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Vaporesso Renova Zero Replacement Pod

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Vaporesso Renova Zero Replacement Pod

The cute little Vaporesso kit has achieved success on the market owing to the power of its replacement pods containing the unique and superior CCell extra mesh ceramic coils.


Price Per Pod


Australia Post Standard $8.95


Australia Post Express $10.95


- Price is for 1 pod

- Pod capacity: 2ml

- Resistance: 1.0ohm Mesh Pod and 1.3ohm Ccell

Vaporesso says its Zero Replacement Pods “use ceramic coils, with two different ohms, for deriving the purest flavours from nic vape juice, nic-salts, and thick oil concentrates. The press-to-fill (PTF) mechanism automatically locks after filling. This makes them 100% childproof.”

The Zero pod’s power enables the production of lovely clouds and flavourful hits, vapers say. They certainly express high-fives, plenty of praise and enthusiasm for the pods: “When it comes to using your pod for mouth-to-lung vaping, you’re going to need these replacement pods for sure”; “this vape is so amazing, easy to use, small and discreet,” are popular fan reactions.

Made with PCTG plastic used for food equipment, the pod is considered eco-friendly and safe for vaping, while the internal ceramic 1ohm CCELL coil manages up to 12W of power.

The ‘Zero pod with the Zero mod’ also minimises spit-back and dry hits and this extends the life of the pods.

The pod allows up to 2ml juice to be filled in it and the heated ceramic coils, coupled with 100% pure organic cotton wick, produce a wonderful vape experience, and many attest to its ‘high-nic’ hits. Others like the fact that good magnets keep the pods secure, that it’s an easy-to-fill pod which has a leak-proof port to prevent spillage and make it mess-free.

The 1.3 ohm CCell Zero Pod can be used with the Zero at 9W (low), 10.5W (med) and 12.5W (high). The 1.0 ohm Mesh Zero Pod can be used with the Zero a 9W (low), 11W (med) and 13W (high).

It has been highly recommended by experienced vapers to let the pod wait for 5-10 minutes so the wick becomes saturated after filling. Also vapers should ideally start at the lowest wattage and then slowly move to higher levels until one finds the best setting for their individual vaping experiences.

How long does Renova Zero pod last?

The Vaporesso Renova Zero replacement pod is estimated to last for up to fortnight, or longer, depending on your vaping stye and frequency.

The unique and superior Ccell extra-mesh ceramic coils are longer-lasting than cotton coils. They are specifically designed to provide a premium mouth-to-lung style of vaping experience from beginner e-cigarette smokers to advanced vapers.

The power of the Renova Zero pod kit also enables the production of pure flavours and voluminous clouds.

When should I replace my Zero pod?

You should replace your Zero pod when you detect a reduction of flavour intensity and cloud production.

The extended lifespan of its Ccell coil technology is enhanced by the Zero pod’s durable PCTG-constructed shell, innovative safety features, temperature control and variable wattage.

How do I change the Zeros on my vape?

To change the Zeros on your vape, simply detach the pod from the mod with a quick pulling motion and place your e-juice nozzle into the silver-rimmed fill hole. Then depress the fill port and squeeze before replacing the pod.

How many times can you refill a Renova Zero pod?

It is recommended that you refill your 2ml capacity Renova Zero pod up to five times before replacing. This is designed to provide the optimum vaping enjoyment from this petite but powerful vaping device.

The press-to-fill (PTF) mechanism on your Renova Zero pod locks after filling, offering a completely childproof filling system. The leakproof port of this easy-to-fill pod system is positioned by its magnet-secured base. This makes the Renova Zero pod mess free when refilling.

The Renova Zero pod is one of the new products by Vaporesso that is taking the vaping world by storm for its intuitive technology, sleek design, portability and easy-use functionality.

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