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Custard Tart - Nimbus Vapour (60ml)

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If you find yourself craving custard tart frequently (completely understandable), but don’t want to keep bulking on the calories, or you simply don’t have any on hand, then you may be wishing that you could have an easily-accessible and just-as-satisfying alternative on hand that won’t ruin your diet.

Sound like you? No worries, because Nimbus Vapour has you covered with an e-liquid that tastes exactly like what you’ve been craving all this time.


70%VG 30%PG


60ml - About 12,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 60ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 70% VG, 30% PG

- Ready To Vape


Everybody loves custard, and custard tarts are even better: a Portuguese pastry featuring the beloved egg custard encased in rich shortcrust pastry to create a filling, satisfyingly sweet dessert treat.

‘Custard Tart’ is an e-liquid that will offer you a creamy, custardy kick to keep your relentless sweet tooth at bay. Its base is made up of the same base as a physical custard tart, that being baked vanilla custard, complemented by sweet pastry flavours accompanied by toffee’s signature richness.

This beautiful combination generates a well-rounded and irresistibly delicious vape with a subtle kick of cinnamon spiciness which will surprise you (in the most pleasant way, of course). 

This balance of sweet flavours results in a vape that you can enjoy all day, every day, which is uncommon amongst sugary e-liquids like this one. ‘Custard Tart’ is just full of pleasant surprises!

Mouth watering at all this custard talk? Your cravings can be easily satisfied – you can purchase this e-liquid in a 60ml bottle size, and in both singler and doubler forms depending on whether or not you want to mix in your own nicotine.

Pair this e-liquid with your morning coffee, and enjoy!