{"id":1189024333871,"title":"Blueberry Custard Pie (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid","handle":"blueberry-custard-pie-byron-bay-cloud-co-eliquid","description":"\u003cp\u003eAnother favourite with the team. A mouthful of Sweet Blueberry Pie with a generous serving of Cold Vanilla Custard. Smooth, Sweet, Milky and Creamy.\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eGreat after dinner vape. \u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eMade in Australia\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eNicotine Free\u003c\/p\u003e","published_at":"2018-04-13T07:44:58+10:00","created_at":"2019-04-30T15:38:02+10:00","vendor":"Vape Store","type":"Vape \/ E-Cigs","tags":["Brand_Byron Bay Cloud Co.","Product_E-Liquid"],"price":1475,"price_min":1475,"price_max":1475,"available":true,"price_varies":false,"compare_at_price":null,"compare_at_price_min":0,"compare_at_price_max":0,"compare_at_price_varies":false,"variants":[{"id":11453626679343,"title":"Default","option1":"Default","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"vap.87","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"Blueberry Custard Pie (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid","public_title":null,"options":["Default"],"price":1475,"weight":68,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":""}],"images":["\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0079\/8926\/4431\/products\/custard.jpg?v=1556602682"],"featured_image":"\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0079\/8926\/4431\/products\/custard.jpg?v=1556602682","options":["Title"],"content":"\u003cp\u003eAnother favourite with the team. A mouthful of Sweet Blueberry Pie with a generous serving of Cold Vanilla Custard. Smooth, Sweet, Milky and Creamy.\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eGreat after dinner vape. \u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eMade in Australia\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eNicotine Free\u003c\/p\u003e"}

Blueberry Custard Pie (30ml) - Byron Bay Cloud Co. Eliquid

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Another favourite with the team. A mouthful of Sweet Blueberry Pie with a generous serving of Cold Vanilla Custard. Smooth, Sweet, Milky and Creamy.

Great after dinner vape. 

Made in Australia

Nicotine Free

How to use the Endura T22 vape kit?

Innokin Endura T22 starter kit, with a 14 watt power output, is a perfect vape mod kit for those embarking on vaping or indeed those switching from smoking. The quality of this Innokin T22, like the Endura t18 is excellent, and in addition, the Innokin Endura T22 has a larger battery capacity of 2000mah and features the larger prism 22 tank with top filling tank capacity of 4.5 ml. Vape Store classifies Endura T22 as an easy to use compact device, that delivers very good vapour clouds, flavour and vaping experience.

Innokin Endura T22 starter kit is classified as a mouth to lung (MTL) vape device which replicates the smoking action. The prism t22 tank is a top fill pyrex glass tank that utilises endura t18 or t22 coils. These replacement t22 coils are available at Vape Store.

The cost of the endura T22 kit offered by Vape Store is $49.95 for the complete kit consisting of:

  • T22 battery
  • Prism t22 tank
  • 2 x T22 replacement coils
  • Endura T22 manual
  • Standard micro usb cable

The Innokin endura T22 starter kit is very simple to use, all you will require is E-liquid. As always with batteries, Vape Store recommends fully charging the 2000mah battery for the full period of 2 – 3 hours. Unscrew the top of the prism T22 tank and fill with E-liquid against the side wall of the tank and NOT into the centre coil and replace the cap, not overtightening. Innokin recommends when using a new or replacement coil, to wait 5 mins to allow the organic cotton wicking to absorb the E-liquid. The T22 has a safety lock on the battery. Click the power button 3 times quickly and your vape will now be ready to operate. When done, click quickly 3 times and the vape device will be in sleep mode.

T22, like endura t18, has overheat and short circuit protection making it a very safe box mod, but don’t forget when you have finished using your device always put it into sleep mode.

How long does the Endura T22 battery last?

Generally, the Innokin batteries are of a very good quality, however there are certain factors to be observed to extend the battery life:

  • Do not overcharge the battery
  • Charge the battery when new to its full capacity before using
  • Do not get liquid into the battery housing

Endura t22 features a 2000mah battery capacity. Innokin claim that the battery will last 2 full days between charges. Vape Store has found this is possible for light to moderate vapers, but heavier vapers will need to charge the battery more frequently.

How long do Endura T22 coils last?

The life of your Endura T22 coil depends on a number of factors and will vary from one vaper to another. These factors include:

  • How often you vape
  • How heavily you draw when you vape
  • Type of E-Liquid used

A replacement coil will generally last between 1-3 weeks. An average vaper will get 2 weeks usage from a coil, whereas a heavier vaper may get 1 week or even less. Often drawing very heavily on your vape mod, does not allow the organic cotton at absorb adequate E-Liquid and it dries out and gets burnt.

Signs to replace your Innokin endura t22 coil:

  • Reduction in vapour
  • Burnt taste
  • Reduction in flavour from your E-Liquid

How to change coil on endura t22?

Eventually, if the taste changes to a burnt taste or drawing vapour becomes sluggish it will be time to change your coil. Ensure that you have an Endura T22 replacement coil on hand. Remove the E-liquid from the prism T22 tank by removing the top cap of the tank and pouring out the remaining liquid. Remove the bottom retaining screw cap and carefully remove the old coil replace it with the replacement coil making sure that the coil is fully inserted into the tank into the slots provided. If necessary, turn the coil slightly until it fits in fully. Now replace the bottom screw cap and gently tighten. Do not force and there should be no gap between the screw cap and bottom of the tank. Avoid damaging the “o” rings in the Endura prism T22 tank as this will definitely cause the tank to leak.

What tank fits on the Innokin Endura T22?

The prism T22 tank is the supplied with the Endura T22 kit. This is a 4.5 ml tank with the coil fitted in from the bottom being held by a screw cap. The prism t18 tank from your endura t18 kit is also compatible with the T22 kit.

How long does the Endura T22 take to charge?

When using your Innokin Endura T22 device the 2000mah battery supplied should give you 1 – 3 days of usage depending on the amount of time spent on using the device. When the indicator light in the power button changes from green to red, that indicates that the battery capacity has dropped and now requires charging. This involves removing the micro usb charging cable from the pack and carefully insert the plug into the mod. Plug the usb plug into a mains usb plug. The charge light in the power button may take up to 15 mins to indicate and will take approximately 2 – 3 hours to change to green, indicating a full charge. You may now use your vape device.

How to clean Innokin Endura T22?

Carefully unscrew the Endura T18 tank from the box mod. Unscrew the cap on the tank then unscrew the bottom cap on the tank. Carefully remove the coil and place all the parts in warm water for about 5 mins and rinse well. Allow to drain and dry with a soft tissue. Replace the coil refer to “Replacing the Coil” above.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Do not overtighten the prism T22 tank when fitting on the battery.
  • When removing the top fill cap always replace without forcing or overtightening.
  • When replacing the coil make sure that the coil is fully inserted into the bottom of the tank and when the cap is replaced do not overtighten and check for light between the tank and screw cap. If this is not done correctly the Endura prism T22 tank will leak.
  • When the E-liquid in the tank empties, remove the tank and wash in warm water after removing the coil. This will ensure that the tank will last without leaking.
  • Do not overcharge the battery when the green indicator light on the power button shows. This will give your battery good longevity.
  • Use only quality E-liquids in your device.
  • Handle your device with care and do not drop the device on the floor as this will damage your device.

How to use the Innokin EZ.watt vape kit?

