Strawberry Freakshake - Trippy Treats (60ml)

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Everybody loves a classic milkshake, whether it be banana, chocolate, strawberry, or any other delicious flavour. They’re versatile, perfect for a hot summer’s day and, not to mention, lick-your-lips delicious!

However, sometimes you might want to add a little twist to the original recipe, and combine your two favourite things together – a milkshake and a dessert.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is called the Freakshake. Just take your classic milkshake, and sprinkle on any toppings of your choosing, whether that be cream, cake, sweets, sauce; anything!

The upsides to this delicious treat are innumerable but the one downside? It’s not particularly healthy…

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The solution? Try out Trippy Treats’ e-liquid flavour, ‘Strawberry Freakshake’ – none of the calories, all of the flavour!

Let yourself be engulfed in the creamy strawberry goodness that this e-liquid offers, and taste the irresistibly sweet flavours of melt-in-your-mouth pink meringue and crumbly malty biscuit for a truly satisfying, out-of-this-world vape.

From the first draw you will feel yourself being transported into the middle of a bustling diner, sipping the Strawberry Freakshake straight out of a tall milkshake glass.

Enjoy this vape all day and revel in the glorious sweetness of this bottled treat!

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