Griffin – Mango Custard - Vape Monster (30ml)

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The bright yellow, juicy mango is an easily recognisable fruit that is loved by many because of its deliciously sweet flavour that is often cut by a distinct, spicy taste. This makes mango a highly versatile fruit that can be used in a number of various dishes and prepared is several different ways, whether that be to suit savoury meals or sweet desserts. 

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This is why the mango flavour in Vape Monster’s GRIFFIN – Mango Custard e-liquid goes so well with its partner – the mango adds an irresistibly sweet and tropical twist to the custard flavour it’s paired with, which is complemented by an additional taste of cream. This generates an interesting blend that produces a dessert-like flavour that can be enjoyed by many, but especially by those with a relentless sweet tooth. If you adore the fruity, tropical flavour of mango as well as the warm, rich taste of custard cream, then GRIFFIN – Mango Custard may be the perfect e-liquid mixture for you!

This deliciously sweet e-liquid by Vape Monster also comes in a variety of different bottle sizes ranging from 15ml to 1L, so you can order any amount you wish, whether that be a small bottle just to try it out or a larger one to last you a while. Doubler and singler forms are also available so you can choose whether or not you’d like the option to add your own nicotine base.

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