Innokin EZ.Watt vape kit is a box mod vape kit that is well suited to beginner and more regular vapers. A long battery life is delivered by a 1500 mah internal battery and power output is adjustable from 13-35 watts with 3 pre-set optimised wattage levels. Innokin slipstream tank features include a 2ml capacity, fully adjustable airflow control and top-fill that allows for easy tank refilling. The slipstream tank is compatible with both 0.8 ohm and 1.5 ohm Prism S replacement coils, available on Vape Store.

Innokin EZ Watt starter kit is a box mod design which is usually associated with larger, more powerful vape kits that that are less user friendly when it comes to adjusting vape settings. However, Innokin EZ.Watt is simple to operate with a choice of 3 pre-set power levels to customise your vaping experience. These 3 optimized wattage levels are selected by the press of a button and 3 bright LED’s indicate if Innokin EZ.Watt is set to low, medium or high power. The power modes are 13-14 watts, 16-18 watts and 30-35 watts respectively. The higher the power, the more rapidly the Innokin prism coil will vaporise the E-liquid and produce more vapour and flavour.

Innokin EZ Watt uses 510 threading and the proven slipstream tank that is compatible with the prism s coils. The prism s coil rated at 0.8 ohm comes pre-installed in the slipstream tank and the 1.5 ohm coil is supplied as a spare. The 0.8 ohm coil will give the best vaping experience at the higher power mode.

Your new Innokin EZ.Watt kit will contain everything you need in the box to get going and start vaping, with the exception of E-Liquid. E-Liquid will need to be purchased separately. Vape Store offer a wide range of E-liquids from Australia, USA and around the world. We also offer vape starter kits for beginners to advanced users, vape accessories and some great online deals. Check out our free shipping option.

Vape Store recommend charging your Innokin EZ Watt kit when you first receive it. To get the best battery life, charge your battery for 2-3 hours and don’t leave it to charge for extended periods of time. A box mod kit usually delivers a longer battery life than a pen style vape if correctly charged and maintained as the battery capacity is larger. You slipstream tank will come pre-installed with the 0.8 ohm coil. This is ideal for the medium and high power levels. If you prefer a low power output, we recommend using the 1.5ohm coil. This will be cooler, produce less vapour but will give a longer battery life than the 0.8 ohm prism coils.

Once you have filled your filled your tank with E-Liquid and allowed it to stand for 5 minutes you are ready to vape. EZ Watt kit does have optimized wattage levels, but start on the low power and then increase the power as required by pressing the power button. The LED indicator will show the selected power level on your starter kit.

How to fill the EZ.watt?

Innokin EZ Watt kit features a top-fill mechanism which allows you to refill your slipstream tank from the top while it is connected to your battery. To refill the EZ Watt kit, first unscrew the drip tip. Drip tips are the mouth piece at the top of the tank. Once the drip tip is unscrewed and the tank is open, fill the tank against the side wall of the tank making sure you do not pour E-Liquid directly into the coil as this will flood the coil.

How long to charge Innokin ez watt?

EZ Watt.kit will be fully charged in 2-3 hours when connected to a 1A wall plug. Innokin recommends that you only use the micro usb cable supplied with your EZ Watt kit and do not overcharge the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the battery life indicator LED will be green.

How to change coil on Innokin ez watt?

Innokin EZ Watt kit is shipped with 2 different Innokin prism S coils; a 0.8 ohm coil pre-installed in the slipstream tank and a 1.5 ohm spare coil. To change the coil first unscrew the slipstream tank from the battery and then unscrew the top lid of the tank and remove the E-Liquid. Then unscrew the bottom lid of the tank and pull out the coil and replace it with a new replacement prism s coil, either 0.8 or 1.5 ohm. Ensure the straight edge of the tank lines up with the coil so that you can push the coil all the way into the tank. Finally, screw closed the bottom lid of the tank and make sure it closes fully without leaving a gap. If there is a gap the coil is not inserted all the way in; you need to open the lid and rotate the coil a little so it lines up properly and then close the tank. Remember to fill your tank and allow EZ.Watt to stand for 5 minutes before vaping to allow the new coil cotton to absorb the E-Liquid.

How to clean Innokin ez watt?

Innokin EZ Watt battery and outer parts can be wiped down with a damp clean cloth. To clean the tank, Vape Store recommends taking the tank apart, removing the coil and then washing the parts of the tank in warm soapy water. Rinse and then dry thoroughly. Vape Store recommend that you clean your tank on a weekly basis. To get the best battery life from your EZ Watt kit, we recommend keeping the battery dry, clean and handle it with care.

Why buy the EZ.watt kit from Vape Store?

Innokin EZ.Watt kit is available on Vape Store for $49.95 plus shipping. Spend $99 to get free shipping with an express shipping option also available. Not only do Vape Store offer a wide range of quality vaping products and accessories but we also have some great vape deals as well, with customer support to match. Whether you need advice with something on our site, or you have had your kit a while and need a little help, we are always happy to help.

What is the Vaporesso Sky Solo kit?

Vaporesso Sky Solo kit is a pen style vape starter kit that is easy to use and ideal for beginners. Vape starter kits, like Sky Solo are referred to as an All in One (AIO) starter kits, as they are ready to use out of the box and the only other requirement you need is vape juice. Your friendly team at Vape Store offers a large selection of vape juice, vape gear and awesome vape deals for beginners and advanced vapers. The team at Vape Store have done a thorough Vaporesso sky solo review and will tell you the ins and outs of the kit, coil compatibility, drip tip removal, coil replacement and how to get the most from your Vaporesso sky solo kit or sky solo plus kit.

As far as coil compatibility goes, Sky Solo Kits is compatible with most of the Vaporesso gt series coils, including the gt ccell2 coils. This provides great flexibility when replacing your coil.

Sky Solo kit is classified as a mouth to lung (MTL) device as you first draw vapour into your month and then inhale it into your lungs. Featuring a 1400mAh internal battery, 3.5ml Vaporesso sky solo tank and a one-button firing design, Sky solo is one of the perfect starter kits for beginners. Vape Store’s experience with this kit, is that it’s easy to use, pocket friendly, and produces really nice cloud and vapour taste.

What is included in the Vaporesso Sky Solo kit?

Vaporesso sky solo kit comprises:

  • 1400mAh battery
  • Sky solo tank 3.5ml
  • 2 x GT Meshed coils 0.18ohm
  • 4 x O-Rings
  • USB re-charge cable
  • User guide

In comparison to Sky Solo, the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus kit features a larger 3000mAh internal battery, a larger tank capacity of 8ml and larger air intake ducts. Vaporesso Sky Solo wattage is a maximum of 90 watts as rated by Vaporesso for both Sky Solo kits.

How to set up the Vaporesso Sky Solo?

When you first receive your Sky Solo kit, Vape Store recommends that you fully charge the battery. Vaporesso Sky Solo charge time of the 1400mah battery is 2-3 hours via the micro usb cable supplied. Vape Store recommend that you don’t overcharge your battery or leave it overnight to charge as this reduces the life of the battery.

You can fill the Vaporesso sky solo tank while your battery is charging. The tank comes pre-assembled with the Vaporesso Sky Solo GT meshed coils that the unit is shipped with.  GT Meshed are 0.18ohm coils, but coil compatibility is flexible with other gt series coils. To attached the tank to your battery, first screw the GT Meshed coil into your battery, you may choose to drop a few drops of E-Liquid into the coil to prime it. Once the coil is screwed in, go ahead and screw the tank onto the battery. Sky Solo features a twist-off top filling system. First unscrew the drip tip and this will expose the fill holes so that you can pour E-Liquid into the tank. Ensure you do not overfill the tank. Screw the drip tip back on and you almost ready to go. Vape Store recommends you let the sky solo kit stand for 5 minutes to allow the coil cotton to absorb the E-Liquid, then you ready to go. Hit the power button and inhale. The powered button also features an LED battery life indicator.

