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iGet Legend 4000 Puffs Raspberry Watermelon Lemon Disposable Vape

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There is nothing more exciting than smelling the scent of familiar fruits. The raspberry, watermelon and lemon-flavoured iGet Legend 4000 puff disposable vape explode the air with the scents of summer as it is ignited. The three summer fruits have subtle aromas but together permeate the air with a fruity citrusy scent. When the raspberry watermelon lemon vapour cloud envelopes you everything fades away as you lose yourself in the aroma.


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- Nicotine Free

- 4000 Puffs

- 1350mAh internal battery

- 12ml eliquid capacity

- Disposable Pod Vape

- Strong Flavour

- Good Throat Hit

Igniting your iGet Legend 4000 puff disposable vape and tasting the combination flavour of three fruits that are often used separately is a taste bomb. The raspberry and watermelon are very well matched with the added squeeze of lemon to add a little tartness at the edge of the sweet taste is an unexpected pleasure. The juicy plump raspberry taste on top of the crisp watermelon is very refreshing with a dash of lemon to round off the favour.

iGet Legend 4000 puff disposable vape has been designed with the end user in mind to offer a comfortable and convenient device. This is a vape you can enjoy all day not only because of the design but because the flavours are extremely enjoyable and palatable. It is portable due to its innovative durable design and weighs only 62g.