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The Cobbler - Nimbus Vapour (60ml)

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Pretty much everybody has nostalgic memories of their grandma making an assortment of baked treats for them that are impossible to replicate (seriously, how do grandmas get it so perfect?) One of these may include the delicious apple cobbler, the perfect dish for a cold winter evening to warm up your stomach and heart.


70%VG 30%PG


60ml - About 12,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 60ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 70% VG, 30% PG

- Ready To Vape


Made by topping baked apples with cobbler crust, it offers the perfect balance between an irresistibly sweet dessert and a (relatively) healthy dish. One thing’s for sure, it will fill you up and satisfy you and your sweet treat like no other.

Thanks to its deliciousness, you may have already tried hunting for the home-baked flavour of your childhood – but to no avail. 

But don’t worry, because Nimbus Vapour has done all the hard work for you with ‘The Cobbler’, an e-liquid that tastes almost exactly the same as the real deal.

Featuring a delicious blend of baked apple, rich vanilla custard, and crusty pastry, complemented by a subtle flavour of cinnamon, you don’t need to spend more time trying to emulate your grandmother’s recipe – the taste’s all in here with a creamy, sweet, delicious vape that you can use again and again without the apple flavour becoming too sickly.

This e-liquid offers you the perfect balance of creamy, dessert-y, fruity goodness that you can buy in a bottle of 60ml in both singler and doubler forms. 

If you’ve been craving this delicious warm dessert for a long time now, give ‘The Cobbler’ a try – you won’t regret it!