How to replace glass on Vaporesso tank?

Vaporesso Sky Solo kit features a bubble tank shaped glass. This tank shape offers increased E-Liquid capacity but the downside is the protruding glass can break more easily. Replacement glass is available for your sky solo tank. To replace the glass, you will need to first unscrew the tank from the battery and then remove the glass from the top of the tank and replace it will a new bubble glass. To protect your Vaporesso sky solo glass, Vape Store recommends placing a rubber vape band around the tank. Let us know you need one and Vape Store will throw in a few free vape bands for you.

How to change Vaporesso coil?

Coil compatibility of the Sky Solo kit is very flexible as the following coils are compatible:

  • QF coils
  • GT1 coils
  • GT CCELL2 coils
  • GT8 coils
  • GT Meshed coils

Even though Sky Solo kit and Sky Solo Plus kit both ship with the GT Meshed coils, both Vaporesso kits are compatible with most of the GT series coils, including the gt ccell2 coil.

Change your tank coil by first unscrewing the Vaporesso sky solo tank. This will expose the coil. Unscrew the coil and replace it. Vape Store has found the GT series coils offer a very good heating area resulting in good cloud production and flavour. You can prime your coil by adding a few drops of E-Liquid into the coil. Vape Store recommends you let your Sky Solo kit or Sky Solo Plus kit stand for 5 minutes before vaping when using a new coil for the first time.

How long to charge Vaporesso Sky Solo?

Vaporesso sky solo has a 1400mAh battery, compared with a 3000mAh battery in the Sky Solo Plus. Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus wattage is identical to Sky solo with a maximum power of 90 watts. We recommend a charge time of 2-3 hours for a full charge from a 1A power supply. The battery life indicator will reveal when Sky Solo is fully charged. Always use the micro usb cable supplied with your kit and follow Vaporesso sky solo charge time recommendations. Do not overcharge or leave charging overnight.

Is Vaporesso safe?

Sky solo kit and Sky solo plus kit both use omni board mini chip technology to provide rapid fire speeds and efficiency and at the same time avoiding over-firing or overheating. Vaporesso have a focus on safe and simple vaping and a good reputation for developing both safe and reliable vape kits.

What is Vaporesso used for?

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking, Vaporesso is an established vaping company that develop E-cigarettes or vape devices. Vaporesso have developed perfect starter kits for both beginner and advanced vapers.

How to use the Endura T18 vape?

Endura t18 by Innokin is a great kit for those embarking on vaping as the quality of the stainless steel product manufactured by Innokin is excellent and it is really easy to use. Endura t18 kit is classified as a mouth to lung (MTL) vape device which makes is ideal for new vapers or those transitioning from smokers. Mouth to lung vaping replicates the smoking action in that vapour is inhaled from the t18 device into the mouth and then into the lungs, before exhaling. T18 features a genuine Innokin battery, 1000mAh, and is guaranteed to deliver the perfect vaping experience.

The endura t18 price offered by Vape Store is $34.95 and this is for the entire endura t18 kit, including:

  • t18 battery
  • endura t18 tank
  • endura t18 replacement coil
  • endura t18 manual
  • standard micro usb cable

Innokin endura t18 is ready to use out of the box, all you will need is E-liquid. To maximise the battery life of your device, Vape Store recommends that when you first receive your endura t18 kit, you charge the battery via the standard micro usb cable supplied. It should take between 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery with a 1A charger. Remember not to overcharge your battery, Innokin recommend that you do not leave your battery to charge overnight or for long periods of time and you always use the micro usb cable supplied with your kit.

Once the Innokin battery is charged, you are ready to setup your endura vape. The endura t18 tank has a 2.5ml capacity and is top-filled so you can leave the tank attached to your battery when re-filling. Unscrew the top of the tank and then fill the tank with E-Liquid by pouring it against the side wall and not into the tank coil. Fill the tank and then replace the cap. Innokin recommend that when you use a new coil for the first time you wait 5 minutes to allow the Japanese organic cotton wicking to absorb the E-Liquid. Innokin endura t18 has a safety lock on the battery. Click the power button 3 times quickly and your vape device will turn on and be ready to vape, click again 3 times and it will be in sleep mode. Ensure your t18 it turned on and enjoy the vaping experience.

How to replace the Endura T18 battery?

The battery life you get from your Innokin battery with depend on your often you vape and how you charge it. Endura t18 australia comprises a 1000mAh Innokin battery. Always consult the endura t18 manual for help but Vape Store recommend that you charge your Innokin battery for 2-3 hours when required and you do not overcharge the battery by leaving it charging for long periods of time. If you find over time the battery life is declining and very poor, it may be time to replace the battery. Replacement batteries are available but often buying a new Innokin endura t18 kit works out cheaper as you will have a spare endura t18 tank and t18 coils with your new kit. The endura t18 price for the full kit is $34.95 plus shipping on Vape Store. Free shipping is also available.

What vape liquid goes into the Endura T18 vape?

Your choice of vape E-Liquid is a large part of the vaping experience. Vape Store offers a wide range of vape juice that is all nicotine free. You may use either nicotine free or nicotine E-Liquid in your endura vape. Vape Store’s E-Liquids are primarily VG/PG 65/35 which produces good vapour and flavour.

How to change the coil in the Endura T18 vape?

Endura t18 changing coil: Innokin have made this straightforward, ensure you have replacement Innokin endura t18 replacement coils handy. T18 coils are high quality and the coil is surrounded by Japanese organic cotton wicking to absorb E-Liquid from the tank reservoir. Start my Removing the E-Liquid from your tank by opening the top cap of the tank and pouring it out. Unscrew the endura t18 tank from your battery and then unscrew the bottom lid of the tank. You can then pull the old coil out and replace it with a new t18 coil. Ensure that the coil is fully inserted back into the tank; there are slots on the side of the tank that need to line up with the coil in order to push it all the way into the tank. Close the tank and ensure the lid closes fully with no gap. Remember when using a new coil, wait 5 minutes after filling your tank with E-Liquid before you vape for the first time. Remember endura t18 kit is mouth to lung, which means you need to first draw the vapour into your mouth, then inhale the vapour into your lungs.

How long to charge the Endura T18 vape?

Connect your Innokin battery to a 1A wall socket via the standard micro usb cable supplied with your endura t18 kit. A full charge should take 2-3 hours and the green power button LED indicates a full charge.

How to set up the Endura T18 for the first time?

Fully charge your endura T18 for 2-3 hours using the standard micro usb cable supplied with your kit. You will need E-Liquid to fill the tank. Endura t18 tank is top filled which means you can leave it attached to the battery when refilling. Unscrew the top lid of the tank and fill against the side wall of the tank. Be sure not to pour E-Liquid into the coil and do not over fill your endura t18 tank. Replace the top lid of the tank and press the power button to produce vapour. If nothing is happening and the light doesn’t come on when you press the button, ensure the endura t18 kit is turned on by pressing the power button 3 times quickly. T18 is manufactured from stainless steel and is a high quality and durable kit, but keeping it clean and dry will ensure the best vaping experience possible and prolong the life of your t18 kit.

Endura T18 by Innokin light meaning?

Innokin endura t18 has an LED illuminated power button, with burns either red, yellow or green. This is the battery life indicator to let you know the charge status of your Innokin battery. Red indicates your battery is flat or nearly flat, yellow indicates a moderate charge and green indicates a full or almost full charge. If the battery indicator is red or yellow, Vape Store recommends you charge your battery. Please read the endura t28 manual provided with your kit and always use the standard micro usb cable supplied with your kit.

