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Beedles Juice Musk Sticks (60ml)

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Take a trip down memory lane and savour the classic old-time milk bar favourite of the pure musk taste of a fragrant Beedle Juice.


70%VG 30%PG


60ml - About 12,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 60ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 70% VG, 30% PG

- Ready To Vape

The Beedle Juice Musk Sticks pack an amazing punch with the fullest, delicious musk flavour swishing in your mouth and happy childhood memories in every vape.

In addition, musk flavoured sticks are like musk itself, sought after, enticing and alluring… And with the vaping taste so good, you will be back for more!

Beedle Juices are created by a great, experimental chef, named Bede, in partnership with Byron Cloud Co Australia and manufactured on the Gold Coast.

Byron Bay Cloud blends special and choice ingredients to produce classical, tasty and most sought after juices.

Byron Bay Cloud is named after the seaside town of Byron Bay in New South Wales. It has become renown through its flavour inventors, Tommy and his pal, Swilsy, who created the ‘Sticky Fingers’ vape twist, plus from the creations of chef Bede and his Beedle Juices.

Bede’s Musk Sticks’ flavour is one of seven other popular Beedle Juices.

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What does the musk stick taste like?

Take a trip down memory lane with the most joyful memories from childhood with the all-time favourite and classic flavour of sweet, musky tastes in the delicious vape juice Musk Stick e-liquid flavour. The delicious musky flavour of Musk Sticks e-liquid provides a classic flavour to savour — with a blast from the past that’s set to tantalise sweet tooth vaping palates.

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