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Nightmare – Strawberry Fields - Vape Monster (30ml)

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If you are a vaper whose one true love in the food world is strawberry desserts, then Vape Monster has exactly the e-liquid flavour for you. Introducing NIGHTMARE – Strawberry Fields: an absolutely delicious blend of fresh, ripe strawberries mixed with the warm and satisfying taste of strawberry cupcake. It truly is the ideal flavour for strawberry enthusiasts who crave this tasty fruit constantly, and this smooth vape will be sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of almost any dessert lover.


30ml - About 6,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 30ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 50% VG, 50% PG

- Ready To Vape

- Made in Australia


There are not many of us that can claim we don’t like the taste of strawberry – needless to say, it’s a flavour enjoyed almost universally for its addictively sweet and juicy flavour than can be added to almost any dessert dish to take it from good to great. Take foods such as cakes and cookies – add a dash of strawberry either in the form of jam or in its fresh berry form and you will add a tantalising fruitiness that nobody can refuse.

NIGHTMARE – Strawberry Fields is made up of a blend of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerine, resulting in a pleasantly balanced vape. Offering an ideal equilibrium between flavour and vapour production, this mixture will prove to be an ideal place to start for novice vapers, as well as being enjoyable for experienced ones, too.

This e-liquid also comes in both doubler and singler forms, meaning you can either add your own nicotine base to it or you can vape it as is straight out of the box – it’s entirely up to you and your preference!