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iGet Legend 4000 Puffs Blackberry Ice Disposable Vape

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When you ignite your iGet Legend 4000 puff vape you will be instantly enveloped in the rich musky aroma of blackberries. This is a fruity scent with the distinctness of mint on the air as the vape cloud is exhaled the scent becomes more subtle as you vape but just as enticing as the first puff. It's an aroma that is familiar and yet still has a mystery surrounding it.


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- Nicotine Free

- 4000 Puffs

- 1350mAh internal battery

- 12ml eliquid capacity

- Disposable Pod Vape

- Strong Flavour

- Good Throat Hit

The plump juiciness of the blackberry taste is sensational from the very first pull on your iGet Legend, this is a flavour that is for an all-day vaping experience. You will enjoy the fruity deliciousness of the blackberry with the streak of icy mint that comes through at the end of the puff which is extremely refreshing.

This is a vape for when you want to relax and have a leisurely session with friends enjoying the quality of this device. It is a convenient disposable vape and is lightweight which makes it easy to transport. The vape is charged with 4000 puffs and activates by simply puffing on it. This is a vape that will suit the needs of both experienced vapers and newbies who are looking to find an easy and compact disposable vape.