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Innokin Adept and Zlide Tank Kit

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For those who like the rugged outdoors and extreme sports, the Innokin Adept Zlide kit has three strong characteristics to its favour - shockproof, water proof and dust proof. This mouth to lung tank (MTL) is a combination of the Adept mod and the Zlide tank (‘Zlide’, derived from the  ‘slide’ in the tank). The 22mm Zlide tank takes 4ml of e-liquid and is already a top seller among MTL devices. 


Built In Battery


Mouth To Lung Vaping


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What's in the box:

- 1 x Adept battery

- 1 x Zlide tank (4ml)

- 1 x 0.48ohm Z Zenith coil (Pre-installed)

- 1 x 1.6ohm Z Zenith coil

- 1 x Type C USB charger cable

- User manual



- Dimensions: 130mm x 43.4mm x 30mm

- 4ml tank capacity

- 3000mAh internal battery

- Output: 11-17W

- Tri-Colour LED Display


The kit is tough and durable and is perfect for campers, sports’ fans and those who enjoy trekking over rough terrains in sunshine or rain.

Testers say its resistance to wear and tear has been proven. It has literally been given a good beating - from being dropped from waist level, thrown hard forward on a tar road, out of windows of a moving car, even being kicked on a football field. The result: only small dents or chips on the metal parts. 

Those, who have just quit smoking, may find the MTL experience of this Zlide tank enjoyable as mouth to lung, or having being similar to cigarette smoking making the transition to vaping easier.



Made of stainless steel and encased in a rubbery, silicon casing, which feels good in the hand, the device is so easy to use with a big firing button. Its longer lasting battery life, up to 2 hours, is great for the outback, far from electrical circuits.

But more than that, it offers a great vape, small or big clouds, depending on the coil inside. 

Then a nice touch from the creators of this kit, Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis, is that it also has a child proof mechanism on the top.

LED lights reflect the wattage 


Variety of colours:

Then the mod comes in stunning colours of purple, black, white, ocean, sky and forest camo.

Plus it offers resistance and protects against things like overheating, over charging and cut-off.

It is 85mm tall with polished steel at the top and bottom. On its side is an adjustment button and a fire button.

At the bottom is a Micro-USB charging port under a silicon stopper. Also on the base are wattage settings for >1.0Ω and <1.0Ω coils. One adjustment button enables the screen to display 1 to 4 bars of wattage settings. Then 3 clicks will switch the device off.


Battery life:

The battery icon glows green when between 60 and 100%, orange between 20 and 40% and  red when below 20%.

Unusual symbols >] and <] show if coil resistance is above, or below 1.0Ω

Users slide the top section to fill the tank with juice. A 5-minute wait is recommended before vaping on lower wattages.

The device has a 3000 mAh internal battery and its silicon layer makes it shock-absorbent. 

As for ease of use with the device, three clicks of the fire button turns it  on, then it will recognise what coil is in there and pick the correct power accordingly. 

The battery sign on the power bar will light up every time you vape, and its colour will indicate battery levels:  green: 60-100%, orange: 20-60%, red: 0-20%


How do vaping devices work?

Vaping devices, e-cigarettes and vape pens work via the inhalation process activating the battery-powered heating device. This, in turn, vaporises the liquid or vape juice in the reservoir or cartridge. The user inhales the resultant aerosol, or vapor — and this comprises the act of vaping.

What should a vape kit include?

A vape starter kit, such as the Innokin Adept and Zlide tank kit, should include a personal vaporiser mod, accompanied by the components needed for a complete vaping experience. These include: at least one atomiser, a vaping tank, charging cable and vape parts, including extra replacement coils and replacement glass. Most batteries used to power your vape tank are usually sold separately from your online vape retailer.

Taking vaping to the nth degree, the mouth-to-lung style Innokin Adept Zlide tank kit is a sleek, black starter kit, which features a retractable top-fill design. The Innokin Adept and Zlide tank kit includes: Innokin Adept Mod with Zlide MTL tank; a pre-installed Zenith or Z-Plex 3D coil 0.48ohm; and a spare Zenith 1.6ohm coil. The drip-tip lock system features an extra drip tip and the Innokin Adept and Zlide tank kit also comes complete with spare O-rings, a micro USB charge and user manual.

Legal-age vapers who seek a state-of-the-art, compact and easy-to-operate vaping experience should order the Innokin Adept and Zlide tank kit online today at Vape Store.  

What are vape tanks?

Vape tanks are the engine room of your vaping device or rig. Tanks include a reservoir that holds your vape juice and a coil that fires and creates vapour. Coils are replaceable and held within your vape tank. Coils wick the vape juice from the tank and heat it up to produce vaporous clouds.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

Vaping entails a different process to smoking cigarettes or water pipes. Vaping also does not contain some harmful chemicals that are found during the inhalation of cigarettes or water pipes.