Innokin Podin Replacement Coil

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Innokin Podin Replacement Coil

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It’s no small wonder the Innokin Replacement Pod is highly-rated for its MTL vaping experience.

Mouth-to-lung vapers say they love the Innokin Podin pod coils that produce high resistance, low-wattage plus consistent thick clouds, good flavours and vapour production. 

Priming and changing coils

The coils are easily replaced without changing the reusable Podin pod. The pod can be rotated counter-clockwise to remove the base on which the kanthal coil is fastened. 

Drip about 3 or 4 drops of juice inside the coil, ensure the O ring is set in place, then place the base on the pod and rotate clockwise.  Wait a few minutes before you start vaping to saturate the wick first.

Changing coils is a simple task, but when changing, ensure the coil is fastened on tightly afterwards. The Podin kanthal coils, aided by the 8-9W output, are described by Innokin as being perfect for nicotine salts that boost flavour and deliver a great throat hit. Vapers also have good vaping experiences with low VG liquids that are recommended for the pods.

The coils are so tiny they have a short life span, however, the wonderful vape experience makes up for that, plus the coils are inexpensive.

The coils are made from stainless steel and have a threaded base. The adjustable airflow can quickly and easily be fine-tuned by a side button. 

Then by pressing a button on the mod the boost mode heat increases from 8 to 9W on the 1.3 Kanthal-ohm coil, for enhanced flavours and vapours.  

With such a high-resistance and a low-wattage output, the Podin is meant for mouth-to-lung vapers who prefer flavour and quality over cloud density.


  • 1.3 ohm coil
  • 8W - 9W
  • Sold individually from Vape Store
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