What are mixed berry vape juices made from?

All vape juice is made from 3 key ingredients, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene glycol (PG) and flavouring. Many customers ask whether a higher PG or VG is more important, the answer is it depends on what you want to achieve from your vaping experience, and we will discuss this in more detail.

The flavour in Vape Store’s mixed berry vape juice is a combination of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. These mixed berries create a deliciously sweet and tart e liquid combination. We have created a mouth-watering vape juice and believe we have created the best mixed berry e-juice you will find on any vape store. These mixed berries deliver a seriously awesome sweet and tart vaping experience but remember, access to Vape Store and its vape products is for customers 18 years and older and of legal smoking age in Australia.

The flavour is responsible for the taste of mixed berries when you blow big, impressive vape clouds, but the PG or VG are key ingredients. VG is an odourless liquid that is derived from vegetable oils. It is slightly sweet to taste and is responsible for providing thicker vapour. It all depends on what type of vape experience you are after, but e liquid containing a higher VG ratio, typically 70% plus, will have thicker vapor output when compared to e liquid with a lower VG ratio.

PG, the other vape juice ingredient, is also an odourless liquid but is a lot thinner, or less viscous, than VG. PG has 2 functions. It provides the throat hit when vaping, this is the sensation that ex-smokers will want to re-create in their vaping experience, and PG also carries the flavour in the liquid. So, when you taste mixed berries in your vape juice, irrespective of the PG or VG ratio, it’s the role of the PG to deliver the taste from the mixed berry flavouring in the vape juice.


What does mixed berry vape juice taste like?

Imagine chewing a succulent and sweet blueberry that is bursting with flavour. Add to this fresh raspberries and blackberries that while sweet, also have a sharp tart bite to them. Now combine all these 3 mixed berries together and you’re sure to experience the best mixed berry e-juice you’ve ever tried. PG or VG will have no impact on taste but remember taste is only part of the vaping experience. “Stealth vapers” may want to vape discreetly without drawing attention to themselves and prefer less vapour, favouring a higher PG content in their vape juice. Whereas vapers looking to blow massive vape clouds and turn heads of everyone around them, will favour higher VG content vape juice. Either way, ensure you are of legal smoking age and visit Vape Store for the best mixed berry vape juice and cheap vape liquid, without ever compromising taste or vaping experience.


How long does 100 ml mixed berry vape last?

Vape Store offers mixed berry vape juice in a bottle size of 30ml. We are currently working on a bottle size of 10ml so please watch this space. How long will a bottle of e liquid last is a question to stir up controversy among vapers because there are so many variables involved.

The bottom line is if you vape more often and inhale or draw for longer, use a larger and higher powered mod style vape kit, like the Innokin Proton Kit, you are sure to consume more vape juice than someone using a lower powered vape starter kit. Typically, these lowered powered pen style starter kits, like the Innokin T18 Kit, have smaller battery capacities, smaller tanks, produce less power and use less vape juice. Our vaping experience has shown that a 30ml bottle of e liquid will last 4-5 days for a moderate to heavy vaper, whereas a lighter vaper will consume the same 30ml bottle size in 8-10 days. On this basis, a bottle size of 100ml will last around 15 days for a heavier vaper and around 30 days for a lighter vaper.

Even though Vape Store stocks the best mixed berry e-juice, please ensure you are at least 18 years old and of legal smoking age before embarking on your vape experience. We do offer free shipping and have a wide range of cheap vape juice, including mixed berries vape juice, but we believe that responsible vaping is the starting point for your vaping experience.


Is mixed berry e liquid safe?

Mixed berry e liquid is as safe as any other dessert or fruit flavoured e liquid available in Australia. It’s not the PG or VG content that makes e liquid safe or not, but the ingredients themselves. The FDA has classified VG as “generally recognised as safe” and tests have shown it to be a very low irritant when in contact with eyes and skin; it is also of low toxicity when consumed by humans. Many of the medicines and foods that us humans consume, contain PG and it is generally recognised as safe to consume. Most studies have been conducted into the consumption of PG or VG and there is still very little available on the effects of inhalations of PG or VG.


Why buy e liquid juice from Vape Store?

Vape Store stocks a wide range of cheap vape liquid in a bottle size of 10ml and 30ml – experience the best mixed berry e-juice available in Australia. Our prices are very competitive, even though we stock a range of cheap vape liquid, the flavour and taste are awesome and will not disappoint in providing an awesome vaping experience. We do have a range of e liquid in a bottle size of 60ml and 100ml.

When you buy e liquid from Vape Store, you will discover a wide range of vape starter kits and powerful advanced mod kits are also available. In addition to vaping products and great vape deals, we offer unique vape comparison tables. Save time and money by looking at our vape comparison tables to quickly compare key features between various vape kits to choose the kit that’s right for you. Whether you are looking at vapor production, battery life, tank size, battery capacity or pen or mod style devices, Vape Store will allow you to easily and quickly compare popular vape kits, like Smok, Vaporesso, Innokin and Aspire.

What does banana split flavour vape juice tastes like?

Banana Split flavour is an all-time dessert favourite for those vapers who have a sweet tooth for an after dinner vape experience packed with extra flavour. Vape Store’s banana split flavour combines the taste of succulent ripe north Queensland bananas with an even mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate full cream ice cream. Add some freshly sliced strawberries, bursting with extra flavour, similar to those grown in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, topped off with some whipped cream and juicy cherries.

When inhaled, you will taste the creamy vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream mixed with banana. On the exhale, the sweet and fruity taste of the strawberries and cherries mixed with whipped cream leaves a sweet dessert lining on your lips making you want to take another drag to re-create that awesome dessert taste.


How long does 100 ml banana split vape juice last?

From our experience and from the team at Vape Store who vape, a sweet or dessert tasting e juice will always last longer compared with a menthol or tobacco flavour juice because it is sweet and richer in taste with extra flavour, meaning you are less likely to vape it for long periods of time.

Another determining factor to how long your dessert vape juices will last is the type of hardware being use and how it is adjusted. A MOD style vape kit, especially one with variable control, where the power output is turned up, will naturally consume more vape juice compared with a lower powered pen style starter kit. The higher-powered kit consumes more power from the battery, the coil will burn hotter and will use more e liquid to produce those thick vape clouds. For some vapers, a 100ml bottle of e juice might only last 4 or 5 days whereas for others, it may last up to 8 to 10 days.


Is banana split vape juice nicotine-free?

As per Australian law, the banana split dessert vape juice available for sale at Vape Store is nicotine-free. Access to Vape Store is for customers who are 18 years of age and older and who are of legal smoking age. In addition, physical and online vape stores in Australia are not allowed to promote vaping kits as a smoking cessation product. Nicotine-free vape juices are always the preferred option, but some vapers who are transitioning from smoking may still seek the throat hit they get from smoking.

A high VG ratio in the PG and VG content of your vape juice with result in a milder throat hit compared with a high PG level. The reason is the Propylene Glycol (PG) is responsible for delivering the throat hit in your vape juice.

Australians can legally purchase pre-mixed nicotine vape juices from overseas vape stores. There is a range of cheap e liquids available from online stores in New Zealand. Remember that all vape products, including kits and vape juices are not a smoking cessation product and strictly for users who are 18 years of age and older.


Why buy banana split vape juice from Vape Store?

Vape Store sources only premium quality dessert vape juice ingredients to ensure you get the best vaping experience possible. The banana split vape juice is part of the wide range of e liquids that we offer. Our vape juices are pre-mixed at a high VG content to help you create those thick vape clouds.

