Sticky Fingers E-Juice

Sticky Fingers E-Juice

Sticky Fingers E-Juice delivers nine classic flavours everybody loves! All Sticky Fingers E-Juices are made locally, so you can trust in Australian quality for your vaping equipment. Check out classic flavours such as Kiwi Watermelon and Blue Titanic to add to your daily vaping ritual!

What Sticky Fingers E-Juice Flavours Are Available?

Sticky Fingers e-liquids focus on the nine classic flavours. These flavours have a proven popularity and are therefore a trustworthy go-to for many beginning as well as experienced vapers. Flavours available under the Sticky Fingers e-liquid brand include Cherry Cali Cola, Granny Smith, Banana Ice Cream, Purple Haze, Bula Boso, Blue Titanic, Cali Cola, Lychee Peach Guava, and Kiwi Watermelon.

Each of these flavours speaks to a specific kind of vaper. For example, the Purple Haze is the perfect choice for anyone who loves grapes. Fruity menthol lovers on the other hand, will undoubtedly appreciate the Blue Titanic. And if you like to be hit with a cherry flavour when you drink a glass of refreshing cola, then the Cherry Cali Cola might be the vape juice for you. In short, Sticky Fingers vape juice is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

What Do Sticky Fingers E-Liquids Contain?

Sticky Fingers e-liquids are made with VG and PG. They can contain both natural and artificial flavourings, depending on the flavour. All Sticky Fingers e-liquids are made with a palm oil-free organic VG and a USP grade PG. A combination of these ingredients delivers vaping products with the yummiest flavours.

Are Sticky Fingers E-Liquids Safe?

The Sticky Fingers E-Liquids at Vape Store are safe to use. They are made with locally sourced Australian ingredients, ensuring the quality but also the safety of the products. Most Sticky Fingers products are RTV, which means they are ready to vape and can directly be added to your vape. However, vapers should always read the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure safe use. Reading manufacturer instructions can also maximise the flavour you receive from your chosen e-juice.

What Is PG and VG?

Vapers who purchase their e-liquid and e-juice online will often encounter terms such as PG and VG, which relate to their e-liquids. But what do these terms actually mean?

PG is the abbreviation for propylene glycol. This propylene glycol is often used in the production of e-juices or e-liquids. It forms a base for e-liquids that is known for its thin consistency as well as well-rounded flavour intensity. Due to its thin nature, PG liquids are unlikely to clog your vape or cause problems.

E-liquids can also be made with VG, which is the abbreviation for vegetable glycerine. Vegetable glycerine is much thicker than propylene glycol, which means it has the possibility of clogging a vape. However, there is a reason why a vaper might choose vegetable glycerine over propylene glycol.

Vegetable glycerine creates plumes of vape that a much larger and pronounced compared to those made by propylene glycol. E-liquids made with vegetable glycerine tend to be naturally sweeter as well, which means they can be used more often in blends where sweetness benefits the overall flavour.

Each of these e-liquid bases has its benefits. As a vaper, you will soon carry a preference for one or the other. However, beginners usually find PG easier since it does not tend to cause problems with their vape.