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The range of advanced vape kits at Vape Store offers an unparalleled vape experience. Designed for experienced vapers, the advanced kits feature all-in-one vaping products, such as the Innokin Coolfire kit. These include box mod-style kits with high-powered battery life, replacement coils and vaping essentials for an advanced vaping experience.

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A vape mod is essentially an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette, which has a larger and more powerful battery and usually a larger tank capacity compared with simpler vapour pen, vaporizers, and other vape starter kits. MOD kits are higher performing in terms of vapour production, power output and throat hit. Traditionally, MOD kits are the choice for more experienced or long-term vapers.

Vape MOD kits are sold in a unique range of futuristic designs and shapes.

We have compiled a list of the top vape MOD kits available at Vape Store which will definitely tick most of the boxes when deciding which MOD kit suits you best.



Our team of experienced vapers have rated our 10 leading advanced kits, to help you get the best vape experience!

1. Innokin Proton kit with Plexus Tank

The Innokin Proton Plexus 235W TC Kit is a superior box mod that comes with Innokin's Plex Sub-Ohm Tank, with Plexus Mesh Coil technology. The Proton Plexus is an advanced kit that features a unique joystick styled selector for easy temperature and wattage control adjusting. Power output is adjustable to a maximum 235 watts – a serious punch for those experienced vapers and people who want an awesome hit! The Plexus tank boasts a 4ml capacity and re-filling is made simple with its retractable top-fill twist feature. The Proton MOD is powered by dual external 18650 rechargeable batteries, sold separately at Vape Store (dual battery pack costs $19.40). The rechargeable batteries can be easily charged whilst inside the MOD using the USB charger cables provided with the kit. The Proton kit with Plexus tank is sold for $109.95 at Vape Store and includes free shipping. Ask the guys at Vape Store nicely and they might throw in a FREE 30ml bottle of nicotine free E-liquid at no charge with your kit.

2. Innokin TC100 kit

The Innokin TC100 has a built in 3300mAh battery delivering a maximum of 100 watts of power with variable controlled voltage and wattage settings. The built in advanced AETHON chipset is ultra quick and reliable meaning there is no delay whilst vaping. Due to the slick curved design, the TC100 MOD kit is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and has been voted by vapers worldwide as being one of the most compact MOD vape kits available. TC100 MOD features an OLED screen, with 3 buttons alongside the screen for easy adjustment. The Innokin TC100 MOD kit sells for $87.95 at Vape Store. Replacement tanks and spare coils are also available.

3. Innokin Cool Fire Mini

The Innokin Cool Fire Mini vape kit, with the Slipstream tank is the smallest variable output kit made by Innokin. At only 63mm tall, a 1300mAh internal battery packs a maximum 40 watts output power. The performance of this kit is unbelievable for its size! Available in 5 different colours for only $49.95 from Vape Store.

4. Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit

The Vaporesso Tarot Nano vape mod kit features a 2500mAh built in battery, a 23mm OLED display screen and power output is adjustable from 5 watts to 80 watts – phenomenal power for its compact size. This kit comes with Vaporesso's Veco 2ml tank and uses the EUC coil, that is easy to replace and produces a smooth tasting vapour. Experienced vapers and new vapers love the Tarot Nano due to its small and compact appearance yet punchy output. This kit sells for $79.95 at Vape Store.

5. Vaporesso Revenger X 220W

The Vaporesso Revenger X kit is a staff favourite and has been voted as one of the best MOD electronic cigarettes on the market today by many experienced vapers! The Revenger X MOD makes use of the award winning NRG sub-ohm 5ml tank with GT coil. The GT coil provides a smooth vape burn with a serious throat hit when running at 220 watts. The Revenger MOD is powered by two dual 18650 external batteries (batteries not included but can be purchased separately). Featuring a touch screen, vape settings are displayed on the 24mm OLED display on the front of the MOD. The Vaporesso Revenger X is available in four colours for $99.95 from Vape Store – an awesome MOD kit for under $100. Add any E-Liquid and receive free shipping.

6. Innokin Plexar Kit

The Innokin Plexar Vape kit is one of the most powerful pen style kits available today. Delivering 100 watts of power output from a single 18650 external battery (battery sold separately). Even though this is strictly a pen style kit, Vape Store had to include this kit with the other MOD kits due to its AWESOMENESS! The Plexar kit features Innokin's award winning PLEX 4ml adjustable airflow tank and advanced Plex3D coil technology! The Plexar kit is available in 3 colours for $57.95 from Vape Store.

7. Innokin Ultra TC150

The Innokin Ultra TC150 is a powerful step above from the TC100 vape mod kit with comparatively better battery life and increased power. This kit contains a high-end built-in 4000mAh battery, delivering a punchy 150 watts maximum power output. Adjustable voltage and wattage output, offers users a range of light, smooth vaping to heavy throat hitting cloud production! The TC150 makes use of the Scion sub-ohm tank and coil system. The Ultra TC150 is available from Vape Store for $89.95.

8. Innokin Kroma-A Crios kit

The Innokin Kroma-A vape mod kit is the updated version of the Kroma vape kit with the new and better performing Crios coil and tank. The new Crios tank makes use of the top fill twist design meaning that leaking is almost impossible! The built in 2000mAh battery delivers adjustable power output ranging from 6 watts to 75 watts, which is awesome for both MTL and DTL vaping experience. The Kroma A Crios kit features an OLED screen and is available in 4 colours for only $59.95 from Vape Store.

9. Vaporesso Revenger Mini

The Revenger Mini vape mod kit is considered the baby brother to the Vaporesso Revenger kit. The Revenger Mini kit has a 2500mAh in built battery packing a huge 85 watt punch at maximum performance. The Revenger Mini comes with the 3.5ml NRG SE tank with the top fill twist to open feature, which is compatible with the same coils as the Revenger X's NRG tank. The MOD is lit up with different designs to help you stand out from other vapers. The Revenger Mini kit is available to purchase for $89.95 from Vape Store.



The guys at Vape Store have reviewed all the advanced MOD kits and unanimously agree that the Innokin Kroma-A Crios kit is a winner of the title “best advanced vape kit”. Outstanding features are the punchy built in battery, size to power ratio, layout of adjustment buttons being very comfortable when vaping one handed, and smoothness of the vape.



Advanced vape kits all feature sub-ohm tanks. Combine a sub-ohm tank with a large battery delivering plenty of power, and you are guaranteed to generate thick vapour clouds! Innokin Proton Plex Kit is definitely the standout performer when you need maximum vape clouds.



Most people choose to visit online stores in order to get the best deals compared with physical vape stores. In a 2018 Facebook survey, it was found that 85% of the vapers surveyed chose to buy vape kits, e-liquids and vape accessories online in order to get a better deal. There are many online stores selling vape products but choosing the best kit to suite can be difficult!

Vape Store has simplified this process by giving customers a simple to understand comparison table that allows you to compare multiple vape kit characteristics all in one simple table. The guys at Vape Store are experienced vapers who strive to offer new and existing customers the best possible advice to make the right choice! We have a large range of Innokin and Vaporesso products. All our products are 100% original. We only offer high quality products and many vaping kits and disposable vapes include free shipping. Shop the best advanced vape kits from trusted brands such as Innokin, Vaporesso, Geekvapes and more.