Burnt Vape Taste

Vaping huge tasty clouds is a satisfying and enjoyable experience until you get a burnt vape taste. But don’t be alarmed, it can happen to anyone regardless of the type of vape device used. Fortunately, a burnt vape taste can be avoided and you will be back to enjoying the vaping experience in no time.

The Reason your vape tastes burnt

You may experience a burnt vape taste from time to time. One minute you are enjoying juicy vape flavour, the next minute a burnt vapour taste hits the back of your throat, making for an unpleasant experience. It’s not meant to be that way, so it’s worth knowing why it happens and how to avoid it. Firstly, let’s discuss the causes of a burnt cotton vape taste.

Running low on e-liquid

turns into vapour when the coil heats up. If there isn’t enough liquid to vaporize, the coil will get too hot, overheating the e-liquid, sweetener, and cotton and causing an unpleasant burnt taste. Make sure your vape has enough e-juice to keep firing at the right temperature. Natural ingredients in vape juice include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Chain vaping

This is arguably the most common cause of vaping burnt hits. When chain vaping, the wick doesn’t have enough time to fully soak up the e-liquid. This causes the wick to dry out, resulting in a burnt vape taste. If you have an itchy trigger finger on the fire button, take a little breather between inhaling to allow your vape pen to absorb more e-liquid.

Incorrectly priming coils (Open Systems)

After inserting a new coil, take the time to properly prime your coil head. Priming is soaking the wick to ensure it is fully saturated before filling the tank and starting to vape. A vape wick is made of compact dry cotton, and if it isn’t correctly primed you will end up with a burnt taste.

High-power vaping (Open Systems)

When vaping at a wattage that is too high for your coil head, the e-liquid will vaporise too quickly. The wick won’t be able to re-saturate quickly enough and the coil will burn the wick, resulting in an unwanted and unpleasant burnt taste.


Troubleshooting solutions for a burnt vape taste

Now that we have explored the major causes of a burnt vape taste, we can investigate more ways to ensure it doesn’t happen. Nobody likes their vaping experience to be interrupted by unwanted tastes. Here are some ways to improve your vaping experience whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper.

Alter your vaping technique

Taking repeated short and frequent puffs can dry out the coil wick. Experiment with longer, slower puffs and wait for 15 or 20 seconds between puffs. This will give the atomizer wick enough time to absorb the e-liquid so you can enjoy tasty vaping and huge vape clouds.

Avoid the cold

As the temperature drops, the e-liquid will become thicker. This can slow the flow of liquid into the atomizer. For optimum vape coil burning performance, operate your device at temperatures between 0-35°C.

Check your levels

For rechargeable closed-system pod and pen devices, monitor the amount of e-liquid in your pods before each vape session so you don’t run out of e-liquid. In some vape devices, the battery will run out of charge before the e-juice is finished, but this isn’t always the case.


Top tips for avoiding a burnt vape

Vaping is actually quite simple and you will get the hang of it in no time. Here are some more detailed explanations about how to avoid burnt coils and unsatisfactory vape taste.


Priming vape coils is something every vaper will learn. Here is a quick and easy method in five steps.

1. Take the new coil and add 3-4 drops of e-liquid directly to the wick

2. Set the wick/coil aside for about 10 minutes

3. Screw the coil onto your vape device

4. Fill the vape tank with your e-liquid and screw the tank onto your vape

5. Inhale a couple of times without the battery activated to help get the liquid flowing


If you use a refillable vape pod kit instead of a vape tank with a replaceable coil head, the process is very simple.

1. Fill the device with e-liquid

2. Let the e-liquid saturate for about 10 minutes

3. Inhale a few times without activating the battery to help the liquid flow


If your vape device has variable wattage or voltage, you should stay within the recommended range to keep the vape in top condition. Recommended wattage/voltage information can be found on your vape specs or the side of the coil head. If you like high-intensity vaping with sub-ohm vaping, consider upgrading to a device that can handle the maximum wattage range.

When to prime your coils and when to replace them

What is a Vape Coil?

Most vape kits these days are open systems with a refillable tank and replaceable atomizer (coil) head. The coil contains the coil wire mesh material and wicking material. The coil heats up the e-juice and the wick soaks the e-juice up.

What is coil priming?

Priming a coil basically means allowing the e-liquid to fully saturate the wicking material within the coil head. This will stop a burnt vape taste (dry hit) caused by the wick burning. Remember, you only need to prime the coil the first time you use it.

How Long Should You Prime a Vape Coil For?

Most cotton wick coils will be saturated after about 5-10 minutes of priming. However, there is no harm in leaving it to prime for up to 30 minutes - the longer the better. The rate of saturation is also dependent on the viscosity (thickness) of the e-liquid.

Not all vape coils are created equally, so it might take a little experimentation to find the perfect vape device for you. Certain factors will influence the lifespan of your vape coil, including the type of vape juice you use, the vape device settings, and how heavily you vape. As a general guideline, your vape coil should be changed at least once per month, although you may need to change it every week or two to suit your vaping style.


If you are noticing poor quality e-juice flavour, or you are getting a burnt vape taste, it’s probably time to invest in a new coil.



How to fix your vape?

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Has your wick dried out?

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