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Vape Tanks

Vape Store offers ohm tanks, vaping mods, including box mods, 10ml vape tanks, 0.5ml vape tanks and all vape products online. Our range of vapour products are nicotine free and provide a peace-of-mind vaping experience at Vape Store. Age verification of legal smoking age is quired to make online purchases.

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Vape tanks are essential to the vaping experience. They are responsible for creating taste-tempting flavours and large volumes of vapour. They do this in two ways: coil type determines the desired result. If vapers are seeking to savour the vape juice flavours, then above-ohm, mouth-to-lung coils work best. If cloud size is your main aim, then sub-ohm coils and increased airflow are ideal for achieving big clouds.

What is a vape tank?

A vape tank is the component in your vaping device that includes a reservoir to hold additional vape juice and the coil to fire and create the vapour. Coils, which are held within and attached to the tank, wick vape juice from the e-liquid tank and heat it up to produce vapour.   

What is the best vape tank?

The best vape tank depends on your preferred vaping style, whether for premium flavour or enhanced cloud volume.

High-quality tanks in vape mods that feature a drip tip, various mesh coils and a replacement Pyrex glass tube, include the Vaporesso NRG Tank. 

The Innokin T20-S Endura Replacement Tank is the next generation tank and coil system in the Prism-S range. Focused on pure flavour and throat hit, this MTL tank provides an exceptional vaping experience for its ability to vaporise liquid.   

If you are cloud chasing, the Vaporesso SKRR Tank is a peak-performing sub-ohm vape tank. The SKRR tank provides pure taste, due to its groundbreaking QF tank.   

The Innokin iSub V Tank has a large 3ml capacity and the remaining e-liquid is clear and easy to see with the new stainless steel and Pyrex glass design. 

Some ohm vape tank models, such as the Innokin Zenith MTL Replacement Tank, feature two different ohm coils to tailor your vaping experience.

These popular tanks and a range of others are available for online purchase at Vape Store.

How to clean out vape tank?

To clean a vape tank, remove the pod from the mod, unscrew the airflow base of the pod, remove the coil from the airflow base, and wash the pod and the airflow base under running water. If necessary, you can also soak the pod and airflow base in warm water for 15 minutes.

How to refill vape tank?

Refilling your vape tank is a simple and straightforward procedure. Once you get the hang of it, refilling can be done quickly and easily. There are top-fill and bottom-fill vape tanks. You will need to unscrew the tank from the body or your mod or e-cigarette pens, then place a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil before filling up your tank. 

How to fix vape tank?

If your vape tank is leaking, gurgling or not working properly, you should abide by these initial maintenance musts:

  1. Make sure you fill your tank properly, as overfilling can cause leaks. Leaving a small airspace creates a vacuum inside the tank, which helps hold the vape fluid in the chamber.
  2. Tighten everything up and make sure there is no cross threading. Cross threading is caused by the two components you are screwing together not lining up properly, leading to an imperfect seal.
  3. Be careful not to over-tighten as this can cause splits, leaks or breaks in your vape tank.
  4. Leave the tank standing upright at all times. This does not matter as much if the tank is full because the juice holes in the coil are covered up by the vape juice e-liquid. However, if the tank is under half filled and not upright, some juice holes come out of the e-liquid. This makes it easier for the juice to seep through the coil and into the central tube or airflow holes.
  5. Use the correct coils for the e-liquid to reduce leaking. Most tanks come with replaceable coils of varying resistances. Higher-resistance coils (above 1 ohm) are ideal for the higher PG (thinner) liquids as they create a smoother flow. Lower-resistance coils (below 1 ohm) are suitable for higher VG (thicker) liquids, as the juice holes and airflow holes are much bigger to allow for the thicker e-liquid.

Are all vape tanks compatible?

Most brands produce vape tanks that are compatible with their line of devices and coils. These may be incompatible with other vape tank brands on the market.

For example, the Vaporesso Cascade tank series is a popular tank that not only offers streamlined styling, but it is also super easy to use, offers a powerful bottom airflow and will suit any vape mod. The simple top fill in Vaporesso’s Veco tank, when combined with its groundbreaking CCELL coil system, provides pure vaping enjoyment in an all-rounder tank.      

A wide selection of Vaporesso, Innokin and other vape tanks, vape coils, vapour kits, vape starter kits, disposable pods, batteries, e-liquids and all vaping accessories are offered for online purchase, with free Australia-wide delivery for orders over $75, at Vape Store.