All vape juices are thoroughly tested by Will, Charlie and some of the other vapers here at Vape Store to make sure you are getting the highest quality and best tasting e juice! Vape Store’s pricing is very competitive, dispatch is ultra-fast and free shipping is available with every purchase over $99. Standard shipping is only $9.95 Australia wide and express delivery is also available. Vape Store’s website layout is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Many customers believe cheap e liquids will be an inferior vape juice and not great in taste. At Vape Store, we have a wide range of vape juices that will deliver a great vaping experience. Banana Split flavour is definitely a favourite in our dessert vape juice range as it is loaded with extra flavour.

 Whether you are after a dessert vape juice, a fruity vape juice, or even a tobacco flavoured juice, our wide range of high VG vape juices will satisfy any vaper in Australia.

Vape Store have created custom vape comparison tables to help you compare important features of a wide range of vape kits. Compare, battery capacity, battery life, power output, vape output, vape power and price, to name a few. Whether you are a new vaper looking to buy a starter pen style kit, or a more advanced mod vape kit, use our vape comparison tables to save you time and select the vape kit that’s right for you. Enjoy our free shipping option.

Vape Store requires all customers to confirm that they are 18 years of age or older and of legal smoking age prior to accessing our store.

What is Cherry e liquid made of?

Cherry e liquid vape juice is a popular fruity flavoured e liquid available for sale on Vape Store. Whether you are looking to buy from Vape Store’s online shop our Vape Store branded vape juice, Australian vape juice like Sticky Fingers Juice, or USA vape juice, like Bazooka Sour Straws, they all comprise the same 3 ingredients. These 3 ingredients are:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Flavouring

In addition to these ingredients, some vapers choose to buy vape juice containing nicotine, or they buy nicotine liquid to add to their vape juice. The reason vapers add nicotine to their vape juice is for the nicotine throat hit. This throat hit is sensation that smokers get when smoking a cigarette, and is a large part of the vaping experience for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. The PG or VG level will also determine the throat hit.

However, not all vapers choose to vape nicotine e-liquid and many reduce the nicotine level gradually to the point they are vaping nicotine free vape juice – and still enjoy the vaping experience. Vape juice sold at Vape Store are all nicotine free. We will never sell cheap vape juices.

Some vapers have compared the cherry flavour of Cherry Icy Mint eLiquid juice with black cherry vape juice. The main difference is the sweet cherry flavour is balanced by the cool icy mint flavour. Some vapers say that they can taste the cherry flavour, or black cherry flavour in the inhale and taste the icy mint in the exhale of the vape. To really get the most of your vaping experience, we recommend the vape juice and other vapor products available online from vapestore.com.au

Vape Store only ship within Australia and only sell quality vape juices and vapour products.


PG vs VG

Vegetable Glycerin (VG), is derived from vegetable oils and is an odourless liquid that has a slightly sweet taste. The main role of the VG in vape juice is to create bigger and thicker vape clouds. “Stealth vapers” as they are sometimes referred to, are vapers that are generally ex-smokers that still enjoy the hand to mouth action of vaping and also the throat hit they get, but do not want to draw attention to themselves with large vapor clouds. These vapers will most likely want a lower VG level so that they can vape more discreetly. In contrast, other vapers that want to blow large, impressive vape clouds will more likely use a higher VG vape juice, with a ratio of at least 70% VG Propylene Glycol (PG) level.

A higher VG level with mean a lower propylene level in the PG VG mix.  In addition, they will use higher powered vape devices, called box or mod style kits.

 The other key ingredient is Propylene Glycol (PG). This liquid is also odourless but thinner or less viscous that VG. The role of PG in the vaping experience is to deliver the throat hit to the vaper. This throat hit is what smokers get when they smoke cigarettes. PG is also responsible for carrying the flavour in the eliquid. Whether you choose cherry icy mint, black cherry or another fruit flavoured e-liquid vape juice, the flavour is what contributes to the vaping experience. This is the role of the flavouring and is the 3rdand final ingredient of all vape juices.

Look for food grade PG or VG when choosing your vape juice and avoid cheap vape juices.


What does Cherry e liquid tastes like?

Cherry e liquid tastes like biting into a sweet but tart ripe red cherry when you inhale the vapour and ice mint when you exhale. The cherry flavour is very similar to black cherry which is a little sweeter. Vape Store offer a wide range of fruit flavoured e-liquid, from watermelonto apple to delicious fruit tingle. Many customers comment that cherry icy mint e liquid is their favourite fruit flavoured e-liquid.


How much does Cherry e liquid cost?

Cherry e liquid is available in a bottle size of 30ml on Vape Store and sells for $10 plus shipping. Shipping cost is $9.95 for orders below $99, but please note Vape Store offer free shipping on orders over $99! We also offer express shipping for customers who simply can’t wait.

Vape Store aim to offer a bottle size of 10ml soon in this flavour, but either way, 10ml or 30ml won’t alter the vaping experience you receive from our vape juice. Vape Store also offer a wide range of pen style vape starter kits, mod style vape kits, vapor products and vape accessories.


How long does 100 ml Cherry e liquid last?

This is a question that will spark debate among most vapers as it is determined by many factors. These include how often and for how long you vape and what vape kit are you using. Larger powered mod style vape kits, irrespective of the PG or VG level, will generally consume larger quantities of vape juice as they are more powerful and the sub-ohm coil will vaporise more eliquid faster.


Why buy Cherry e liquid at Vape Store?

Interested in buying vapor products in Australia, Vape Storehave lots to offer. Not only do we sell awesome fruit flavoured eliquid, but we have a range of dessert flavours, tobacco flavours and menthol flavours as well. Vape Store offer 100% genuine vape products; great vape deals on vape starter kits and mod vape starter kits. We have custom built vape comparison tablesfor you to easily compare different vape kits and choose the vape kit right for you.

New vapers can find it confusing to choose the right vape products, so we compare battery capacity, power output, battery life, tank size, vapor production and other features to simplify the decision for you and save you time. Buy a vape online from Vape Store – experience our legendary customer support.

What is e Liquid Juice Bubblegum used for?

Vape Store offers a wide range of e Liquid juice that is used to fill the tank in your electronic cigarette. When you see someone vaping thick clouds of vapour from their electronic cigarette, the vapour is generated from the E Liquid juice. All electronic cigarettes, or “vapes” as they are more commonly known, comprise 3 main parts:

  • Battery
  • Tank
  • Coil

Whether you have seen a pen style vape starter kit or a more advanced mod style starter kit on Vape Store, they both share these 3 components. The battery or mod either has a built-in rechargeable battery or uses 1 or 2 external rechargeable batteries. The 18650 batteries are probably the most common external batteries used. The battery essentially delivers voltage, or power to the coil which is housed inside the vape tank. The tank is filled with E liquid juice. The coil will be swabbed in cotton, which absorbs the surrounding E-Liquid. When you activate your vape kit, the coil heats up and vaporises the e Liquid in the cotton and this is the vapor or vape clouds that vapers inhale and exhale.

Whether you are vaping bubble gum e liquid or any other flavour the same principle applies. A vape coil is heating e juice to a really high temperature to vaporise it into vapour. The vapor produced is said to be full of flavour, this is separate to the throat hit some vapers look for, and will be covered below.

