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Vape Monster E-Liquid

Vape Monster Australia makes some of the most unique premium e-liquids. Not only from the point-of-view of the name, but also where flavours are concerned. With options such as Butterscotch Clouds and Campfire Roasted S’Mores, experienced vapers will always find a new vape juice flavour here.

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Is It Bad To Get Vape Juice In Your Mouth?

While a few drops of vape juice is not harmful, it can be harmful if this happens repeatedly over the course of time. If vape juice enters your mouth, it usually points to a problem with one of your vape devices or vaping products. There might be a leak in the vape tank,  or maybe you replaced the tank and did not wait long enough to start vaping.

What Flavours Are In The Vape Monster Australia E-Liquid Range?

The real question is what flavours aren’t in the Vape Monster Australia e-liquid range? Like Vape Store's best disposable vapes, the nicotine free e-liquids from Vape Monster Australia are of premium quality, but also provide flavours you might not find anywhere else!

Each vape monster juice from Vape Monster Australia has been given the name of the monster. Mothman, Reaper, Mummy, and Leviathan are just some of the names you can expect. And the matching flavours are quite diverse and unique too. How would you feel about trying Butter Chocolate, Cream Cake, Cinnamon Danish, or a Large Coffee to Go?

Where Are Vape Monster Juices Made?

Vape Monster Juices are made in South Australia. They are made from the finest ingredients, ensuring only premium quality with the most exceptional flavours make their way to experienced vapers.

Are Dry Vape Hits Bad For You?

Most beginners will not know what a dry hit is until they experience one. Well, a dry hit is when you encounter a burnt and rather unpleasant taste in the mouth. This happens when the vape juice runs out, or when there is a problem with your vaping device.

Other than an unpleasant mouth and throat hit, a dry hit will not hurt you if it happens occasionally. Evidently, it is more unpleasant than anything else, so it should be avoided wherever possible.

Sometimes, dry hits can be caused by vegetable glycerine based vape juices. VG can be quite thick and therefore clog your vape device. If this happens a lot with your vape device, it might be better to switch to propylene glycol based vape juices.  If you do want to stick with VG based e-liquids, you can adjust your vape device by purchasing a matching sub ohm tank. The sub ohm tank can handle VG much better without clogging your device.

If the problem still occurs, there could be another problem with your vape device. For example, you did not prime your coil, you might be vaping too quickly, or maybe your vape device is set on a temperature that is simply too high.

For beginners, these little things can feel quite complicated and sometimes daunting. However, traditional vaping device, vape starter kits or a vape pen device usually provide everything you need to sort out your vaping without all the associated dry hit worries. You can also contact Vape Store for some additional advice on your vaping equipment. If dry hits continue to occur despite your best efforts, the experts at Vape Store can undoubtedly help you out.