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Vape Batteries

Built-in battery vape mods, box mods, vape pens and all electronic cigarette vaping devices are offered online with fast Australia-wide delivery at Vape Store. High-quality vaping products in the vape batteries range include 18650 batteries, for durability and reliability in your vaping overall enjoyment.

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The vaping experience is enabled by the charge of specifically created batteries.

Vape Store offers a comprehensive range of vape batteries, including the most readily available and commonly used 18650 mod batteries. The popular brands in 18650 mods, Sony, Samsung and LG are all offered online.

But there is also a wide selection of 26650, 20700 and 21700 vape batteries, which are high-drain flat top batteries from Elfest, Samsung and Golisi, which suit the high-wattage demands of vaping.

Vape Store also provides a great range of chargers, vaping supplies, disposable e cigarettes and e-cig kits, best vape juice and all accessories, which are available for online purchase.

There is also a range of convenient payment options available, which includes PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard.

And at Vape Store, all orders over $75 receive free shipping, Australia wide.

How long does a vape battery last?

Your vape battery, when fully charged, is designed to last about 300 puffs. It is generally recommended that you change your battery after a year of use and warranty is usually provided for three months of usage.

How long to charge a vape battery?

On average, vape batteries take up to four hours to charge (for an 18650 mod battery). A longer-than-usual charge time might mean that it’s time to replace your battery.

How to charge a vape battery?

A vape battery needs to be charged with appropriate charging equipment. This can be in the form of a USB cable, external chargers of dedicated e-cigarette chargers that come with your vape starter kit. Once the vape battery is connected to the charger, the screen will display the current charge level and indicate its progress. The display will show when the battery is fully charged and ready for removal and usage, to preserve the life of the battery. It is recommended that charging only occurs when the vape battery is completely depleted. 

What are the best vape batteries?

The 18650-vape or mod batteries are not only the most readily available and commonly used vaping batteries, but they are also among the most reliable and comprehensively tested.

Some of the most widely used and well-reviewed vape batteries include the Sony VTC5A, which is a trusty 25-amp battery with enough capacity to last through the day. The Samsung 20S is a hard-hitting 30-amp battery that offers quicker charge time than the Sony VTC5A, but is not as long lasting. The Sony VTC6 offers a massive 3000 mAh and is suitable for lower wattage ranges due to its limited output. 

Most vape pens and e-smoking devices on the market are compatible or come complete with 18650 mod batteries. 

What batteries do vapes use?

Vapes use specifically created batteries for charging devices. Vape Store offers an extensive and affordable selection of all the leading vape batteries for sale online.

Are vape batteries lithium?

Vapour pens and e-cigarettes use a small lithium-ion battery to heat an aerosol cartridge that releases a vapour. Care must be taken in not using damaged lithium batteries or batteries exposed to extreme temperatures.

Can you power a vape without batteries?

The short answer is: no. The mod can be vaped without charging, but the battery is required to complete the circuit. Phone chargers and standard batteries do not have enough current to adequately charge your vape pen or e-cigarette device.