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Vaporesso NRG GT Core Coil

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Vaporesso NRG GT Core Coil

For ultra-performance, great power, awesome flavours and great reliability the dependable Vaporesso GT Coils are the answer.

Their high-quality materials and unique build are the mainstay of the highly favoured Vaporesso’s Revenger Mini / Revenger X kits and NRG Sub-Ohm tanks, including Cascade and SKRR.


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- Price is for 1 coil

- GT4 Clapton 0.15ohm (30-70W)

- GT8 0.15ohm (50-110W)

- GT CCell 0.5ohm (25-40W)

- GT CCell2 0.3ohm (35 - 40W)

- GT Meshed 0.18ohm (50 - 85W)

- GT4 Kanthal 0.15ohm (50-75W)

- GT6 0.2ohm (40 - 100W)

They produce fantastic flavours plus they offer a range of power selections with GT meshed, ceramic and NRG GT Core coils.

The GT meshed coil reacts well with the cotton, providing increased heat and resulting in densely flavoured clouds.

Vaporesso’s great performing NRG Tank is renowned for its huge clouds and incredibly rich flavours and this is owing to the tanks accompanying, awesome and robust NRG GT Core coils.

The NRG GT Core coils register around 0.42 ohms and supply an ideal vape on low power of 25-35 watts. And this saves the battery. The economical ceramic enables the coil to last longer and does not guzzle juice.

Vape reviewers indicate they are highly more suited to mouth-to-lung vapers at 26-27 watts.

The flavours have been described as superb, warm and smooth and perfect clouds!

Which GT coil is the best?

The best performance in a GT coil is offered in the NRG GT Core coil by Vaporesso. The innovative, GT CCell signature coil technology and in the GT2, GT4, GT6 and GT8 coil product range feature a variable performance of 70-90w and performance of 55-65w. What does this mean for legal-age vapers? Simply the best performance in a meshed GT Core coil, which reacts well with the traditional cotton wick for taste enhancement, ease of use and a superior vaping experience.

What wattage should I vape?

The NRG GT Core coils register around 0.42 ohms and supply an ideal vape on a low power range of 25-35 watts. If you prefer a mouth-to-lung type of vaping, you should adjust the wattage to between 26-27 watts. Use the GT CCell 0.5 ohm (25-40w) for this variable. The GT4 0.15 ohm offers wattage of between 30 to 70 watts, while the GT8 0.15 ohm provides a power wattage range of 50 to 110 watts.

Are dry hits dangerous?

Dry hits are not exactly dangerous, but they could produce an unpleasant throat hit. That’s because a dry hit often indicates that the wick is trapped in the vaping chamber or is too dense to allow for adequate juice saturation. This is a sure sign that your vape coil requires replacing or cleaning.

Do all coils fit all vapes?

All coils do not fit all vapes. The Vaporesso NRG GT Core coil is designed to fit the Vaporesso Revenger, Mini, Revenger X kits and NRG SE sub-ohm tank.

The high-performance power of the NRG sub-ohm tank is synonymous with enormous cloud production, overall vaping smoothness and intense richness of vape juice flavour. The Vaporesso design is renowned for producing dependable quality in sleek, innovative and easy-to-operate vape tanks, vape coils, vaping products and vaping accessories. Order your Vaporesso NRG GT Core coils, NRG SE tanks, all vaping devices and e-liquids online at Vape Store.