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Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

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Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ2 vaporizer is not your typical smoking device its a piece of sophisticated technology, allowing you to experience the flavour and effects of weed like never before. The sleek design and advanced features make the IQ2 an absolute must have accessory for medical cannabis users. From it's smooth drag of potent vapour to it's powerful oven chamber that evenly cooks dried herb or concentrates, this device elevates every session to a whole new level.


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What's in the box:

- 1 x Davinci IQ2 vaporizer

- 1 x 10mm Bubbler adapter

- 1 x 0.2g Dosage pod

- 9 x Organic cottons

- 1 x Ceramic extract tab

- 1 x Picking tool

- 9 x Alcohol wipes

- 1 x USB charger cable


- Dimensions: 92mm x 45mm x 25mm

- Weight: 159g

- NOT to be used with e-liquid

- NOTE: 1×18650 external battery required (NOT INCLUDED)

- Ideal for dry herb or concentrates

- Glass lined oven chamber

- About 1 hour battery life per charge

- Adjustable air flow dial: adjust for cooler and easier draws

- Haptic feedback

- Quick heat up (30 seconds)

- Adjustable chamber: 0.2g - 0.5g

- Smart Path temperature control:

High temp, low air flow: dense vapour. Low temp, low air flow: smooth and clean

- Track and report doses per draw/session with the onboard calculator

- Heat range: 120C - 220C

Using a vaporizer such as the Davinci IQ2 to vape marijuana has several benefits over more traditional methods such as bongs or pipes. Unlike these methods which burn the herb, vaporizers gently heat up dried herb without burning them so all their beneficial ingredients are released in full force while avoiding any smoke that is formed when combusting herbs at higher temperatures.

What sets apart the Davinci IQ2 from other vaporizers is it's advanced Smart Path mode which allows you to customise your own temperature profile comprising of multiple temperatures - boosting your vaping experience even further.

With its conveniently fast heating time (about 30 seconds) and long battery life (up to 60 minutes), no one will blame you if you decide to add this handsomely designed vaporizer into your collection!