You may see someone using an Innokin T18 starter kit, which is a great starter kit to transition from smoking to vaping, or a higher powered vape device like the Vaporesso Revenger X kit, 220 watt – both vape devices may be using the same bubblegum e liquid. The larger Vaporesso Revenger X, with a sub-ohm tank, delivers far more power to the coil which in turn, produces thicker and more impressive vape clouds but will consume far more vape juice than the Innokin T18. The T18 in comparison, will not be as dramatic. T18 will still deliver more than enough vapor to the transitioning vaper who wants the hand to mouth action of a cigarette from their vape kit, but the coil will not run as hot and it will consume far less vape juice.

Both the kits are available on www.vapestore.com.austrictly for customers 18 years old and older, who are of legal smoking age. We offer a wide range of vape starter kits, advanced vape kits, flavoured e liquids in your choice of bottle size and other vape accessories. We have lots of great vape deals and our bubble gum flavour, among our other flavoured e liquids, is a hit!


What is in e liquid?

E Liquid or vape juice is the liquid you use in your vape tank to create vapour and comprises 3 main ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and flavouring. Whether you claim your vape juice is the best e liquid, or it gives a great throat hit or its full of flavour – it all comes down to these 3 ingredients and the ratio in which they are mixed.

 VG is derived from vegetable oil, it’s an odourless liquid with a slightly sweet taste and is responsible for the thickness of the vapour produced by your vape kit. PG is found in various household consumable items; it is also a clear and odourless liquid and is much less viscous than VG. PG is responsible for the throat hit, which is described as being similar to the smoking sensation that ex-smokers often want to replicate. VG also carries the flavour of the e juice through the vape juice. Finally, the choice and quantity of flavour will determine how “full of flavour” your e liquid is.


Is e Liquid Juice safe?

VG is classified by the FDA as “generally recognised as safe” and is shown to have very low irritation of the skin and eyes and low toxicity when consumed. VG is used in many food and medicines that humans consume and is recognised as safe for humans. There are still limited studies into the inhalation of PG and VG, as opposed to ingestion.


Why buy e Liquid Juice in Bubblegum flavour?

Vape Store offer a wide range of vape juice in 10ml and 30ml bottle sizes at competitive pricing. We offer our Vape Storebranded vape juice and also a range of Australian, e.g. Byron Bay Cloud e juice, and USA e juice, e.g. Mad Hatter E-Juice. Vape Store offer fruity flavours like watermelon, blueberry and grape to dessert flavours like banana split and caramel latter to various tobacco and menthol flavours. Whatever you choose, ensure you are of legal smoking age and enjoy your vape juice, we guarantee it will be full of flavour. Our flavoured e liquids are also sold in a bottle range of 10ml and 30ml sizes.


How much does e Liquid Juice Bubblegum flavour cost?

A 10ml bottle of bubblegum e liquid juice is sold for $5 on vapestore.com.au whereas a larger bottle size of 30ml bottle is sold for $10. Vape Store offers a range of electronic cigarettes, vape starter kits and mod kits, vape coils, tank and accessories – great vape deals for everyone. We also offer a range of Byron Bay and Sticky Fingers e liquid juice, made in Australia and full of flavour.


Where to buy e Liquid Juice Bubblegum online?

Bubblegum e liquid is available at vapestore.com.au

Vape Store is a great place to shop for electronic cigarettes. If you are looking for great online vape deals, huge range of vape starter kits and advanced kits, excellent before and after sales support – we have it all.

Check out our vape comparison tables. We have done all the hard work for you and compared many features of a range of kits so that you can easily find the vape kit that best suits your needs. If you are a smoker looking to quit cigarettes and start vaping, see our comparison tablefor pen style starter kits which is more similar to the smoking sensation. More advanced users looking to blow thick vape clouds and amaze their friends will find the comparison tablefor advanced kits more useful. Either way – happy vaping!

What is Jam Monster E-Juice made from?

 The three main ingredients in Jam Monster vape juice is Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and different flavouring tastes.

Propylene Glycol is an odourless liquid which is alcohol based. PG is a thinner liquid compared with VG and helps give a better throat hit, the sensation smokers get when smoking, as well as carrying the flavour better through the e juice.

Vegetable Glycerin is made from vegetable oil, it is a sweet and colourless liquid with no smell.

Vegetable Glycerin is much thicker compared with PG so it will not work well with smaller vape kits as it does with larger more advanced MOD kits.

VG is responsible for the amount of vapour being produced. The higher the percentage of VG in the mix, the bigger and more impressive your vape clouds will be, but there will be less of the throat hit.

The secret to apple Jam Monster flavoured e liquid, commonly referred to as the breakfast flavoured vape juice, lies in the mix of flavouring between the apple, jam and cinnamon flavour uniquely blended to give a great vaping experience. Cheap vape juice does not offer the same enjoyment.


What is the best Jam Monster E-Juice flavour?

This is a personal vapers choice as there are four flavoured e juices in the range of Jam Monster e liquid - apple, grape, blueberry and strawberry. Each flavour follows the same flavour experience. When you inhale the strawberry flavoured Jam Monster e juice, you will experience the authentic tasty strawberry jam flavour – smooth but not overwhelming. When exhaled you can taste the fluffy buttered toast, which makes you wanting more! We recommend the strawberry flavour Jam Monster E-Juice and all the other flavoured vape liquid that is available on Vape Store Australia – please enter if you are of legal smoking age.


What does Jam Monster E-Juice Apple flavour taste like?

Apple Jam Monster vape liquid is a unique blend of apples, jam and cinnamon. People who enjoy breakfast flavours or apple desserts will love the Apple Jam Monster E-Juice vaping experience! When inhaled, you will taste the apple jam flavour – a good strong flavour but not too overwhelming. When exhaled, you will taste the cinnamon followed by the taste of toast towards the end of the exhale. The blend of flavours works well together – the flavours do not overpower each other creating an awesome blend an apple dessert mixed with a breakfast flavoured dish.  


How long does 100ml of Jam Monster E-Juice last?

The amount of time that a 100ml bottle of Jam Monster flavoured e juice will last is different for everyone as some people use large, more advanced MOD vape kits, which use more vape juice when compared with smaller starter kits which produce less vapour and consume less e liquid. From our vaping experience and also talking with other vapers, a 100ml bottle size of vape juice can last anywhere from 4 days up to 2 weeks, depending on how often you vape, how hard you vape, and what kit you are using.

The Jam Monster E-Juice range is better suited to those who have a sweet tooth and enjoy desert dishes or breakfast flavoured e liquid. 


Why buy Jam Monster E-Juice Apple flavour at Vape Store?

www.vapestore.com.auoffers the full range of Jam Monster e liquid direct from the USA at competitive prices! Vape Store’s website is simple to use with quick dispatch times and friendly customer support. Looking for a great vape deal but not sure what vape starter kit is right for you? Check out our vape comparison tables. We have taken all the hard work out of choosing the right kit by creating custom vape comparison tables that compare key features of vape starter kits and larger vape mod kits.

What is an Innokin Crios Replacement Coil?

 Electronic cigarettes (more commonly known as ecigs or vapes) come in a range of styles and sizes. Whether you have a pen style starter kit or a more advanced mod style kit, all vape devices comprise of three main parts; the battery, tank and coil. The battery supplies voltage to the coil and the coil heats up to vaporise the E-Liquid stored in the vape tank. As the coil heats up, it draws the E-Liquid through the cotton surrounding the coil and this vaporised E-Liquid is the vapour clouds that we inhale and exhale. This is the basis of the vaping experience and is strictly for users 18 years of age and older.

 The Innokin Crios replacement coil has been designed by Innokin to suit the Innokin Crios tank. This Crios tank is supplied with the Innokin Kroma-A and Riptide kits. Some coils are compatible for other tanks and may even be compatible with tanks from different manufactures, like Smok or Vaporesso but Vape Store recommends that the Crios replacement coils be used with the Kroma-a and Riptide kits only.

