Vaping Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts of Vaping in Public Spaces

As vaping becomes increasingly popular in Australia, it becomes more and more important to understand the complex etiquette rules around vaping in public. While not always mandatory, these rules are certainly encouraged amongst both beginner and experienced vapers in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for yourself and everyone around you.

We’ve put together our top do’s and don’ts of smoking e-cigarettes while out and about.



1. Be considerate of others

This is the most important rule. Even though vaping is not the same as smoking cigarettes, not everyone wants to be around a person who is smoking any sort of product that produces a vapour.

You also want to be mindful of your choice of e-liquid when in a public space. Vape juice, also known as e-juice, is available in a stunning range of flavours that enhance the vaping experience. From fruity flavours like mixed berry, apple and peach to sophisticated tastes like coffee cake and Turkish baklava, you have plenty of options to suit every personality. Certain aromas may not go well in public, being too overpowering to certain people. It can be helpful to choose a milder e-liquid, like apple, that is generally considered pleasant to the vast majority.

At Vape Store, we have a wide variety of nicotine-free e-liquids to choose from to suit every taste and every mood with popular brands like Byron Bay Cloud Co.

2. Only vape where e-cigarettes are allowed

There are various rules and regulations surrounding where you can and can’t vape in Australia. Some places may be a smoke-free zone while others may have designated areas where you can freely use your vape. Each location is different so it’s important to check beforehand so that you’re doing the right thing. For example, vaping indoors in Victoria is prohibited. Only use your vape where it is permitted.

3. Respect people’s personal space

Sometimes, the issue is that you’re standing too close to a person. While they may not have a problem with what you’re doing in general, standing too close to them means that they are likely going to be inhaling more of the vapour clouds than if you were standing further away. There may also be misconceptions about vaping from the general public with those who think it’s as harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes. This isn’t true and many vapers choose to vape because they struggle with nicotine addiction and have quit smoking cigarettes as a result.

Regardless, try standing a couple of metres away from others when vaping so that the clouds don’t encroach on their personal space.

4. Keep your vape products clean

This is important for all users. Make sure that you clean your vape products regularly to remove residue and prevent nasty bacteria from forming. This includes your vape pens, refillable box mods and other devices. Sweet e-juice flavours tend to gunk up coils quicker than others and this can leave an unpleasant taste that will overpower the flavour of any e-liquid.

Clean around the heating element (atomizer), the drip tip and battery area. This will help your vape to perform at its best each time for a more satisfying experience. For moderate users, consider cleaning the device around once every 2 weeks. Heavy users may need to clean them more often, typically once a week.

5. Ask permission before vaping

A good habit to get into is to ask permission before you light up your e-cig in a public space. While this may seem unnecessary, this question gives the people around you the opportunity to either decline or to move to another area if they don’t wish to inhale the vapour while standing next to you. If the people around you do decline, you can always move to another area that’s free of people for a more considerate way to smoke your vape outdoors.

6. Wipe the mouthpiece if sharing

Vaping is a fun and relaxing way to socialise with other like-minded people who enjoy the same things that you do. When vaping in a shared environment, it’s only polite to wipe the mouthpiece before and after you take a hit. We suggest using something like a napkin or tissue that’s clean and unused. While the person you are sharing it with may not mind, it’s a hygienic and respectful way to share this activity with others.

Another thing you can do is to swap the drip tip before inhalation. Some vape devices come with multiple drip tips that let you quickly swap out the current one for a new one before taking a hit.

7. Dispose of vape products properly

When you’re finished with your device, it’s important that you know how to dispose of them and their parts correctly. Don’t just leave them behind in a public space for someone else to clean up!

Let’s look at the different parts. Lithium-ion batteries are used to power up vape devices and these contain harmful chemicals that can leak into the environment and cause damage if simply tossed away. Instead, take them to a battery disposal bin or a retail shop that accepts used lithium-ion batteries.

Vape pods can be thrown in a general waste bin after you have cleaned away any traces of e-liquid from the outside of the device. As for e-juice bottles made of glass, we suggest washing them to remove residue and disposing of them in a recycle bin. Plastic e-juice bottles can also go in the recycle bin at home or in public places.

Vape coils can be recycled if you remove the cotton inside and clean them with water first. Tanks can also be recycled. Just separate the glass from the metal parts and wash off any e-liquid residue so that they are clean before going in.



1. Blow vapour in people's faces

This don’t is a given! No-one wants to have vapour blown directly into their face as it’s considered rude and potentially unhealthy. Even if those around you are also doing it, it’s still impolite to blow your clouds right into their face. Turn your head and aim in the opposite direction to be courteous.

2. Attack other smokers

As many users know, vaping works well in reducing the cravings of tobacco cigarettes and is a great activity for those practicing smoking cessation. Smoking has many health risks, including short term ones like bad breath to long-term health risks like lung disease and impeded brain development in adolescents who smoke.

As many vapers are former smokers, some users can be aggressive to smokers as they feel as though they are now better than them for having made the switch. Instead, treat people fairly and with respect at all times. You could even educate a smoker on the benefits of making the switch and guide them in the same direction you have taken.

3. Vape around children

Just as you should never smoke a cigarette around children, you shouldn’t vape around them either. In fact, it’s illegal to do this in a car with children aged under 16 years of age. While e-liquids are not a harmful substance and the dangers of second-hand smoke are considered to be practically zero, many parents do not want their kids exposed to vapours of any kind. This could be personal preference, allergy-related or something else. Respect this and blow your clouds up and away from children when passing them in the street.

4. Leave your vape products lying around

From disposable vape pens to coils, e-juice, tanks and other equipment, don’t leave your items lying around in public spaces after you have used them. This creates a mess and is inconsiderate to people who don’t vape.

5. Vape in areas where it is prohibited

Always check to make sure the place you want to vape in does not prohibit the use of e-cigarettes. Using electronic cigarettes in a smoke-free zone inside or outside is illegal and should never be done. This includes many indoor spaces as well as enclosed outdoor public spaces where people are exposed to second-hand vapour clouds. You may see a vaping-free healthcare sign in a venue and if so, move on to another area.

6. Vape in small areas with no ventilation

From tobacco products to vape devices and hookahs, it’s never a good idea to smoke in a small area with no ventilation. This can be anywhere from a tiny bedroom in your house with no windows to a public toilet cubicle or an elevator.

Vaping in cars with friends or passengers over 16 years of age may be an issue for some people. Before you begin, it’s only polite to ask the other person whether they mind if you vape in the car. If they don’t have a problem, puff away. If they do, they may compromise if you roll down a window that will help the clouds disperse quicker and make it a more comfortable experience for the other person.

7. Vape on public transport

Vaping is prohibited on most modes of public transport in Australia, including buses, trains, trams, taxis and Uber. It’s also illegal to vape or smoke regular cigarettes in a car with young people under 16 years of age. You also typically can’t vape in public transport areas where people are waiting for vehicles to arrive, such as airports, train station platforms, tram shelters and bus shelters. Some areas may have a designated area where you can light up that’s away from other people. Each state and territory is different so always check the rules first.

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