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Innokin Zlide Tube Kit

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For first-time vapers, this vaporiser is a dream switch over from quitting cigarettes as it has a one-button operating system and no complicated menus and settings. It is a good-looking tube with a great build quality of stainless steel. It is durable, pocket sized and handbag-friendly, making it easy to carry around. 


Internal Battery


Direct To Lung Vaping


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What's in the box:

- 1 x Zlide Tube battery

- 1 x Zlide tank (4ml)

- 1 x 1.2ohm Zenith Z coil

- 1 x 0.8ohm Zenith Z coil

- 1 x Type C USB charger cable

- User manual


- Dimensions: 135mm x 25 mm

- 4ml tank capacity

- 3000mAh internal battery

- Output: Max 13W

- Compatible with all Z Zenith coils

This vape kit is one of Innokin’s latest editions of vaporisers, created for beginners and more experienced vapers. It offers great airflow, flavour and vapour. A cool tank that’s so easy to use with awesome coils and superb flavours. That’s the verdict of most reviewers when talking about Innokin Zlide Tube.

They also say it has long-lasting battery life, some mentioning it lasted a week before needing a recharge. Innokin says of this kit: “It’s designed for affordability, ease of use, amazing battery life, and outstanding vape quality and flavour.” And that statement is spot on. No exaggeration, reviewers say

The Tube is about 24 mm in diameter and 90 mm tall and has a 3000mAh lightweight battery weighing 84 grams, with a Zlide tank attached that can take 4ml of juice and the kit comes in six colours of stainless steel, spiral, pink, blue, forest camo and black, a 510 pin connects the tank and the mod easily together.

The 4ml Zlide Tank

It’s a good compact sturdy and neat tank with outer metal that covers most of the glass for protection. The glass tank can be removed, replaced and cleaned.

To fill the tank, remove the drip tip first and the top slides open. By pressing the two arrows the cap opens and one can pour liquid in, then push the cap back into place and put the drip tip back on.

Coils and changing

The Zlide tank works with the Innokin’s Z-series of coils and lasts a long time, vapers say. This kit comes with the 1.2 Ohm Z Coil that fires at 13W and is ideal for MTL vaping. However, with the variable airflow option, if all four holes at the top are set, you get DTL vaping.

To change coils, turn the tank upside down. Inside the tank you will see a white plastic ring about halfway up. Change the coil when the liquid is below the ring to avoid leaking.

Twist the bottom of the tank off the tube, pull the coil out. Pour a few drops of e-liquid into the tank to prime the coil then put a new coil in and twist the tank back on. Finally, wait five minutes so the cotton can get saturated before you start vaping

To operate

On the front of the tubular-shaped mod is a diamond button for firing and switching on and off, and there is also a LED light, plus a Micro USB port on the back.

Three clicks of the fire button turns the Zlide on and the LED will flash three times, changing colour from red, to blue, to green. Another three clicks will switch the device off and the LED will then flash green.

During vaping the LED will change colour to indicate the battery level. Green means 90-100%; blue means 40–10% and red means 10–1%. When the light flashes red three times the battery has died. The powerful battery provides longer hours of vaping but to recharge it fully takes about three hours.

Vaping Experience

The vapour production is plentiful, but there are no big clouds. The flavour is impressive, offering a cool hit and a consistent mouthful of flavours. Fans say it is ideal for MTL vapers.

How long do Innokin Zenith coils last?

The average lifespan of the Innokin Zenith coil is approximately two weeks. Of course, there are variables to consider that could either increase the lifespan of the coil or decrease it.

One of the common variables that could reduce the lifespan of your Innokin Zenith coil is the presence of sweeteners in vape e-liquid. So, increasing the lifespan of the Zenith, or any other branded coil, often comes down to priming your coil as well as choosing vape liquid that does not contain sweeteners.

Some specific types of coils can have increased lifespans as well, which is the case for the Innokin Zenith 1.0-ohm coil. With proper maintenance and priming, this coil can last up to three weeks.

How do you open the tank on Zlide?

If you wish to open the tank to fill it up, simply remove the drip trip from the Innokin Zlide tank. Next, slide the top of the tank open, you can do this by pressing the two arrows. Once this is done, you can pour in the liquid and then slide the top back. Make sure to reattach the drip tip before use.

When filling your Zlide tank, always consider the liquid capacity of your tank. Overfilling your tank could cause a leak, or might cause damage to the 3000mAh battery or the coil.

Is vaping or smoking worse?

Based on the studies and research executed over the past couple of years, vaping is considered as the safer alternative to smoking. Smokers actually use the mouth to lung vape to stop smoking completely, as it allows them to step away from traditional tobacco products which contain more harmful chemicals. In some countries, vaping is recognised as a valid smoking cessation technique.

A study executed in the United Kingdom by McNeil et al. states that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. This study was published in Public Health England and used across the world as a valid research resource in relation to vaping.

An Australian peer review study by Mendelsohn et al. published in 2020 supports the findings from the English study. In fact, the study went as far as to claim that vaping will save many Australian lives due to its functionality as a smoking cessation method.

When you want to quit smoking, it is important to do a little research into vaping. Not all vapes are mouth to lung, which means the wrong vape does not allow you to inhale the smoke or could cause throat irritation. Vape Store can help you select the right vape if you are unsure about the best possible vape to help you stop smoking.

Can I rinse my vape coil with water?

You can clean a vape coil with water but consider that the coil must be completely dry before you place it back into your vape. Water is often used to remove any residue build-up on coils and subsequently to increase the lifespan of the coil. However, coils must be replaced over time, as not all residue will be removed with a water rinse alone.