 The reason Vape Store offer a wide range of replacement vape coils is that coils do not last forever and to continue to enjoy your vaping experience, one needs to replace coils regularly. This will ensure that one enjoys the best flavour from the e-liquid and gets good vapour clouds.


What is included in the Innokin Crios Replacement Coil pack?

 The pack comes with 4 Innokin Crios replacement coils. The coil specification is rated at 0.65ohm and best suited to operate at 35-65 Watts of power. Vape Store sells these coils individually for $2.35 per coil plus shipping. There is also a free shipping option if one spends $99+. There are many vape coils, tanks, and other vape deals available on Vape Store. Please click to enter our store if you are 18 years of age or older.


What vape kit is compatible with Innokin Crios Replacement Coil?

 The Kroma-A Crios Kitfeaturing the Innokin Crios tank is the kit recommended by Vape Store and is compatible with the Crios replacement coil. Kroma A-Crios is not a starter vape kit but rather a semi advanced mod style vape kit. This kit features a 2000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, variable output temperature and wattage control, with a max output of 75 watts of power. The Crios tank has a 4ml tank capacity and utilises the Crios replacement coils, 0.65ohm.

 Vape Store offer a wide range of vape starter kitsand we have some pretty good deals on vape gear. We offer the Kroma-a kit on our store for $59.95 plus shipping. Free shipping is available for orders $99+. Grab some free Innokin Crios coils on your way our for $2.35 per coil. Remember replacing old coils, improves the vaping experience. Old coils will result in poor flavour from your E-Liquid and reduced vapour. Once a new coil is inserted, it’s a whole different vaping experience – great flavour from your favourite E-Juice and thick vape clouds.


How do you know when your vape coil needs changing?

There is not set answer to this question. Depending on your often you vape, how long you draw from your device, the type of vape kit you have, the vape coil you are using and the E-Liquid will determine when your coil needs replacing.

 Vape Store gives a guideline of between 1-3 weeks. Higher powered mod style vape kits will with sub-ohm coils will always utilise the coil more and shorten the coil life than a lower powered vape starter kit. It’s always good to keep replacement coil on hand. The signs to replace your Innokin Crios coil is simple. Vape Store recommends it’s time to change your coil when you start tasting a burnt taste from the E-Liquid, or there is a significant reduction in vapour production, it’s time to move on and replace your vape coil.


How long should an Innokin Crios Replacement Coil last?

 When to use a new replacement coil is a good question and one without a simple answer. Someone transitioning from smoking to vaping and using a simple vape pen-style starter kit, like the Innokin Endura T18, or Vaporesso Sky Solo Kit, both available from Vape Store, can expect to get 2-3 weeks from a coil, depending on frequency of use. However, someone, using a higher powered mod style vape kit, like the Innokin Kroma-a Crios kit 75 watts, or Vaporesso Revenger X Kit220 watts of power, will most likely get 1-2 weeks life from a vape coil.

 Some users who really enjoy the vape experience and vape daily for prolonged periods or draw hard on their vape device to blow large vape clouds, will go through a coil in a week easily.


How to buy Innokin Crios Replacement Coil online from Vape Store

 Vape Store make it pretty easy to buy a vape kit or vape coil online in Australia. Our online store offers great vape deals and we want you to have the best vaping experience possible. Visit us at vapestore.com.au for great vape deals. We have starter vape kits, advanced vape kits, pen style, mod style, E-liquids and a whole lot of vaping accessories. Add what you need to your cart and then checkout securely and pay by PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. Spend $99+ and you will receive free shipping, otherwise we have a set shipping fee of $9.95. Express shipping is also available on Vape Store when time matters and you want your vape gear quickly.

 We take support seriously. Whether it’s before you purchase or months after purchasing from us, we are here to help. Need advice choosing a vape kit, help with a replacement coil, help cleaning your Innokin Crios tank, contact Vape Store support and you will be in good hands. Remember to checkout our vape kit comparison tables, to help you compare a range of factors when choosing what kit is right for you.

What is in the I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E-juice?

The three main ingredients in vape juice are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and flavouring.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) used to make vape juice is extracted from vegetable oil which is a colourless liquid with no smell but is sweet in taste.  Vegetable Glycerin is naturally very thick which means it will not work very well with older coils that are already slightly clogged with vape juice, or smaller vape kits which have smaller tanks. The Vegetable Glycerin component of vape juice is the part which produces the vapour – the higher the VG content, the bigger and thicker vape clouds you will produce, but you will experience less of a throat hit.

The other main component is Propylene Glycol (PG), an odourless slightly sweet liquid which is alcohol based. The PG is not as thick as VG and is used to help carry the flavour and is responsible for creating the throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol mixed together have no taste whatsoever. The difference between flavours and different brands of E-Liquids depends on the type and mix of flavouring used. For “I love candy blue raspberry E-juice”, it’s the sweet blue raspberry flavour and candy flavour.


Why is I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E-juice worth trying?

The Mad Hatter I Love Candy Blue Raspberry flavour is a mad take on a candy classic flavour profile which delivers a multitude of different sweet blue raspberry combined with candy flavours! When inhaled, you will taste the sweet blue raspberry flavour followed by the sweet taste of coated candy flavour on the exhale. Blended with 70% VG and 30% PG, Mad Hatter’s I Love Candy Blue Raspberry delivers taste bud busting flavours with those thick vape clouds we all love! Mad Hatter is made in Los Angeles from 100% USA ingredients – from start to finish!


How much does the I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E-juice cost?

The new 100ml bottle size of Mad Hatter I Love Candy Blue Raspberry is an awesome mouth water mad take on a candy classic, which costs only $29.95 from Vape Store, the cost of regular shipping is $9.95.  Remember, access to Vape Store is for customers aged 18 years and older, for those of legal smoking age.


How long will a 100ml I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E-juice last?

This is a hard question to answer since everybody vapes at different levels and uses different kits.

Some people will say that a 100ml bottle size of vape juice will last for one week, whereas it will only last a heavier vaper for four to five days. For a person who vapes less frequently, a 100ml bottle can last up to two weeks.

Another determining factor is the type of hardware being used. A smaller capacity, less powerful pen style vape will generally not consume as much E-liquid compared with an advanced MOD style vape because the MOD coil is burning at a higher temperature and consuming E-Liquid at a greater rate to produce bigger and thicker vape clouds.

According to some people, a fruity flavour e juice lasts longer compared to a menthol or tobacco flavour, because the blue raspberry candies and sugary sweet blue raspberry is sweeter and hence, vaped less often.


Where can I get I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E-juice online?

Vape Store www.vapestore.com.auis the best online shop in Australia from which to buy the Mad Hatter I Love Candy Blue Raspberry candy classic vape juice, and other Mad Hattercandy classic products. Vape Store offers a large range of vape products, competitive prices, awesome and easy to navigate website layout, premium customer service and fast dispatch time.

Vape Store sources Mad Hatter I Love Candy Blue Raspberry E-liquid and the other Mad Hatter varieties directly from the manufacturer in the USA – so you are guaranteed to receive the original and only the best of Mad Hatter products! Vape Store is for customers 18 years old and older, who are of legal smoking age. Products sold on Vape Store are nicotine-free and include vape gear and a wide range of vape kits and accessories.

What is the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus Coil?

