your device.

- Handle your device with care and do not drop the device on the floor as this will damage your device.