Granny Smith (30ml) - Sticky Fingers Ejuice

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Ol’ Granny Smith’s apples make most refreshing vape 

Sweet and sour, tarty Granny Smith apples from Australia’s top orchards have been kept in mind when producing Sticky Finger’s latest, unique vape juice.

“It took us months to get this one right, and it paid off!” Stick Fingers inventors say in their promotional blurb adding, "summer in the orchard with this slice of green granny goodness; ‘bite-y’ on the button with a fresh and crisp tang right to the core."

This slightly, delicately sweetened juice, but not overly so, is a perfect granny smith flavour, and an excellent juice that’s tasty and refreshing, fans say, adding: “If you love apples, get this juice.”

And the surprise in store for vapers new to this juice is the unexpected, but distinct taste of freshly-ripened, succulent cherries in the mix that perfectly blends in, adding to the tarty, sharp flavour of the apples.