A replacement coil is the vape device inside the tank of your vape kit that heats up and vaporises the E-Liquid into a vapour cloud. Starter kits and advanced mod kits all require a coil for this function. The GT mesh coil with its triangular air flow structure is specifically designed for the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus kit and also the Armour Pro kit vaping product.  The Vaporesso GT mesh coil has extra mesh inside the coil to produce extra heat inside the tank to vaporise the e-Liquid faster. This efficiency results in extended battery life and maximum flavour from your e juice. GT Mesh coils, GT coils and other vaping products are available at Vape Store.

The Vaporesso Cascade One Plus starter kit is a powerful pen style starter kit featuring a 3000mAh built-in battery, a large 5ml Cascade Baby Tank, and very good vapour production. A good choice for beginner to more advanced vapers in Australia.


 What other brands fit a Vaporesso Cascade One Plus?

The Smok TFV8 coil is made specifically for the Smok TFV8 mini tank, but is compatible with the Vaporesso Cascade One Plus vape device.  It may not burn as well as the Vaporesso Cascade One GT mesh coil which features a triangular air flow structure – superior to regular coils.


 Will Smok coils fit Vaporesso Cascade One Plus?

The Smok TFV8 coil will fit the Vaporesso Cascade One mini tank. Vaporesso coils Australia will help choose the right Vaporesso GT coil for your Cascade Baby tank.


 How to change Vaporesso coil?

The Vaporesso Cascade One starter kit tank does not come pre-installed with the GT coil. A Vaporesso coil can be changed in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select either the Vaporesso GT CCell2 0.3ohm or the Vaporesso GT Mesh 0.18ohm coil from your kit.
  2. Unscrew the bottom base of the tank and insert the coil into the tank so that the thread is pointing downwards so it can be screwed into the battery. The Vaporesso GT mesh coil pops into place rather than being screwed in like other vaping devices.
  3. Once it is in place, screw the bottom part of the tank back onto the tank.

It is very important to prime a new coil to prevent the coil and/or tank being burnt when vaping for the first time. Priming the coil means to pour e liquid onto the cotton parts of the coil before using it for the first time. Once the coil is primed, pour e juice into the tank and leave the coil to absorb the e-liquid for at least five minutes.


 How long will a Vaporesso coil last?

This is a hard question to answer and depends on the how often one vapes, the power of the vape device and the temperature the E-Liquid is vaped. The short answer is between one and two weeks for most vapers.

E-liquid leaves a residue in the coil and on the inside of the tank and this eventually clogs up the coil and diminishes its efficiency. Regular cleaning of your tank and coil will extend their life and improve vape performance and avoid getting a dry hit. A dry hit occurs when the coil is not absorbing enough e-liquid through the cotton and overheats. This will burn out your coil very quickly.

There are two signs when your GT mesh coil needs replacing. You will either experience a burnt taste while vaping or you will detect flavour ghosting, which is, after you change the e juice flavour you can still taste the previous flavour.

To clean your tank and Vaporesso GT mesh coil, take the tank apart and rinse with warm water. In addition, you can wipe the tank with unflavoured alcohol and then rinse again in warm water. Dry with paper towel and air dry overnight.

What is an EQ pod vape system?

The Innokin EQ vape pod system consists of an 800mAh built-in battery and a refillable pod cartridge system. The vape pod utilises the new Plexus coil technology. The Plexus EQ 0.5ohm mesh coil produces superior flavour, fast wicking and offers a longer coil life.

To re-fill Innokin EQ kit, pull off the magnetic refillable pod cartridge and twist the base. This exposes the fill holes allowing for quick and east re-filling. To activate, press the single firing button to product thick vapour clouds from this compact device. The refillable pod cartridge can be used many times until the coil needs replacement. When it is time to replace the coil, simply pull off the vape pod and replace it with a replacement pod.

The construction of the device is very compact and solid, giving the user a comfortable feeling. The Innokin EQ pod system has 2 power modes, standard power is 13.5watts with a boost output of 15.5watts.

Innokin EQ vape pod kit is for mouth to lung users and perfect for the beginner or those transitioning from smoking to vaping. Please ensure you are of legal smoking age in Australia to vape this vape pod kit.

What is included in an Innokin EQ pod system starter kit?

The Innokin EQ pod system kit consists of the following items:

  • Innokin 800mah battery capacity pod kit
  • Magnetic refillable pod cartridge with 0.5ohm Plexus coil
  • Micro usb charging cable
  • User instructions

What are the features of the EQ pod system?

The Innokin EQ pod system features an 800mAh battery capacity and a simple one button design for each of use. Standard power output is 13.5watts and a boost output of 15.5 watts. The magnetic refillable pod cartridge system is located on the battery using a magnetic contact and the pod is fitted with a dust proof cover.

To re-fill your E-Liquid, simply pull out the vape pod and twist the base to expose the fill holes of the vape tank. Should the coil need replacing one simply pulls off the vape pod cartridge and replace it with a replacement pod. Innokin EQ pod system uses the new plexus EQ mesh coil. These Plexus coils are designed to produce superior flavour from your E-Liquid, eliminate hot spots and last longer.

How to use the EQ pod system?

Remove your Innokin EQ pod system from the packaging and use the supplied micro USB charging cable to charge your device for 2-3 hours before using. At any time, pull off the EQ vape pod from the battery and twist the base through 90 degrees. You will see that 2 filler ports are exposed. Fill the vape pod with your favourite E-liquid and then turn the base to the closed position and fit your vape pod back on the battery.

You now need to select your desired output power by holding the power button for 2 – 3 secs. The indicator light will flash red/white, red being regular mode of 13.5 watts and a boost mode being white of 15.5 watts. Press the firing button 3 quick times and you are now ready to use your vape mod.

The coil life which the plexus coil offers can be prolonged by allowing the E-liquid to soak into the coil for 5 mins before using the EQ. After using, check that the refillable pod cartridge system still has sufficient liquid inside. Replacement vape pods are available from Vape Store for $4.99 plus shipping.

How long to charge the EQ pod system?

The indicator light will show a red light when the built in 800mah battery requires charging. Remove the micro usb charging cable from the pack and plug the cable into the battery. Allow for a charge time of approximately 2-3 hours at which stage the indicator light should show green. Your pod kit is now ready to use.

Do not overcharge your built in 800mah battery as this could cause reduced life of your battery, remove from charge when the indicator light shows green.

Coil Design of the Innokin EQ pod system

The Innokin EQ pod system utilises the new plexus design coils, 0.15ohm mesh coils. This mesh allows maximum flavour and vape satisfaction. As the plexus coil is constructed of a mesh this allows maximum delivery of the flavour of the E-liquid for such a small coil.

Where to buy Innokin EQ pod system online?

The Innokin EQ pod system is available from Vape Store for $ 31.95 plus shipping, express shipping is also available. The Innokin EQ pod kit is available in a choice of 3 colours, black, grey or blue. Vape Store pride themselves on personalised service and offer a wide range of vape accessories and products at reasonable prices.

Innokin EQ pod review

The opinion of the Innokin EQ pod system is that the device is a well-designed and compact box pod with a surprisingly powerful 800mah battery capacity with a very simple one button operation. The magnetic refillable pod cartridge is easy to refill and there is no need to replace coils. When vapour production is reduced, or flavour is not as good as it was, simply pull off the vape pod and replace it with a new one. The vape pod will contain a new plexus coil.

The plexus EQ mesh coil delivers a high quality vape taste and sufficient vapour production making it the ideal device for new vapers or those transitioning from to vaping from smoking. Vape Store have rated Innokin EQ pod system easy to use, reliable and a good all-round vape pod kit. Remember vaping is only for users 18 years+ and of legal smoking age.

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