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Passion Punch Iced - Sydney Vape Co (60ml)

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Sydney Vape Co has brought your favourite 90s soft drink to life in this e-liquid, offering you a vape that is simply bursting with sweet nostalgia.

Be prepared to experience tangy fresh passionfruit, mixed with fruit juice, and the taste and feeling of fizzy soda, for an impressively accurate rendition of your favourite childhood beverage!


70%VG 30%PG


60ml - About 12,000 puffs


STD $8.95 EXPRESS$10.95


- Size: 60ml

- 0mg Nicotine

- 70% VG, 30% PG

- Ready To Vape



Many of you may look back on your childhood with great fondness, and some of you can often be heard saying that “things were better back in the day”.

If you’re guilty of this then you may adore anything that brings you back to those times, from movies to fashion, and everything in between.

There are two things, however, that are the most effective at eliciting memories: smell and taste.

You can experience this first-hand when you eat something from your childhood, whether that be a sweet snack or a home-cooked meal, and it teleports you right back to your youth.

The same can be applied to drinks, too, and Sydney Vape Co knows just how to use this concept to bring you a flavour that you will adore – and they did exactly that with their e-liquid called ‘Passion Punch – Iced’.

You can buy Sydney Vape Co’s ‘Passion Punch – Iced’ e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, which will keep offering you delicious, tangy fizziness for a long while. With a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, you will also find that this e-liquid will offer you impressive clouds along with good flavour.

Time to experience a blast to the past!