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The kinds of vapes in vape starter kits, vape pens, disposable vapes, box mod kits, pod systems, such as pod vapes, pod mods, and all vaping devices are state of the art at Vape Store. Whether it’s vapor production or a throat-hit vaping preference, there’s ohm vapes, ohm coils and all vape kit types that feature advanced safety features and temperature control.

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How much is a vape starter kit?

There are many different brands and styles of all-in-one (AIO) vape pen starter kits and vape mods starter kits available for beginner vapers. Ranging from the larger well known vape brands such as SMOK, Innokin, Vaporesso, Geek Vape Australia, and Aspire to the smaller, less well known brands and generic vape kits.

Vape stores and online vape stores both sell a range of brands of vaping products. An online vape shop, like many other online retailers usually offer cheaper online deals compared with a traditional brick and mortar vape shops. A vape pen starter kit ranges from $25 upwards to around $70, depending on the brand, style and other features such as battery capacity, power, vape tank size and vape tank coil.

Entry-Level Vape Kits

Vape Store has a pod starter kit range for those who wish to begin their vaping experience. Our collection offers the Vaporesso Sky Solo Kit 1400mAh, which is a perfect entry level vape pen starter kit, priced at $25.95. It features a large 3.5ml tank capacity, with free shipping available when you bundle your vape kit with E-Liquid (or E-juice).

Mid-Level Vape Kits

A mid-level vape starter kit we offer is the Innokin T20S kit, 1500mAh, 2ml tank capacity. This is priced on Vape Store at $34.95 and features a slightly larger battery and drip tip, delivering more output power than the Vaporesso Sky Solo Kit. A more powerful pod system will generally deliver larger vape clouds.

Premium Vape Kits

The higher end vape pen starter kit available at Vape Store is the Innokin Plexar Kit. This is the newest vape pen kit from Innokin priced at $57.95. This vape pen will deliver a formidable 100Watt power output with a single 18650 rechargeable battery and touch screen.

As shown in our vape kit comparison table, the Innokin T20S kit is the most popular pod kit, however we also recommend the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Kit, 3000mAh with 5ml tank.

Mod Box Kits

Vape Store offers a range of vape box mod starter kits. A great entry level mod kit is the Innokin Coolfire Mini Slipstream Kit, 1300mAh, 40Watt, 2ml tank capacity is priced on Vape Store for just $49.95. Moving up to mid ranged kit, the Vaporesso Revenger Mini, 2500mAh, 3.5ml tank capacity is priced on Vape Store at $89.95 and packs a max of 85Watts. The top of the range must be the Innokin Proton Plex Kit, 5000mAh battery capacity from 2 external 18650 batteries, 4ml tank capacity, 220Watt power output. We offer a vape mod comparison table and the Innokin Proton Plex Kit priced on Vape Store at $109.95 including free shipping is a formidable vape kit.

You may ask “What is the best vape kit?” or “What vape kit should I buy?”, but one really needs to have a budget in mind and what features are more important than others.

Use Vape Store’s vape comparison table to compare vape pen and vape box mod starter kits in terms of price, size, power, battery capacity and tank capacity and free shipping.

To learn more about vape pen vs vape mod starter kits, MTL, DTL and E-Liquids, look no further than Vape Store.

What is the best vape kit?

The best vape kit or newest vape for one person may not be the best vape kit for another as everyone has different requirements and expectations from their vape pens or vape mods.

When people first start vaping, they generally tend to start off with a vape pen starter kit and as they become more familiar with vaping, they might upgrade to a vape mod or a box mod. The main difference between vape mods/box mod and a vape pen starter kit is the size of the battery and also to a lesser degree the size of the vape tank. More simply, if your vape kit has a more powerful battery with variable power and temperature controls then this will deliver a deeper hit with larger vape clouds.

The vape tank is usually also larger in capacity meaning you will need to refill it less often. Some people may prefer the bigger and bulkier option whereas others might want a slender and portable vape starter kit.

How Vape Pen Kits differ to Box Mod Kits

A vape pen starter kit usually contains a vape pen style device, which is made up of a battery and vape tank and includes a USB charger cable and a spare coil. A vape pen is a battery powered device which through a coil heating up inside a tank, vaporizers e-liquid inside the vape tank producing vapour which is inhaled -thereby simulating cigarette smoke. A vape pen contains a lower power battery than a vape mod type, resulting in lower vapour production and usually for a shorter duration due to lower battery capacity.

A vape box mod kit consists of a higher capacity battery called a vape mod and generally a larger vape tank to complete the kit. The box mod kit usually includes a spare vape coil and “o” rings to seal the vape tank. As the battery delivers a higher power output, the sub-ohm coil produces higher wattage, thereby offering increased vape cloud volumes for a longer time period. Since the tank has a larger capacity, it will not have to be refilled as often depending on usage.

Named vape brands vs low cost or generic brands

Just like all consumer electronic goods available today, vape kits are made by a multitude of different manufacturers in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. A named brand, like Innokin, Vaporesso, Smok, and Aspire will generally offer a superior quality product which is far more robust against failure. More importantly, the batteries carry a limited warrantee as the batteries used are a tested brand, whereas the generic or unknown brands have no battery warrantee and will not be as reliable or last as long.

Vape Store only sells luxe vape brands from reputable vape manufacturers. A great AIO vape by a leading global brand available at Vape Store is the Innokin Endura T20, which provides users with a mouth to lung vaping experience.

Where to buy a vape kit?

Vapour kits, disposable vaping devices, vape tanks, coils, vape flavours, portable vaporizers, and accessories are sold in both physical vape stores and online vape stores. offers a wide range of vape kits and accessories at excellent prices with free shipping options. Use our vape comparison tables to easily compare vape starter kits or contact us for advice.


It is important to use quality vape e-liquids (or e-juice) to increase longevity of vape coils and get the best taste of the vapour produced. Vape Store offers a wide range of flavours and sized bottles.

Charging the vape pen and box mods batteries

The rechargeable batteries used in the devices are made of lithium. A USB charger cable is supplied with all vape starter kits. When the battery indicates a low level, charge the battery until the indicator on the battery pack indicates that the battery is fully charged. It is not advisable to leave the charger plugged in overnight or for long periods of time as this may decrease the charging life of the battery.

Tips for vape tanks and coils

Before using your vape pen (also known as an e-cigarette) or vape mod starter kit, or when using a new coil for the first time, fill the tank with E-Liquid and allow it to stand for about 5 mins. This will allow the cotton to absorb the E-Liquid and prevent the coil or cotton from getting burnt when vaping for the first time. When the tank is empty after usage and you want to use a different flavoured E-Liquid, remove the coil and allow it to soak in clean water for 10 mins. Wash the empty vape tank with hot running water as this is the best way to clean the vape tank and ensure you get the best flavour from your E-Liquid.