Vaporesso Swag II Kit with NRG PE Tank

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Vaporesso Swag II Kit with NRG PE Tank

Stylish and confident of success, no wonder this Vaporesso kit is called the Swag II kit… Vaporesso’s small, lightweight Swag II kit in eye-popping colours is great to use and boasts incredible vaping experiences. It’s a most justifiable brag.

External Battery Required

Direct To Lung Vaping

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What’s in the box:

- 1 x SWAG II mod

- 1 x NRG PE Tank

- 1 x 0.15ohm GT4 Meshed Coil (Pre-installed)

- 1 x 0.5ohm GT Ccell Coil (Spare)

- 1 x Type C charger cable

- User manual



- NOTE: 1 x 18650 external battery required (NOT INCLUDED)

- Dimensions: 108mm x 50mm x 25mm

- 3.5ml tank capacity

- Output: 5-80W

- Display: 0.91-inch OLED screen


This easily portable kit contains the NRG PE tank, but now bigger than the previous version. This tank is renowned for its huge vaporous clouds and incredibly rich flavours - owing to the tank’s accompanying, new, awesome and robust GT4 Meshed coils for larger, flavourful clouds. 


What fans say

Some of the top comments from fans of the Swag are: “You can fine-tune your vape for your perfect flavour and draw”; “I highly recommend the Vaporesso Swag;” and “It’s a cute little kit!” - are some of the most-repeated comments.

Vapers who love curve or TC curve, favour this little mod and many are long-time Swag fans already.  Even elderly ex-smokers, who say they have been vaping for the past few years, loved the Swag before love it now, believing this new Swag II is the best vape-mod to date, and still has “the old Swag charm”. 


Build and style

Sturdy and durable this mod does not damage when dropped commentators say. With its simple filler and smaller gasket, it also does not get swollen from juice.

Moreover, it is easy to use, simple to control and offers a tremendous vape experience. Although it has three buttons and a highly functional menu with a choice of usage options, it is easy to get the hang of the controls.

The tank and screen

The flavour-full and amazing Swag tank provides a nice, high-quality vape and reviewers maintain this kit’s Axon chipset gives spot-on accuracy in power and TC modes. The Pico-style tank design has been updated with features from the Gen Mod and its improved looks are a hit with fans.

This mod has the same 0.91-inch Oled screen. The red circular fire button is above the screen, while the menu or mode button is below the screen and on the side there are up and down buttons for adjusting settings. 

The 18650 battery mod kit provides a max of 80w, but can achieve up to 85w, some reviewers say and the battery can be easily replaced at the top. The Swag features the following modes: power, temp, watt curve, VV, super-player and bypass modes. 

The screen menu is also now enhanced and also similar to the Gen, it is easy to use. Five clicks of the fire button turn the unit on or off while three clicks of the ‘hold menu’ enables one to enter the main menu.

Swag II chipset

The Swag uses the Axon chipset, which replaces the previous Swag Omni chipset, and it is a higher than average performer. Reviewers say it gives five times more power and the Axon Chip inside enables the functions of the incredible new Pulse mode that provides vapers with increased power when inhaling.

It is 22mm in diameter and the tank’s e-liquid capacity is 3.5ml.

This kit comes with 2 coils, the 0.5ohm GT CCell ceramic coil and the 0.4ohm GT2 coil.

Fitting snugly in the hand and a handbag, the mod is easy to carry around and its small size also makes it useful for stealth vaping. 


What Is The Best Coil For Vaporesso Swag 2?

Vaporesso has a good mid-wattage coil between 60-70 watts with a good flavour performance. The GT4 meshed coil is lighter and more durable as well, which means the Vaporesso GT coil is the staple for this vape.

However, since the Vaporesso Swag II kit comes with a wide coil compatibility, which means you do have other options. For example, the 30-watt CCEL coil provides you with increased battery life, but also good performance. Nevertheless, the Vaporesso GT coil will provide more flavour overall.

On the other hand, superior performance can be found in the bullet-style coils for the SKRR tank. These coils perform better in terms of flavour than the previous suggestion but have a slightly reduced battery life overall.

How Do You Use The Vaporesso Swag 2?

Using the Vaporesso Swag 2 from Vape Store is extremely easy. First, you start with five clicks on the fire button, this will turn the vape on and off. To access the menu, you will need three more clicks, with the up and down buttons to scroll through the menu. If you wish to return to the home screen, use the fire button.

Why Is The Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit Good For Beginners?

The Vaporesso Swag 2 kit is the second generation of the original swag, and therefore comes with a lot of improvements. Also, the Vaporesso Swag 2 kit is excellent for beginners due to the fact everything is pre-installed.

Even though the Vaporesso Swag 2 kit provides everything for the beginner to get started, including a single 18650 battery and the infamous dual meshed cores for superior flavour, it does not mean the Vaporesso Swag II kit cannot be altered in the future. Once you become more proficient with the Vaporesso II Swag Kit, you can experiment with different coils and tanks if you wish to do so. 

In addition to the mod benefits and the pre-installed features, the vape in the Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit is also scratch resistant, adding to its durability as well as excellent base functionality.

What Should My Vape Settings Be?

When you start with a new vape from Vape Store, you might get a little confused when you encounter settings such as temperatures and voltages. Since vape settings are mostly a personal choice, it is important to get familiar with the influence these variables have on your vape.

Changing the wattage or voltage on your vape will influence the amount of vapor, but also the flavour you get. To customise this further, you can also use different resistance coils (ohms) and use parts interchangeably to meet your preferences. Over time, you learn your personal preferences as well as the wattage that works for you.

Long story short, ohm is used to measure resistance in the atomiser. The less resistance, the more power it will get. So, by reducing resistance, the created heat, vapour, and e-liquid flavour will increase dramatically. However, do not forget that the vapour will also be warmer.