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Innokin Zenith Z Replacement Coil

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Innokin Zenith Z Replacement Coil

Innokin’s Z coils are one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of Innokin’s Zenith and Zlide tanks. These tanks use kanthal coils and these are renowned for flavour-seeking vapers owing to the fresh natural juice flavours the coils produce.



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- Available:

Z Coil 0.3ohm

Z Coil 0.48ohm

Z Coil 0.8ohm

Z Coil 1.2ohm

Z Coil 1.6ohm


The 1.6-ohm coil performs well when airflow is restricted, enabling a great cool, MTL vape. The 0.48ohm coil is more versatile, bringing out more flavours.

It is preferred by fans wanting a warmer, relaxed and pleasurable vape. All the Z coils handle vape juice up to 70% VG. 

To change the coils

All Z kanthal coils have a 510 connection so vapers can change coils without emptying the tank and messing. To change coils vapers just easily twist the airflow ring off, remove the old coil, pop in a new coil, then twist the ring back in place. 

Considered the perfect ‘plug and play’ coils, their ‘twist-cap’ ensures no leaks so you can change coils safely without having to empty the tank as has to be done with many other vaporisers.

MTL vapers and fans of the Z coils remind newbies that coils need ‘a breaking-in period’ of up to about two tank loads before the true flavours and performance emerges. 

Coil settings

They recommend the following settings: The 1.6ohm coil performs well and has a better MTL throat hit with only two airflow slots open, at 13-14 watts. The 0.8ohm coil is best used with three open slots, at 17-18 watts, for more flavour and a restricted direct-to-lung hit. 

Both coils wick well, produce less vapour than other coils but last longer, up to two to three weeks with good care and maintenance.

Fans love it that they can tailor the vape to suit their preferences by switching these coils.


Which coil is good for MTL?

The Innokin Zenith Z-Coil is a good ohm coil for mouth to lung vaping. Innokin Zenith replacement coils are affordable, but also come with a bunch of features that increase their lifespan and customise vaping experience.

With the Innokin Zenith Z-Coil, vapers can expect 1.6-ohm performance, which tend to work really well under a restricted airflow. If you prefer a different resistance, you can also get the 0.48-ohm Innokin Zenith Z-Coil, which enhances flavour further and provides more versatility overall.

The Innokin Zenith Z-Coil is one of the most popular MTL coils, and this can be explained by the popularity of associated equipment such as the Innokin Zenith Zlide tanks. All coils within the 1.6- and 0.48-ohm wattage range can handle vaping juice up to 70% VG.

How do you change the coil on an Innokin Zenith?

The coil has a so-called 510 connection, which basically means you can change the coil without having the empty out the tank. To change the coil, remove the airflow ring by twisting it. Then, simply remove the old coil and add a new one. Finally, add the airflow ring back to your vape by twisting it back into place. Because of their easy installation, Innokin Zenith coils remain popular with beginners as well as experienced vapers.

How long do Z-coils last?

Vapers report that the average lifespan of their Z-coil is two weeks. However, the life of the high-quality coil can be extended by implementing good vaping practices, maintenance, and also by priming the coil before using it for the first time.

Maintenance techniques between uses can greatly increase the lifespan of any coil on the market today. In addition to that, maintenance techniques also enhance the flavour of your vaping liquid every time you change it.

To increase the lifespan of your coil, try to avoid dry or burnt hits, this happens when there is insufficient vape liquid in the tank or if your coil has not been properly maintained. Vapers can also avoid this problem by not over pressing the fire button and waiting for several seconds between pulls.

How do you prime a Zenith coil?

Priming a Zenith coil is straightforward. Firstly, you will have to add the new coil to the tank, which means following the instructions from earlier in this article. Once the new coil into place, you will need to saturate the wicking material, which is known under the term priming.

The wicking material comes into contact with the vaping liquid through the coil head holes. Before you start using your vape, add a drop of vaping liquid in each of the holes. Next, add a drop to the coil head as well to ensure the centre of the wick is saturated too.

While you should avoid dry hits throughout the use of your vape, dry hits can be useful during the priming stage. Take four to five dry hits to allow the vaping liquid to get to the cotton wick. You can dry hit by taking several hits without hitting the fire button.