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Sydney Vape Co

Sydney Vape Co E-Liquid

Sydney Vape Co e-juice flavours taste delicious and are a strong favourite for most vapers. With delicious liquid flavours such as Tropical Bliss and Turkish Baklava, Sydney Vape Co e-juice flavours changed vape convention in Sydney! Try this delicious vaping experience today!


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How Are Sydney Vape Co E-Juices Produced?

The balanced vaping experience brought by Sydney Vape Co e-juice flavours is no accident! In fact, the delicious vaping experience is provided through the use of the highest quality ingredients with your vape kit, vaping pen, or vape starter kit. The ingredients are pre-steeped, which means they provide the maximum amount of flavour without having to wait!

Based out of Darlinghurst, Sydney Vape Co e-juice flavours are also bottled in Sydney, ensuring each of the unique flavours gives vapers a premium e-liquid unlike any other.

What Ingredients Are In Sydney Vape Co E-Juice Flavours?

The premium Australian e-liquids from Sydney Vape Co are made with 70% VG and 30% PG. This means a sub ohm tank that can handle thicker juice is recommended for this e-juice. In return, you get superior sweet flavours with larger satisfying vapour clouds.

What Flavours Are Available In The Sydney Vape Co Range?

At Vape Store, you can get popular flavours from Sydney Vape Co, some fan favourites include Tropical Bliss and Turkish Baklava.

The Tropical Bliss flavour contains a delightful blend of mango, pineapple, and peaches. It is a refreshing flavour, which is great during the summer months. Of course, Tropical Bliss can be used during the winter months for a hint of summer too.

Sydney Vape Co also delivers the Turkish Baklava flavour. Evidently, this vape flavour actually captures the flavour of genuine Turkish Baklava. It is available in both singler and doubler, much like the other flavours available at Vape Store. You can also explore more flavours with Vape Store's disposable vape range.

Can You Buy E-Liquid With Nicotine From An Australian Store?

There are strict regulations on vape juices containing nicotine at the moment. That being said, there are three legal ways for Australians to obtain nicotine e-liquid in Australia. However, these legal methods are also subject to strict guidelines and vapers must meet pre-determined requirements.

For example, a smoker can import three months’ worth of nicotine as a personal supply. This falls under the TGA Personal Importation Scheme.

Another legal method is obtaining nicotine liquid from a recognised and approved pharmacy. The pharmacy in question must prepare the nicotine liquid for the patient in question.

Smokers who are looking at smoking cessation through vaping may find that one of the legal methods can help them stop smoking, and those routes can be beneficial for them.