Milk n' Cereal (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid

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Best breakfast milk n’ cereal milk vape

A bowl of delicious strawberries, marshmallows, ripe bananas and cereal soaked in creamy, sweetened milk will bring back your childhood memories of enjoying breakfast in the morning.

Now you can experience this every morning - or anytime daily.  

Fans gush: It’s like being a kid all over again!” They say if you are a lover of cereal, even now as an adult, it will be your first hit of the day and of course it pairs well with the real breakfast cereal in a box and fresh fruit.

Australian vape manufacturer, Byron Bay Cloud describes it as “sweet, sugary goodness, with milk, strawberry, and a tiny dash of banana and marshmallow. Pairs well with doughnuts, churros and cheesecake.”