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Smart Vape E-Liquids

No-nicotine e-liquid, vape juice and food-grade flavourings’ liquid products taste a treat at Vape Store. With e-liquids for 18 years and above, and fast shipping, the e-juice range includes vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ingredients. These offer authentic flavourings and a nicotine-free vaping experience.

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Vaping can be a fun, stress relieving way to smoke while eliminating many toxic chemicals from entering your body.

The range of e-liquids offered online at Vape Store are also as taste tempting as they are varied.

The two main ingredients in e-liquid are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Propylene glycol is used in many food grade flavourings to help distribute the taste evenly throughout the liquid. PG is used in vanilla extracts, food colouring and several medicines.

Vegetable glycerine is a vegetable-based syrup that is viscous and more like a syrup than a juice. It is also sweet and enhances the flavour appeal of vaping.

These two main ingredients comprise about 90 per cent of the contents in e-liquid, so vaping can be not only a tasty alternative to smoking, but also less harmful to your health in the long term. 

Vape Store offers an extensive range of e-liquids, best vape pens, vape starter kits, disposable pods and all vaping supplies to purchase online — for adults to conveniently enjoy the vaping experience. 

What is vape e-liquid?

Vape e-liquid is the juice used in all your vaping pens and other e-smoking devices.

Vape Store offers a taste-tempting selection of e-liquid flavours online. You can choose from apple, blueberry, menthol, watermelon, strawberry and tobacco flavour in 10ml and 30ml bottles. Dessert lovers would enjoy banana split, bubble-gum-flavoured e-liquid juice, which are available in 30ml bottles. There are also classic cola, caramel latte and other coffee flavours, cherry ice mint, mango and mojito flavours, just to name a few.  

Most importantly, there is no nicotine used in any of the e-liquids sold at Vape Store.

There’s also free express shipping throughout Australia for all orders over $75.

How to fill a vape pen with Smart Vape e-liquid?

Whether your vape pen is designed for top or bottom filling, you will need to open the lid of the tank to re-fill. Simply put a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil, fill up your tank and you’ll be ready to vape.

With a normal-sized e-cigarette, you should fill it up between .75ml and one millilitre. The jumbo e-cigarettes usually hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid.

Can you use any Smart Vape e-liquid in any vape pen?

The e juice sold online at Vape Store can be used in any vape pen or e-smoking device.

How much Smart Vape e-liquid do you vape per day?

A little goes a long way when it comes to e-liquid. A 30ml bottle should last between seven and 10 days for a dual-coil tank and between five and eight days for a sub ohm device. A packet-a-day smoker, for example, would require only three to four 30ml bottles of e-liquid for a month of vaping. 

What is the best Smart Vape e-liquid?

Premium e-liquids usually comprise of four ingredients. These are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine (although this ingredient is not used in any of the e-liquids offered at Vape Store) and flavourings. The main ingredients, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol absorb water from the air, which creates vapour with your e-cigarette kit

Is vape juice and e-liquid the same thing?

Vape juice and e-liquid are essentially one and the same. In a nutshell, both are the fluid used in vaporisers to create vapour. Vape juice and e-liquid come in a variety of flavours, with or without nicotine (such as all of the juices and e-liquid sold at Vape Store). 

The food grade flavourings used in vape juice is the same as flavourings used in products such as tomato sauce, ice cream and salad dressings. The two main ingredients used in e-liquid or vape juice, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, help distribute the flavour throughout the liquid.